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Antoinette sweet treat~

Posted by: emily

November 29th, 2012 >> desserts, grumpy baby, yummy yummy~

There’s one day in June…

We walked to Antoinette during lunch to pack this cake~ Really wanted to try them after seeing a friend posting it on my news feed… Love the old English Victorian style…

Ate the Antoinette the next day.. After I fall down while walking… And the cake, partly damaged… Sad day, sweet treat… Eating Antoinette with bruised knees… However, the cake still taste delicious… the crunch in the middle and the green tea flavor… the chocolate coated top.. yummy~

Sanku + Family @ Singapore

Posted by: emily

November 25th, 2012 >> desserts, excursion, family, yummy yummy~

A week after my USS outing…

Finally the royal family of Seremban came to Singapore… Welcomed by the whole “kampung” of Sitiawan… *clap* *clap* *clap*

I don’t remember I have any pics of the, because they’re busy shopping…

Ok ok ok… Maybe just one… When they’re caught eating durian… They almost started a war fighting for the durian dessert… Yeah, family sitcom.. =p

They’re going to USS the next day, thanks to Viking again as they were the first family to go into USS, so they’re given some complimentary pictures and express passes… Lucky them~

I love this dessert shop.. They have a variety of flavors, so whenever my friends come to visit me.. Will always bring them here… Sweet sweet me~

it’s up!

Posted by: emily

November 22nd, 2012 >> bloggie stuffs, fun stuffs~

Finally this site is up again…

From malware attack… =.= Totally unprofessional… I know… I’m not that good at these things tho… But its finally up again…