natural eggy peel off black head mask

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November 5th, 2007 >> ❤ beautilicious~, D.I.Y, skincare

okey… as i promised aggie, these are the steps on doing natural peel off black head mask~

i got this idea when a friend of mine which they used their marketing product which i think it smells like eggy although its only powder… 

so i changed the powder mix to eggy as replacement.

the steps are easy.. the ingredients: 


1 eggy
2 sheets of normal oil blotting paper (2 sheets for 1 nose)
– others
1 scissors
1 facial brush

firstly, you must cut the blotting paper like the size of your nose. not too small coz you might also wan to get the black heads in the nose corner. fold both of the papers into half and cut like this: 


then break the eggy and take only the white egg. you can add honey into the white eggy if you dont like the eggy's raw smell but it slower the drying process later. 


then you can use the yolk as ingredient on your hair, but i dunno how to do.. hehe~ (i got 4 sheets of blotting papers coz i wanna do mine and need to do chun's nose, his nose is my model for the day)

first, wash your face clean with warm to hot water to open your pores, concentrate on nose. (if you have face steamer, that would be better) then just use the brush to apply eggy all over the face because i think eggy cure oily skin (correct me if i'm wrong i got this tips from my aunt). if you have dry skin, you just need to apply on your nose. applying on your whole face is optional. 

secondly, re-apply more eggy on the nose, then place the first piece of blotters on your nose properly like picture no 2. place the paper firmly. then use the brush to put more eggy on the nose to set up the blotting paper on the nose in picture no 3. do not brush so hard coz the blotting paper might tear off.  


then repeat the 2nd step again to apply the 2nd sheet of blotting paper.

and lastly, wait for the eggy to dry. normally it takes about 30mins to 1 hour depend on the atmosphere. if the place is misty and cold, it would dry slowly, more winds/hot helps to fasten the drying process. dried edi it becomes really hard. 


then you can peel it off when it really dried and harden. peel off slowly.. you can see all your white and black heads on the harden blotting paper. and it looks yucky~ black heads normally are harder to come out coz its big.. if small ones, it will be easier. 


when you're done cleaning your face with water, remember to use toner to close your pores~

thats all..

easy rite? hehe~

you can do it once a week~ i cant guarantee all your black and white heads will come out, but it does helps to reduce if you do it every week.


love, xoxo

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5 Responses to “natural eggy peel off black head mask”

hey emily! the mascara isit if i want it some other time, u still can take at that price? or isit 2molo only?

i wanna do eggy mask d! wait i go back malaysia i do… =p… looks so effective….

muahahaha~ pm you…
try try la.. i think not bad lo… mine keluar abit oni coz my black head not much.. sometimes oni got white head.. hehe..

hahaha he looked so funny~

Yeah lar, he really look so funny kekeke….

i paksa him to lie down and let me take his pic geh… hehe~

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