Wesak Day holiday update – the Seremban day

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June 22nd, 2010 >> birthdays`~, eastern, excursion, family, homecooked, seafoods, seremban, special occasions, yummy yummy~

after the phone call from amma… the next day we started our journey to Seremban at 11am..

but who knows, it was a big disaster.. the massive traffic jam awaits us at Serdang… some kind of slow moving work ahead on public holiday…

the very pissed off driver… 
the very impatient passenger… 

finally reached after 2-3hours drive from KL to Seremban…


the grandma instantly showed us to the dining area for lunch.. late lunch.. all the aunties came and help while the amma sat there and do the directing.. ask us to eat this and that..

it was Kristen's birthday, that's why they have so many her fave things.. all the foods… were there waiting for us…



the yam cake~ homemade…

the maggi goreng~ freestyle~ now this is what we call maggi goreng..

doesn't look like maggi?? and i think its abit too dark..

so here's the maggi..

these are some ingredients for Saeku's Vietnamese popiah.. the peppermint.. she went to the market and asked for Colgate… hahaha… coz she dunno how to speak Chinese.. very drama…

the peppermint from RC

and also these are bayleaves.. in case you don't know..

all nicely wrapped~


and then dipped into the sauce from Vietnam.. 


crackers~ prawn crackers.. its everyone's fave in this house..


the drinks.. Sanku offered her Kahlua with milk~ oh yum.. i love the milk liquor..

kahlua the coffee liquor..

the cake you said?? yes, its a homemade chilled cheese cream cake yum~~ i know how to make this too~


after the toothsome heartwarming lunch, we rest in the living room… thanks to the aunties for the delicious meal… Sanku went for a nap while we talk and talk and talk with amma and Saeku.. then Chun remembered that he need to buy some "siew pau" (BBQ pastries) back home for his family..


and so with the help from the Birthday girl, we managed to reach the shop safely.. you know what, Amma's too bored and she insisted she wanna follow along.. although she sat in the car the whole time.. she's happy..




there were quite alot people queuing for the "siew pau"..


well… as usual.. i do my stuffs when i have nothing to do…




jeng jeng jeng~ mine~

bought a dozen.. and some egg tarts for amma and puff for the family..


irresistible.. its a MUST eat when you're here.. especially the one from Siew Pau Master~ 

just to show off I'd have siew pau also..
crispy, nice, yummy, savory, wonderlicious..

back at home.. 

Saeku offered her newly bought Vietnamese hot dog~ we ate them just like that.. twist and pop, break into half..

erm… its abit creepy… don't know why.. don't dare to imagine..

amma the magician did her magic… sekejap ada, sekejap takde~ the ladyfingers came out from her pocket just like that.. she have green fingers and her plants were superb~ its for Chun's family..


cute right my amma~

went back before 6pm to avoid traffic jam…

we reached KL just the time for dinner.. Chun planned to give me a big treat. so he suggested something i never had before @ La La Chong Seafood Restaurant.. its actually for my belated Birthday treat~


we ordered some satay… but came alittle too burnt.. and also the sambal taste almost the same like nasi lemak sambal.. so not recommended..


this is the fish Chun's taking about.. "suet san fei wu" (translated to be snow mountain flying fox) because the fish was covered with salt which looks like snow.. so they waiter actually peeled off the skin aside and we only eat the inside.. actually the chill gravy makes it delicious.. yum~


its just a simple dinner with 3 dishes… nice and delicious..


thanks for everything Chun..

*how's the larger pictures? loading slow?

love, xoxo

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8 Responses to “Wesak Day holiday update – the Seremban day”

pengsan!!! u even got a pix of ama ….. taking her ladies finger from her pocket!!!

u would enjoy Bailey too…..even more potent than Kahlua….i drank n was giddy…wnt to sleep.

ing makcik
hehe… nobody else have it.. only me…

sm makcik
oh really?
i should grab one when I’m in the airport soon~

hey gal, which bus you usually take from singapore to KL?

babe pls lemme know what foundation/bb cream/powder u r using on ur face in d pic?coz u seems to change ur make ups prods quite often and i lost touch..hehe
ur face looks super smooth even when u zoom it…
n pls suggest a under eye concealer that u r using..TQSM

i take Five Star from 1Utama quite often.. but i prefer to fly coz its faster..

currently changed to use Chanel white essential powder..
hmm.. not quite often just that I’m kinda lazy to apply bb cream over my face.. actually the camera has smooth skin effect which helps to reduce the pores and makes it smooth even when its near.. I’m using Bobbi Brown’s creamy concealer and corrector.. i found them pretty good..

ur grandma keep smiling, is joyful grandma~~

Clive tai kor… thanks.. my grandma is always happy grandma~

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