the couple’s day

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February 15th, 2007 >> anniversaries, fun stuffs~, skilled hands, special occasions

early the next morning after i sulked.. (yesterday morning) chun called and coaxed back..

then, he came and pick me up for lunch. and when i went to the basement and hop on his car, he suddenly said, "eh forgot to bring my bagpack, you go to the bonnet and see got or not" den i went to see see lo.. when i opened the bonnet, i saw a bunch of cute okuis.. cutee~~ i know its lame but still special for me.. hehe.. 

actually i tot he forgot that he put the okuis in the boot edi, tot he wanna give it to me at night. who knows he gave me a surprise by letting me expect the unexpected


okuis for valentine~ coz a few days back, he mentioned that he won't wanna buy me roses for Valentine coz he know that i'll say its a waste of money.. I'm okey with that answer as long as he don't give me a bunch of grass.. haha..  

we went for lunch in sea park chicken rice shop, but i don't take rice, so we went for second round next to the shop sells Ipoh chicken ho fun, i ate noodle soup.

and then went back to my room.

had our meals, and now it's time for medicine. see what i did specially for chun.. cute rite? hehe..

this are the steps of making it.. i started doing it last month coz wanna keep and observe it to see whether the capsule will melt or run out of shape when its too hot or damp…

got inspired from a korean movie, "millionaire's first love". a sad love movie… T_T

it has some hidden message in the paper that i rolled into the capsule.

 must put some silica gel thingy to keep the capsule dry. pour them into a few capsule and close it, then use needle to poke a few holes to let the air go in so the silica gel can absorb humid. 

don't use wet/damp hands to touch the capsule coz it will make the capsules melt. so when your hands start to sweat, stop doing it. and remember to close the bottle after u put all the capsule in. tighten and seal it. 
this is the sticker printing moment, i use illustrator to do the layout, and then print it on sticker paper.
*error, it should be year 2007



tah daa~~ cute??

love, xoxo

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4 Responses to “the couple’s day”

hi girl , just found your blog randomly and i really love the idea u have for valentine day gift !!! its soooooooo sweet and meaningful . can u tell me where to buy those empty capsule ?? did u purposely buy the bottle or just reuse any ? cos i see the sticker fit so perfectly for the bottle.. haha really like MEDICINE ! wish i can make 1 to . can u mail me bout the details thanks.

hie jacay,

i got the capsules from those chinese medicine shop. any of those chinese medicine shop sure will have it.. and the bottle is a reused bottle which i got it from assam boi bottle. and the sticker i did it on photoshop illustrator and print it out….

hope it helps~

welcome and thanks for visiting my blog..

hi emily…so creative …really love ur idea <3 ..remembered me ?im mai bought ur lovely guess heels from u 😉 i love ur blog!


thanks for dropping by sweetie~

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