History of ME, emily ting jean wen


I was born on April 21, in Hospital Besar Ipoh, Perak. I was told that my dad fetched me and my mammi to Ipoh hospital 2 days before my mammi labored. I was given name Jean Wen by one of my aunt from my mother side.

I’m proud of my history… the process of me being a baby and growing up. and when i was a teenager, i grew too big.. i mean… very big… big and ugly… I called it history because this ugly side of me has passed… and history won’t repeat again. Just like when i was born. I don’t reborn.

When human are 1st born.. they are not perfect at all… unless they’re really lucky, they are super perfect.. as for me.. I think I’m blessed with my loving family and my life…

so… This is how I was…

This picture was taken back in 2001, July 14. I remember this coz me and my friends went to Pulau Pangkor for its Debby’s birthday that day..

last day of form 5, in year 2002.
Lower 6. year 2003

My past and history continues in this blog… Well, if you have time, you can enjoy the process of me growing up~ the stories are just one click away..

Thanks alot for reading, and enjoy~