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saya Ipoh mali~

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August 30th, 2012 >> baby's playground, eastern, excursion, family, malaysian, special occasions, yummy yummy~

Although I was born in Ipoh, but I never stayed there after I left the hospital where I was born… So this time, jiejie’s staying in Ipoh and she bugged me to visit her place after so long she moved there… Finally we planned to drop by..

After the wedding banquet in Sitiawan, we eventually went to Ipoh for a day or two.. It was supposed to be jiejie’s wedding gown trying session but she forgot to, or I have to said she assumed that there’s no one gonna book that day.. So we ended up, erm… Feasting like a boss~ As usual… =) Another great weekend~

Our first stop…

Jiejie’s house.. and also checking into the hotel… It’s opposite her house… Very very convenient…

And not to mention, its pretty new and nice too…

The hallway…

Our room~

The restroom~ petite but just nice~

After checking in, we went out again… Haven’t had any time to rest… My checklist item: Laksa~ Not sure if this is the one Margaret, my ex-classmate took me to… But I think it’s not.. because the one Mag took me to was pretty big and it’s roadside under some trees.. “Bawah pokok” style.. But no complain, this is also pretty good~

Laksa only stall~

Our laksa + fried fritters~

Thanks to this pair of dovey, we had the best time in Ipoh~

After the delicious delicacy, we went to visit Ipoh aunty which we’ve always call her Ipoh aunty because she stays in Ipoh.. Sat and chit-chatted for almost 1-2 hours maybe… Felt warm~ Because of meeting someone I saw when I first open my eyes… Yes.. She’s the one who carried me out from my mummy’s tummy~

Back to the hotel for a rest while Alex went home.. And jiejie went back to do her stuffs too…

The boy resting…

And for dinner, we picked Bak Kut Teh~

She picked us up and took us to a mall, somewhere which I couldn’t remember while waiting for MeiMei to meet up with us..

It was still raining… T_T

It stopped awhile later…

We ordered the set meal for 6 pax~ Here comes the food.. Although BKT should be eaten by the roadside in the morning, but this shop does serve pretty decent BKT just nice for me.. I mean, it could be more hygienic compared to those by the roadside I guess… Anyway, they taste pretty good..

Back to the hotel late that night…

Tomorrow is another eating day.. and getting ready to depart for Spore again…

my date~

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August 5th, 2012 >> banquet, sitiawan food, weddings, yummy yummy~

My date for Irene’s banquet dinner @ Bei King Sitiawan, 28 April 2012


Went back to Sitiawan on 27th April night for Chin’s wedding~


A short break @ Ipoh on 30th April~

mua bday 2012~

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August 3rd, 2012 >> baby's birthday~, desserts, eastern, gadgets, yummy yummy~

21st Apr was pretty long ago… But I’m still stuck updating the past… Here’s a short summary for the princess day… =)

A week before, Li Ching already dated me out for dinner @ Bugis.. We had the fish pot steamboat that night… Wanted to have apple strudel next door, but she insisted we have dinner first… But dinner made us bloated.. So we went for a walk in the street…

I love the food served here… Especially the fish soup~

When we’re almost digested… We went to have our dessert @ Ritz Apple Strudel…

We had strawberry strudel~ omg yummy to the max!

A big thanks to aunty Li Ching… She even got me this bling bling pink hair clip.. So thoughtful of her~

Nearer to the day…

A day earlier Chun decided to lied to me saying he’s gonna go back home early after work because he’s alittle sick.. Sore throat and cough.. Pity him… But while I was busy playing Fairyland with friends, he sent me a picture… Of a blurry paperbag at the lower deck of my house..

Excited when he said “Come down fast, it’s gonna melt”.. So I packed my stuffs, ie: the camera, medicine for him, serviette, fork and spoon, my new iPad…

Unboxing the cake~

Light up the candles~ This year I’m 20 years old… ;P

Posing with all the stuffs~ <3

Thanks to my deary boyfriend for the surprise.. Love ya~

I received this the next morning @ office… On my chair…

Took home secretly without anyone knowing.. Don’t want to create any issue tho… Anyway thanks to the person who gave me this… Although it doesn’t look really alike.. muakaka, I’m so bad..

The actual day….

Went out walking the whole day… For dinner, Chun took me to Dian Xiao Er for scrumptious finishing for the day…

Back at home, Win brought home NY cheese cake from Secret Recipe, from Saeku.. Loves~ Thanks for the yummy cheesecake~

Princess for the week~ Enjoyed~