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<3 strudel

Posted by: emily

October 31st, 2012 >> desserts, gadgets, grumpy baby, yummy yummy~

It’s Halloween tonight~

But I’m not gonna post anything about it… LOL~

Just sharing my Strawberry Strudel with additional <3 strawberry I added last 15th July~

Was busy enjoying my strawberry strudel and fixing my laptop… The windows program had some complications and it sort off couldn’t reboot.. Stuck @ the Windows welcome page..

Pissed off and enjoying strudel at the same time.. FML…


DIY recoloring shelf

Posted by: emily

October 15th, 2012 >> accessories, ❤ beautilicious~, D.I.Y, fun stuffs~, skilled hands

My personal project for June…

The 3rd week of June, I bought the hot pink stickers from the supplier’s.. This is my project for the weekend… Firstly dismantle the existing shelving.. Which is black and light blue.. Odd combination… No choice coz its on sale and there’s no other color available..

2ndly… Clean them.. Wipe the grease and dusts off the shelf… Then, cut the stickers to size and paste on the shelf.. I’m covering the blue part with pink stickers…

Finally when all done~~

Jeng jeng jenggg~~

Pink and black combo shelf~

Although its not so matching… But it looks better than blue.. LOL~~

cute Avengers team

Posted by: emily

October 4th, 2012 >> ❤ beautilicious~, coiffure

my team Avengers~

Super cute~~ Shower gel with pump~

Just bought My Melody and Kuromi last month..