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May 27th, 2006 >> events, varsity

waa… so fast 1 week edi ler… 1 week go to sch liao… next week gonna start tutorial class liao ler.. and this sem i got class on saturday ar.. T_T

den somemore this sem got 6 subjects.. and all also got groupwork and presentation… pening wanna choose group… too many of us liao.. but i end up in the same group. as usual, me, Li Ying and Jeygan will be in one group for most of the subjects. i wonder why jeygan still wanna be in my group as i always scold him coz he lazy wanna do work… ;p

this sem de class got many new friends o.. den somemore got Ah Sui and Shi Jing from KTAR… last time also i know them edi de.. Shi Jing is from sitiawan de.. she was my ex-colleague and also ex-classmate when we took lower6. Ah Sui is pinpin's fren.. last time we went out together a few times le..

thursday and friday mammi came over coz wanna put jiejie's stuff in my room.. den she bought my favourite pork 'bak chang' and jelly tomato… this year mami said cannot make own bak chang coz waipo passed away less then 1 year… last time always eat bak chang made by waipo de… she's very good in cooking and making these traditional foods.. really really very yummy de o~ miss her very much ar…

this evening mammi came over bring me go out… bring me go the place she always go SingK… tonite got singK competition.. mammi nv enter la.. but i think mammi should enter la… mammi sing very nice de o… this time mammi's fren entered… so we came to see. this aunty is mammi's ex-classmate ar… so long edi, they still contact.. really geng eh..


haiz… this few days also didnt sleep well.. already abt 3-4 days slept at 6am.. den last 2 days slept at 2-3am ar… now eyes very pain.. maybe too tired edi… haiz…

tomolo going kaikai o~ happy~

love, xoxo

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