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mid autumn, september end…

Posted by: emily

September 30th, 2012 >> ❤ beautilicious~, coiffure, holiday foods, special occasions, yummy yummy~

Yo finally…

My first post in real time…

it’s finally September end… Wake me up when September ends…  I did not even get a chance to do that… Too busy with work and living my life in fairyland… Sometimes I just wish I can slow down time… Take some time and relax…

It’s Mid Autumn Festival today, wish ya all love around~ muakxz~~

le me, enjoying my Hello Kitty honey tiramisu mooncake which I bought from JB last week… It got knock off by the custom scanning machine when my paperbag passed by… That explained why all the choco dusts fall all over the  mooncake..

Check out my bangs mid of 4 months back… tee hee~

cold bangs~

warm bangs~

Tots all for now~

Ciaoz… Nitee~


the day we met Tristan

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September 22nd, 2012 >> family, homecooked, yummy yummy~

the 20th May, we dropped by cousin Hea’s house for gathering… to peek at the newborn baby boy~

Tuaku cooked us lunch~

Such a cutie~

Baby Tristan Pang.. my new boyfriend~

The oldtimer, Wesley~ the current boyfriend~ LOL~

Cutie babies in our family~ Loves*

mother’s day~

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September 18th, 2012 >> eastern, family, special occasions, yummy yummy~

Just a simple dinner with mummy @ Pu Tien NEX..

Everyone’s invited~

It’s mummy’s day~

Love ya all the mommies in the world~ You guys did the best job any other people couldn’t do.. Good job~