Bangkok Dangerous trip part 3

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March 7th, 2011 >> accessories, attrezzare, ❤ beautilicious~, baby's playground, Bangkok, bangkok food, eastern, vacation, yummy yummy~

The 2nd day~ As per the usual 1st day routine.. Woke up the same time, and got ourselves ready before meeting up at the hallway… On our way out…

This time we’re pretty smart, we asked the bellboy to fetch us to the market via his caddy… so that we can walk to Platinum which is just across the market… We actually wanted to shop in the market too.. and guess what, the stuffs there were wayyy cheaper than those in Platinum mall… really!! Maybe because it’s near to the Pratunam plaza..

Lesson from the 1st day, bring a trolley luggage or a super big shopping bag… why? Because you will definitely overload your handbag! Check out their new burberry luggage trolley… it’s half full from their 1st harvest of the day..

The vendors… along the market…

After awhile shopping in the market, we walked only the front row of the market, haven’t have any time to walk into the smaller streets in between… we had to meet Angela and Kary in Platinum so we rushed made our move to Platinum after awhile..

Platinum Mall *loves*

The day 2 brunch… in the food court again… because Mr. Tan gave loads of warning not to eat foods from the street… I had Thai style spicy fishball kuey teow soup…

After brunch, time to attack the shops again!

busy busy busy~

Veron and I walked together that few days, she’s another best shopping companion other than Chun… she is crazy shopping just like me! Hehe.. I think she spent the most on that trip… We stopped at Black Canyon Coffee for a break… really tired…

Cute Veron…

spelled out her name…

After awhile more shopping, we headed back to hotel… getting ready for second round shopping @ Siam Paragon.. the high class shopping complex… Back in the hotel~ everyone was so excited with their harvest… I’m one of them too… Checking out my stuffs~

our stuffs on the bed~

I am super super in love with Liz Lisa style~

At the Siam Paragon… Their intention there is just for the MOS Burger~ I wasn’t excited at first.. But when I heard they have pork rice burger, I was excited.. I bite some from Veron’s..

the menu~

Angel, Veron and Stephy.. pretty ladies~

the ginger pork burger~ so yummy~

I actually ordered their Crispy popper Salad… erm.. I still like the garden salad in MOS Spore…

Then after the tea-time, I bought Aunty Annie’s almond pretzels… Just to taste whether it’s the same as Spore/Msia… well it is the same.. LOL… just have to pay extra for the caramel tub..

We walked around Siam Paragon and bought nothing…Veron love the lotion from Boots, but I was reluctant to buy because it’s heavy… =.= So we ended up camwhoring all around the mall… =)

the 4 chika chika @ BKK~ = FUN~

what was I thinking.. omg…

It’s almost 6pm when we decided to go back to the hotel and freshen up for that night’s dinner @ Baiyoke Sky… the tallest hotel in BKK..

to the sky~

78th floor??

oh yummy!

our table~

Check out the scenery from the glass… so pretty…

Grabbed some food… but actually quite a lot… I love the miso soup… I love drinking soups~

Dining @ Baiyoke Sky Hotel…

all 8

from left, Angela, Veron, me, Angel, Stephy, Bobo, Cindy and Kary~

my desserts~ but… not really very nice.. haha…

After the fine dinner, it was quite late already and the elevator was quite stuck so the staff there asked us to go down through the elevator 2 floors below… and the way leaded us to a somekind of museum display.. Cool~ very interesting stuffs displayed there…

their post box..


mini game tuk tuk`

old shop setting! very very antique~

deco with Thai stuffs..


meow also got!

hahaha.. there’s the potty for 2…

this is the tallest hotel in SEA i think…

When we’re finally down, got so thirsty… and walked to the night market again for something to drink… had their best coconut~ and also their somekind of orange, only available in Thai..

their Thai orange makes orange juice~

kok kok kok`~

yummy yum yum~

We headed to the massage parlor as per planned.. Happiness and itchyness on the foot!

ooh ahh~ syokness~

Back to the hotel after that… Round 2 of show off of the day..

Grabbed something from the night market before tomorrow…

Check out the plastic bags… the sellers were too generous with the plastics even we have our shopping bag along~ OMG~


Too tired to describe…

p/s: I am very very tired too this whole week… Overloaded with work… Overworked!

love, xoxo

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– I love these!! I’m jealous! I want to have taken them.. 🙂 She relaly is beautiful and obviously a total natural infront of the camera. GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS! U Should be very proud 🙂

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