emily @ shinyshampoo


What is shinyshampoo?

this blog belongs to shinyshampoo a.k.a emily ting (me). It used to be published in my Friendster account but on 9th February 2006, I’ve officially moved the blog over to this hosting.

I’m sure u guys wanna know why izzit “shinyshampoo“. What does it gotta do with my life or where I got the idea of shinyshampoo. Well, nothing special.. Not my idea either… I know it’s boring…

shinyshampoo is actually from neopets… Its an item, a type of shampoo named super shiny shampoo


I got fed up registering an email address in yahoo.. Tried to enter whatever nick that i like, its all unavailable and registered.. At that moment, I was browsing through neopets shop page, then I saw the shampoo.. Kinda attracted to the name – shinyshampoo….

So, shinyshampoo has been with me for quite a long time.. Most of my online friends know me as shinyshampoo. coz i claimed “shinyshampoo” to be registered to me. So it’s mine… ITS MINE!!



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shinyshampoo.com is owned by me since April 5th, 2006. Was registered by my fren, Vickyrao. Thanks alot Vicky..  www.shinyshampoo.com runs under Emotions! Online (used to), but was disbanded because it started to become cold later on. At first Dexter (kenn kenn) was taking care of everything there. and in May 2007, kenn kenn passed the responsibility down to Bryan Chin, now he’s the admin. In the end, around 2009 I’ve decided to host my own web under some web hosting company as Bryan is not active anymore. So I had to learn all the hosting stuffs myself and manage/maintain it myself.. Till now…