about little princess


1st of all, i would like to thank you all for visiting my site..


hello people of the nation, Welcome to my FairylanD… I am your cute little princess, and you're my cupid army… your job is to fight for the love and happiness of my life and keep them secure all the time…

hehehe.. I'm just kidding… ok… 




Let's see.. about me… I am Emily Ting and most of my friends know me as ah wen or Jean Wen… i was used to be called Wendy when i was small coz of my name Wen, and they added "dy" into it coz it rhymes with my name. Now i still have older aunties and uncles who calls me Wendy.. hehe.. so i'm kinda have a long name like Emily Wendy Ting Jean Wen. but i still like to be called Emily. Call me emily please, with a soft e..

i'm shinyshampoo in forums. registered and verified nickname. and i'm a.k.a little princess.gif or p!nk princess by my 'ghey' frens. I am sexy.gif, I'm short (small in size), I'm cutebutterfly.gif *cough*, i'm loud. I am who i am.. Nobody is perfect, I am nobody…

i LOVE pink!  i tinybabyheart.gifLOVE being HAPPY.. I'm happy being me (me, myself and I). i love to dress in pretty and cute code… i super love minis~ minidresses and miniskirts~ they never fail to make me look nice~ I'm never a jeans person.

i am an attention seeker – not a big one… but I'm too small to be noticed, so i dress-up myself let myself look pretty to create awareness… i love to wear all the way i like…  I enjoy snapping photos – lots of them, thank God for digicam – loves to act cute~ I get bored with things easily, but not this~ hehe~

I'm not lazy, I'm just happy doing nothing. I am forgetful – especially with names & numbers. Not only that, i can forget whatever in 3 seconds unless its my own experience or something important to me…

When it comes to love, I am a dreamer and I love fairytales… love to be pampered… i treat people as they should be treated… happily ever after isn't free, but i'd paid anything to have it…. I LOVE LOVES!!

i LOVE desserts~pixel334.gif ice.gif… I zzzlove.gif to hang out with my friends but I'm rather shy, especially with people that I don't know. i love yumcha wit my frens.. I like extreme sarcasm. i love flaming and teasing people but hate being teased.eo28.gif

I'm actually a computer geek who hangs on the net for hours a day.. because of that, i dunno how to play any music instrument or sports. i cannot live without the internet since i was 13~ I think am very independent. I can go home anytime and go anywhere because at the end of the day, I am still a good gal. but still my family treat me as a baby..imu2.gif

i HATE making decision – my brain uses lots of energy to think until it hurtsgugu.gif i hate loneliness coz i'm scaredeo12.gif

i'm allergy to tobacco, coz it makes me sick..! bleRk~ dislike being scolded without any reason.. I HATE fake and obnoxious people.. hate people who think that they're the "BEST", liars and backstabbers, people who uses coarse language and also guys who like to show off. *puke*

I'm just a girl with random thoughts, not much special in appearance. Sitting at home playing with my virtual petpets or going shopping in complex… You can find me just like many other girls in malls with shopping bags in hand.. that's just normal… but once you know me, you'll be hooked~ lol~ 

Treat me nice, I'll treat you 2x better… always… =) 




I'm a girl (I am sexy.gif)
I'm short (too small to be noticed)
I'm not lazy (i'm just happy doing nothing)
I'm cute butterfly.gif (ugly but adorable)
I'm crazy (schizophonic)
I'm blur O.o (huh??)
I'm sarcastic (favourite: extreme sarcasm)
I'm stubborn (taurus laaa..)
I'm forgetful (especially with names and numbers)
I'm rather shy (only with people that I don't know)
I'm allergy to seafoods (but i like squids)
I have twelve stitches on my upper forehead and three on my upper lips (emily the manice)
I have nasty temper (hehehe…
I tinybabyheart.gif PINK (can't live without it) prettyinpink.gif
I tinybabyheart.gif accompany ( lovfrens.gif )
I tinybabyheart.gif chatting (yacky yacky~)
I tinybabyheart.gif bloGGing~ (princess' fairyland shinyshampoo.com)
I tinybabyheart.gif shopping (let me shop and no one gets hurt)
I tinybabyheart.gif spending money on myself (it satisfies me)
I tinybabyheart.gif minis (minidresses and miniskirts) mini cooper~
I tinybabyheart.gif snapping photos (lots lots of them, chak~)
I tinybabyheart.gif music (no music, no life)
I tinybabyheart.gif compliments (who doesn't?)
I tinybabyheart.gif dreaming (everyday in fairyland)
I tinybabyheart.gif money (nobody hates money rite?)
I tinybabyheart.gif yummy foods (bite size, mini mini) pixel197.gif  pixel329.gif pixel125.png pixel282.gif pixel335.gif pixel112.png
I tinybabyheart.gif drinking milk (good for baby princess) pixel108.png
I tinybabyheart.gif yumcha & kaikai (hangin' out with frens)
I tinybabyheart.gif GOD (AMEN) tiny2.gif
I tinybabyheart.gif my life (as if life make sense~)
and most of all,
I tinybabyheart.gif being ME (me, myself and I)

Nobody is perfect, I am nobody.

Never tinybabyheart.gif a tinybabyheart.gif that hurts, never hurt a tinybabyheart.gif that loves.


*Love Luv Lov Lurves*

pink! . music . yummy Yummy foods . fairyland . dreams . aD Madness . cute . lyrics . "miniskiRTs" . internet . snowberry . snowy red bean . chocolatE marshmallows . kaikai . nail arts . shopping . lullaby . ch0colate . tiramissu . MILK . mcD . iced milk tea . black eyeliners . false eyelashes . pinkish cheeks . dolly eyes . cellphone . tinybabyheart.gif LOVE . cuddle on the couch or under a blanket . amusement parks . smile ^_^ . cheesecake . self grooming . besties . ice CREAMs! . cOokies . desserts . rainbow . pegasus . unicorn . chatting on the phone . ice cream . snapping photos . cookies in cream . lots of snow or being on a beach . waking up next to the person i love . jelly mooncake . dark chocolate fudge dipped strawberries . blogging . yumcha . long kai . ride fast cars . 

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comedies . musicals . animation . cute action heroes . nice dance moves . romantic love stories . mystical and legendary chronicles .

yummy foods~ . everybody loves raymond . as told by ginger . chibi maruko chan . sabrina . ally . gilmore . jimmy neutron . friends . scrubs . my wife and kids . popular . all about me . tru calling . desperate housewives . 

stock photography . my pictures . ppl in my waiting/request lists . tutorials . favorite bookmarks .
reality: receipts . tags-clothes mostly . colorful booklets . brochure . pictures/photo albums . fingernails
blushers . Anna Sui . liquid eyeliner . beauty powder . false eyelashes . perfumes . loose powders

photoshop & illustrator . Macromedia Flash . 3D MAX . webpage editing/design . graphic design . photo editing . etc

biting and licking my lips when i'm concentrating doin something . sleep with eyes 1/3 open . sleepy after coffee or nescafe . picking on my hairs . shaking my legs . 



Turn Offs
yucky stuff!! . DURIANS!! . froGs – even frOG PRincE also . tobacco – smokErs . over sarcastic people . coarse languages . ah bengZ . guys who likes to show off! . laziness . patterny ppl . rudeness . fakers . selfishness . liars . empty promises . TALKer who're not DOer . [[NATO]] – No Action, Talk Only . obnoxious people





The negative truth… 

my friends think that i'm a happy-go-lucky girl… sunshine everyday makes everyone feel warm~~ happy people are always young… a tips to stay young like me… coz most of my new friends tot that i'm only in secondary school due to my petite figure…

but recently i found out that i'm moody and cranky when i dun get enuff sleep… hot tampered, a common turnoff for a Taurus.. but i'm only a human being, i can't be perfect… unless i'm GOD.. if you think that i've offended you, please forgive me… i dun really mean it…

wish that i could fix things that i've done in my past which i totally regret about it… sorry seems to be the hardest word… so, i'm working it out… what's meant to be will always find its way..

overall i wan to be an apple to everyone's eyes… i wan to be remembered as the girl who always smile even when she can't smile in her heart and the one that could always brighten up her friends' days even if she can't brighten hers…

so, just wanna let u all know… human are not perfect… if i've offended you, i'm sorry… it doesnt mean that u should forgive me or wat, but at least i'm sorry… i'm trying my best to forgive and forget…

for those who hate me, i cant say anything else but, in Jesus' name i renounce all the unpleasent words spoken onto me, Amen. i'm not trying to be GOD here, i'm only doing what a Christian supposed to do. FORGIVE & BLESS.