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October 25th, 2007 >> ❤ beautilicious~, cosmetics, skincare


about my cosmetics…

janice asked me to share some of my beauty stuffs..

here's what i use almost everyday.. i love everything which makes me pretty.. hehe~ i very kiasu de.. haha…

for my base, as introduced last few posts, i use Beaute de Kose Double Action Moisturizer III.

foundation, i'm using Bobbi Brown's Tinted Moisturizer. i use lots of moisturizers coz my skin is dry and peels off if i use powder foundation. if i use liquid foundation, its too cakey and thick for me to everyday use. so i choose tinted moisturizers + loose powder. and i choose BB because my skin tone is yellowish, last time i used those drug store brands, they were pink based foundation, and it makes me end up looking red red like very hot and angry.. so BB's yellow based foundation makes my skin looks fairer..

then i'll cover my big black panda eyes with Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit, but now changing to normal ones without the loose powder edi.. coz i already have loose powder… continue with Anna Sui's Loose Powder. Anna Sui's powder are very good.. coz its smooth and silky.. very nice to touch after applied on my skin.. the compact is actually pressed powder which i carry around to touch up.

my skin become better after these high-end foundations (really geh, even chun also said my skin is smoother now). so i think its wise to invest on better quality stuffs rather than simply apply whatever on your skin. but the most important one is you put something mild on as base coz some cosmetics might contain harsh ingredients.


then, i'll fix my eyebrow with Clinique Eyebrow Pencil and MAC Eyebrow Crayon. one is in dark grey and another one is in brunette, thats why i have two. dark grey ones make me look fierce and brunette ones are nicer. my eyebrow abit cacat de, last time i dunno how to fill my eyebrows also.. but after practicing to shape and groom my eyebrow, it looks better edi… now, i've fallen in love with Anna Sui's Eyebrow Powder.. planning to get it soon.. so i'm selling off this 2 sticks, let me know if anyone of you're interested. 


after eyebrow, occasionally i'll apply eyeshadow. for me, eyeshadow is not really necessary because i'll look overdone when i apply them. so i'll only apply eyeshadow if i'm working, going for dinner or some other important occasion. thats why i only have a few necessary colors like dark brown, black and silver for highlighting brow bone.

Estee Lauder's 10 colors palette is enough edi… the Anna Sui's eyecolor was recommended by my ex-roommate, Seetoh thats why i bought it.. sometimes when i'm in the mood, i'll use it. 


the most important part is my black eyeliners. i'll skip eyeshadow but not eyeliners. eyeliners usually make my eyes look big. thats why i need it. i love liquid eyeliners but they're easily dry off and harden in the bottle. last time i used to buy one bottle every 1 or 2 months. its like a waste.. the MAC liner are colored, so i dont really use them everyday. for everyday use, i'll use black color.

lots of my friends recommended me gel eyeliner.. so i decided to get one too.. till now i'm still practicing to draw on my eyes.. coz its not as fluent as the liquid ones, i need to control the brush. BB's gel liner is better compared to MAC's fluidline, as said by Agnes.

for lower eyeline, i used to use pencil eyeliner coz i'm afraid to poke the brush inside my eyeball. but the Clinique eyeliner finish edi.. then i changed to Shu Uemura drawing pencil, it claimed to be waterproof, but it still smudge after awhile.. so now practicing to apply gel eyeliner for lower eyeline.

i'm loving it now, the gel eyeliner create really dramatic eyes.. 


then comes the mascara. i'll use cyber Colors eyelash curler to curl up my lashes first… then only apply mascara.. i'm currently using Mavala's coz its recommended by Biby. not bad oh.. it separate my lashes one by one, it wont look crumpled.. then the lashes stand up for quite long time… lengthens abit only la.. but the flakes always drop on my face.. so now wanna change new one.. targeting the Angel Eyes~

the bottle of yellowish liquid thing is my eyelid glue. or people seldom call it Eye Putti. i'm using it to stick my double eyelid because sometimes if i dont have enough sleep, my double eyelid will turn the other way in. and also it can be used to stick false eyelashes too. transparent glue, better than the white one. 


last time when i'm too free and hardworking, i'll put on false eyelashes and go out.. coz i wanna practice my sticking skill.. hehe~ now i dont do so edi… coz too lazy… sometimes really lazy to put it on, coz it will poke our eyes if we didnt place it properly.. here's some of my falsies.. i keep them properly in the container. 


here comes the cuteish thing~

blushers are necessary.. you wont look cute without pinkish healthy cheeks. hehe.. my skintone is abit tanned, so normally makeup artiste would recommend me orangy and coral shade.

i'm currently loving Lancome Blush Subtil in rosy color, which makes my cheeks pinkk.. then Shesheido pN blusher in coral shade, healthy color. if i mix both of this color, it will be superB. but i'm planning to buy BB's blusher in Apricot coz i love the color when once the makeup artiste applied on me.. its nice coral + red..

the Dior palette is a highlighter. actually i bought it because it looks nice and stylish.. and i dont really use highlighter de… maybe because i dunno how to use or sometimes i apply edi look like so shinning, like i'm sweating and oily only.. so i stopped using it edi…

the one in chrome color tube is Body Shop's retractable blusher brush. it is synthetic, its so soft and nice~ but its actually kinda hard wanna sweep the powder. coz of the brush texture, thin and smooth, it doesnt catch the blush powder properly. so that day i saw Stila's retractable brush, made from natural fur. nice also… not as smooth as this one, but still quite soft.. wanna get it when i got $$.

there's another retractable brush in purple color stick. it is Elizabeth Arden Shimmering Body brush. you see the end of the stick, silver color geh.. all the shimmer its inside it. very easy to use. just open the cap, and you're ready to sweep on your face or body edi.. and the glitters will fall on your skin edi.. nice shimmer~ but it is quite bad because its made from plastic, the cap already wanna break and chip off edi.. so i used colored tape to stick it.  


normally, my blusher will be last edi.. coz i dun like to apply lip stick or lip gloss on my lips.. very sticky.. although it looks nice when you apply on your lips.. so i only have 2 lippies.. one is a strawberry lip balm a gift from chun and another one is BB's gloss, free sample size.  


at the end of the day, i use ZA Deep Cleansing Oil to remove all my makeup. i don't use 'specially for eyes' make up remover coz i don't know how to use it. this cleansing oil is very easy to use. just pump once on your hand, and rub the oil onto your eyes(close your eyes firmly) to remove the waterproof mascara and eyeliner first then massage it to your cheeks and other place. 


you ask, where do i keep my stuffs?

i keep them in a cosmetics case. i got this Shu Uemura leather case from a seller. its small and nice to carry. especially when i need to carry to and back from chun's place or when i go traveling or when i place this case in the rack in my hostel. i have no dressing table, so everything need to be in easy to carry form so i can place them away from my study/computer table when i don't need it. 


i got the mini brushes also from the Body Shop. it fits perfectly in the case~ even BB's mini brushes can fit in too~ cute rite?


and also.. i'm looking forward to buy this mini brushes from BB. its their limited edition Pink Quartz Mini Deluxe Brushes with a pink pouch~~~ 


love, xoxo

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11 Responses to “my cosmetics collection”

wow~ u hav 3 bb eye gel liner huh? haha~ just wonder how u finish those 3~ cause i have 1 bb eye gel liner. havent start use yet~ i lazy to wash the brush after apply~ so i keep stick with Kate liquid liner~ :p

Woahhhhh this is definately a huge investment huh??? I started to love make ups too…

I am looking for mini brushes… any recommendation? Is body shop still selling those brushes??

Heard my friend said Bobbi Brown is good… But too bad, it’s not suitable for my super sensitive skin…

Happy Pan Leng Leng~

hoshi – hehehe… all different color ma… hehe.. but i sold away 1 edi.. coz the bronze color is too light, and my eyes doesnt stand out.. hehe.. so left only 2..

penny – i invest little by little lo… hehe.. normally will wait for sales.. coz can get voucher~ hehe…
and for the mini brushes, actually body shop geh brushes not that good lo… coz the brushes cant catch the powder… so i’m planning to get Bobbi Brown’s Deluxe Mini Brushes Pink Quartz edition which will be coming out soon in November. its RM350 for 8 pcs of brushes. hehe~
*will edit in the BB’s brushes..
actually you can go to BB’s counter and ask them to try on you. you just ask them to put on makeup to test whether you’re allergy to their stuffs or not lo… can give it a try coz i think their stuffs not bad lo..

wahhhh emily! u make me wan get the brush set ler!
but hor i see bb website said just include 3 brush wor.
RM380 for 8 brush is really cheap wor~ u confirm ma? if yes i wan buy also lo! u know nov when will release? thanks~:p

Hi hi,

Is BB product expensive? How much for a basic cosmetics set?

hoshi – ya.. its very cheap.. and also very limited.. so need to be fast… coz normally the edition is 3 mini brushes for RM150, free small pouch.. but this time is RM350 for 8 brushes… very very cheap.. so I’m saving all my vouchers to buy it.. hehehe~ it should be releasing end of November.. the SA cant confirm the date coz they also dunno…

June – hey girl… the prices are almost the same as other high-end cosmetics. like Chanel’s foundation also costs around RM150-180. BB’s foundations are around RM130-RM140 like that.

for basic, depends on what do you like to use, what types of foundation. if you choose 2-way cake, it will be cheaper lo.. coz you only need to buy the 2-way cake only for lets say RM135. if you choose liquid foundation, its RM135 per bottle but you still need loose powder to hold the foundation on your skin, the loose powder costs RM110. so if you choose the 2nd option will be more expensive lo..

other than that, you still need eyeliner, mascara and blusher… i think.. hehe.. coz that’s what most important for me…

wow… you are so professional in make up… Where did you learn from?
I am so jealous looking at your cosmetics collection…

Haha… I also have that Dior highlighter.. Damn cute! You said you didn’t know how to apply highlighter? Just apply where you want to highlight. For example if you think your nose is flat, apply a bit on the bone of your nose to make it stands out more. 😉 That’s what I do tho. You can try 🙂

June – haha~ i’m not proffesional.. i didnt learn any makeup course before.. normally i’ll search for beauty blog, article online or in beauty magazine lo… den i’ll do survey around the counters… look for what they recommend, price, colors and etc…

– hehe.. the highlighter is nice~ very nice packaging… but i sold it away last 2 days edi le.. coz i only used on the first 2 weeks when i purchased it… den i kept it so long edi.. till now.. still havent use also…

coz the last time i applied it, my fren ask me why my foundation patchy one geh? whole patch on my nose and forehead… so i stopped using it edi…

wow wow wow.. you did a good job! applause to you~ =)

before i went to utar ball night, my makeup artist applied the Dior highlighter on me. i was highly attracted by the case. it is so beautiful and stylish! thumbs up~

hahaha~ thx alot janice~

the dior highlighter really nice… but i use edi look like my face oily and patcy.. sad lo…

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