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December 19th, 2012 >> baby's playground, Bintan, excursion, Indonesian, vacation

On July 28-29, we had a trip to Bintan… Was a kinda last minute trip, everyone was excited… Me too.. but I ended up overslept in the morning of departure.. When Jason called me, I was like… OMG huh I’m late!!! So, without makeup, I dashed to the toilet, refreshed and dressed.. Omg late.. Jason met up with Chun in Buangkok and I’m to meet them there so we can share cab to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal…

geez… Got ready in 15mins.. Kewl.. Camwhore in the MRT…

Reached the terminal not late… I mean.. We’re still early.. I had nasi lemak while waiting to board our ferry… Ferry boarding pass for the first time..

The upper deck on the ferry.. Too windy till I cant keep my eyes open…

In the ferry… Too bored… It was around 1 hour plus plus plus ferry ride……. yawn…

Reached, and while waiting in the queue for custom check…

Our first lunch upon arrival~

Next stop, full body massage~~ Had full body Balinese massage… Very painful and sleepy.. Coz the room given was dark and cold…

Next, ice cream treat~

And finally, check in hotel…

Was planning to take a nap… But the environment was too…… boring so we called the tour guide to prepare shuttle for us to town… When we reached the first stop, we stopped and eat again… Teatime… No english tea, but this time, fried chicken.. Probably the best edible food there…

omnom nom nom nom~

Around in the evening, we decided to go for another massage~ The environment in this massage parlor is pretty Balinese~ Love it.. and the masseuse were pretty nice… good deal~ I did Balinese full body massage with body scrub~ <3

Seafood dinner`~~ Nom nom nom~

Scrumptiously delicious dinner~

Had a good night sleep… =)

love, xoxo

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u look pretty even with out make up ! 🙂

thank you so much for the compliment~

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