Eyelash Extension

before, without eyeliner and mascara: 


the room… (she still gonna renovate the room coz its too small.. i mean too short..) if the customer is tall, she need to bend her legs edi.. haha… 


while in the process… 

preparing the stuffs~
falsies on me~
apply on the 1st eye…
finished my right eye..
you can see the difference rite? 

it tooks around 1 hour and 30 minutes to finish my both eyes..

my look of the day… 

after the eyelash extension…
fuller~ longer~ love it~ 

Eyelash Extension (first time) – RM80 (promotion) normal price is RM120
Refill/repair/touch up (when some of the false eyelash fall off) – RM20-RM50 (depending on amount fill in)

Emmerique Boutique
F003, 1st Floor,
Sg Wang Plaza
Jalan Bukit Bintang

(it is located on the same floor as the monorail and Esquire Kitchen)
from Esquire Kitchen, walk towards the electrical/cd/music shop/Levi's shop and then turn right into the alley. then turn left on your 1st turn after the optical shop. it is the 2nd shop on your right hand, right opposite the Tattoo Shop.

Bibi Wong

(you can call to make appointment or any inquiries)

*any info/inquiries please leave a comment.





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wow 350 is really expensive..
i hear my fren did it for around 100 or so only smile.gif

shinyshampoo that's so nice~ but can last for 3-4months only rite? 

marilyn chin
shinyshampoo, your eyelashes look so natural and nice thumbup1.gif , yea, can it last more than 2 months?

yin & marilyn chin

thanks~~ i love it too… no need to makeup at all edi liao.. haha…
i dun even draw eyeliner anymore…

it actually depends on how u take care of it…
if u're like me.. around 2 weeks or more…
coz i'm very used to touching and rubbing my eyes…
so the warning is don't touch ur eyelashes coz it will ruin it..
if u dun bathe or wash ur face or touch ur eyes, it can last forever… hehe..
but still can go to touch up la.. haha.. thats the good part…

wah 2 weeks is kinda fast haha
i'm also the kind who like to rub my eyes.. >.< 

yeah… but the 2nd time u do, it lasts longer coz u're almost used to it edi lo…

shinyshampoo, ur lash extension looks great. im so tempted to get mine done now. tongue.gif
how much do they charge everytime u go for touch up?

hehe.. thanks honey…

for touch up,
depends on how much they fill in for u…
the range is rm20-50
normal 1st timers price is rm80-120
depends on the promotion.

marilyn chin
ya…i love to rib my eyes too dry.gif , can touch up how many times one ? it is very nice nice barbie doll eyes. smile.gif

u're welcome, shinyshampoo
are we not allowed to use mascara after doing eyelash extension? 

that is awesome!! so pretty! wub.gif shinyshampoo
I'm really tempted to try it out!
esp I'm always very lazy to apply mascara.
but I always tend to rub my eyes sad.gif
btw, where did u do it?

cant use mascara after lash extension de o? den die lor.. i love mascara so much.. but the after doin e lash extension will make it look equivalent to after applying mascara den i dun mind doin it… tongue.gif i wan to have lashes as long as ostriches… if only i can steal from them.. haha..

marilyn chin
depends de.. if the lashes all bengkok edi, den cannot touch up edi.. so need to take it off and do again lo..
normally a person can touch up 7-10 times and then re-do again lo..

aiyah.. no need mascara anymore liao lo… coz the false eyelashes are long and thick.
but better dun lo.. coz when u use the makeup remover time, it will dissolve the eyelash glue..

it looks great.. coz i look natural in my recent photoshoot le.. compared to i use false eyelashes, it dont look like those false eyelashes..
and also no more panda eyes coz my eyeliner and mascara will smudge coz i have really oily lids…
even BB's gel liner also smudge leh…

i did it in my friends boutique in Sg Wang..
hehe.. if u all wan, i can ask her to giv u promotion price la~ hehe~

aiyah.. so thick and long edi no need mascara anymore…
the wonders are better than using mascara leh…
and you can opt for super thick or super long de..
mine 1st time was normal thickness, but the longest de..
2nd time, i asked her to put thicker abit..
but ostrich too long le.. abit scary leh…

from my experience..
1st week abit hard lo.. no rubbing my eyes…
and often touch it when i'm sleeping.. even my blankie also kena the lashes..
den 2nd week after that better edi… didnt touch much liao at night.. but still will touch it when washing our face time…
so my fren told me to use the facial sponge to dry my eyes area… den ma wont kena the lashes lo…
no choice… coz love to be pretty…
sometimes lazy to apply eyeliner and mascara…
this helps me alot coz i just apply foundation, eyebrow color and blusher now…
skipped the messy part edi…
and even i go out without any makeup on, i look like i did makeup coz the eyes stand out lo..

really? thanks in advance
you sure look gorgeous in ur photoshoot. wub.gif
I read in magazine bout this eyelash extension but din know m'sia got this service also.

can we choose the length of the lashes to extend?
how is tht being done? stick the lashes with our own lashes? cz cant "plant" into the eyelids right? I guess tongue.gif

hehe~ Aster thanks…
yeap.. available in 8mm and 10mm i think…
its is stick on our eyelashes de…
not plant inside our eyelid.. i dun think got ppl to do so lor… so dangerous…

Hey shinyshampoo, I am so tempted to do lar..How much ar? Which boutique? Can you ask your fren to give me a special price tongue.gif
And I have short lashes, when u did that lash extension, will the eye lashes curl down? Coz my eyeslashes are originally curlin down u know. Gravity tongue.gif

yaya, I also wonder whether the curl can always stay so.
and also wish to know the saloon name smile.gif
mb can tell them tht you intro me so later we all can get discount.

very dangerous and not so logic tongue.gif
thats y I guess it's just gonna stick with our own lashes

I guess you're taking the 10mm right? so long so curl wub.gif
does it look natural without makeup? with 10mm length?
can I still wear fake lashes after doing the extension?

sorry for so many questions. I'm really interested here. smile.gif

Shinyshampoo & Aster

Hee.. ostriches lashes is really a bit too long for me. I might need to pin it up just like my hair. tongue.gif I saw this promo at a beauty salon near ma hse which cost abt RM 99. I wanted to go n have a try tho. But is the fake lashes material good, i mean some looks kinda shiny which people can easily see it as fake ones. Just like some falsies i bought b4. In fact, i'm also lazy putting mascara everyday to work and everytime removing it will make a few of my lashes drop off de. So sakit hati. sad.gif Den take bath or wash face so troublesome eh. We can choose the length and thickness rite? I want it to be curled up just like those doll eyes.

then I guess we need to observe the quality of the lashes b4 doing it.
for me, most important is the lashes cant be toooo long to look natural smile.gif

ya exactly wearing and removing mascara so time consuming and to make it worse, my lashes will drop!
wash face, shud be ok gua. the extension wont drop so easily I guess? try dun rub ur eyes as much as you could. later can go back and do some touch up.  

bebeautiful, Aster

the promo price is RM80. i need to reconfirm with her again coz before this, she did a promotion where u need to bring a friend, then only u and your friend can do it for RM80. so its like 1 for RM120, and if 2 is for RM160. coz normal price is RM120.

its Emmerique Boutique, 1st floor.
you can call her to make appointment lo.. or ask her also can..
Bibi 016 3315025, please call during 11am-8pm ya..

actually the false eyelashes are strong, thats y when its attach onto our lashes, it still curl… and our lashes will curl following the false one.. she will make a bone to hold all the lashes together lo.. but then after 2 weeks, the bone will fall coz we wash our face, the glue become soft ma… thats y need to touch up lo..

i took the 10mm de… but she will also put in 8mm de coz dun wanna make it look like all same length and very fake lo… it does look natural even its long.. coz malay/indian ppl also got long lashes ma.. and some ppl really tot i'm malay… haiz… actually most of the time they tot i'm Malay also liao de…

Aster, i dun think so u can stick false eyelashes edi.. coz it will look like double decker edi.. we stick false eyelashes coz our real lashes are short ma.. so the long ones cover the short ones edi… but if both also long, sure look weird lo… oh ya.. and if we stick on the false eyelash, removing time sure will use makeup remover ma.. it will dissolve the eyelash extension glue.. and also when u peel the false eyelashes off, you might rib off the extension too…

oh ya… when u're have eyelash extension time, its not recommended to rub ur eyes coz ur own eyelashes will fall out too… coz when the glue is not strong anymore, some ppl will try to pick them out.. this is why some ppl say real eyelashes will fall off.. remember that, its the person itself went and pick out the lashes de thats y it fall.. and our real lashes wont simple come out unless u pick it or rub too hard..

yes MieMie we can choose the length and thickness. the material is hard actually(i dunno how to explain coz u need to experience it or touch it den oni u know).. its hard coz it need to curl up lo.. if its soft, den it wont stand curl up edi le… but its natural like our own lashes except for its thicker and longer oni lo…

some samples…

these pictures taken with eyeliner and false eyelashes… no eyeshadow..


these are after the eyelash extension. no eyeliner no mascara.. no eyeshadow.



hi shinyshampoo
the beauty saloon u mention it is in sg wang rite? do u mind check for me the promo price im very interested. thank q.
hi all,if the promo price is 160 for 2 person who interested plese pm me so v can save 20.. thanks

hey girls..

i got good news… she said she can make it for everyone in myb for rm80.
hope to see ur results soon…

wow, great to hear that.. thx shinyshampoo
will drop by the shop once i've made up my mind.
btw, u look fabulous with just the eyeliner after the extension

wow that's cool~
but my bf wont let me ler..he said waste money >.< 

wow shinyshampoo,
you look so so beautiful~ wub.gif
love ur beautiful healthy long hair,
n ya, you dun really look like chinese, look more like mix

look so great even without eyeliner, so good~
10mm looks so natural, more natural tht i tot, but mb wont be so natural on me cz my eyes are not big lol

thx for negotiating for us wink.gif 

Shinyshampoo you look great! I think you look good even without those eyelash extension ! 

hehe.. thanks thanks..
i din use eyeliner after extension a.. hehe..

some ppl will think thats its wasting $$.. but i think it saves my time alott..
and for some ppl they might think thats its expensive..
but if u calculate, u save alot of time with just a little $$ if you lose the mascara and eyeliner..

last time, every 1-2 months i bought mascara like RM50, and RM30 for liquid eyeliner. dejavu fiberwig also rm50. fasio eyeliner/ the face shop eyeliner also rm30. (it only last me 1 month plus coz i use them almost everyday) they dry off very fast. (cant afford anna sui RM93, too expensive edi)

den i start to buy BB gel eyeliner and the tsuya tsuya mascara with fiber.. the mascara its rm160, eyeliner rm65. (eyeliner last me very long). then every 1-2months or so need to buy the mascara oni (need to change the mascara every 1-2 months coz the bacteria will breed inside it de) its rm50+.

i use till i did extension lo.. save alot time with extra alittle $$..
coz 1st time do is RM80, after 2-3 week went to touch up like sometimes RM20-30 oni for mine..
so for touch up in 2 months, i touch up 3times. average calculation is RM70.

every 2-3 weeks u go and pay RM20+, u wont feel anything.. but u pay RM50-70 for the mascara.. abit sayang…but all depends on the person lo…coz i love to be pretty so much i rather spend more, so i can sleep longer in the morning.. hehe.. beauty sleep ma..

my bf oni say very mafan… coz hug him i cannot crash my face on his chest.. hahaha…

hehe… thanks Aster… my hair also not that healthy aaa… i just trimmed away my colored ends..
and i'm not mix de.. 100% pure chinese..
i hope to share my experience of beautifying with u all ma.. so u all also can experience it…
actually my eyes not big de o… just ok ok only.. eyeliner and mascara always do the magic..

thanks thanks..
hehe.. eyelash extension is for lazy ppl like me..
coz applying makeup everyday takes alot of time..
no make up always make me look tired and pale…
but the eyelash extension alone without makeup helps alot coz my eyes stand out can make me look more energized le..





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