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Blessed Luna New Year 2012 – part 3 (KL)

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March 30th, 2012 >> baby's playground, eastern, family, holiday foods, homecooked, non-halal, sitiawan, special occasions, yummy yummy~

Time passed really fast… Its time for me to leave Sitiawan and go to KL, to Chun’s place…

26 January – After picking up my IC (identity card) from the gov office, we headed out to KL… We were actually late because of the queue in the office. And I totally forgot about that…

We passed by Bidor for their famous duck drumstick noodle and “wu kok” (yam pastry)~ Always love the food~ Delicious like haven~ But we waited like 1 hour or so for our noodle… But its worth it…

Reached KL pretty late… So we rested…

27 January – Chun went out for basketball session with his friends, and then came home in the noon – picked me up for lunch @ Ikar… We used to love the cheese fish head noodle, but now it taste different.. So this  is the last time we will be here…

Dinner @ Royal Lake Club with Chun’s parents friends… We did the “lou sang”…

Then, rushed to baby Valleraine’s full moon @ Friendscino Cafe, Damansara Perdana. Came late and left early… Didn’t really get to see baby.. Gratz to babe Veron on the baby girl~ Me lovey baby girl~ (grabbed this picture from Bobo)

Next session was with Chun’s friend yumcha session…

28 January 2012 – Healthy walk @ Desa Park City park.. with Chun’s dad leading us more than 4 rounds…

Saw this sign and its pretty funnyyyy~ The management sound so furious in this notice… I can read that they’re FURIOUS~

Then, to BKT session~

29 January 2012 – Homecooked fried bee hoon and vegetarian sambal cluster beans for brunch… yummmy~ Just before we leave for Singapore..

Me here wishing all readers and friends a Happy Blessed Chinese New Year~ Have a great year ahead~ (although its a belated wish, but still in this year though) :p

31 January 2012 – Total red packets~

Happiness to the max!!

Blessed Luna New Year 2012 – part 2

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March 21st, 2012 >> baby's playground, barbeque, family, homecooked, malaysian, sitiawan, sitiawan food, special occasions, yummy yummy~

The event of feasting like a king continues…

24 January – Lunch @ Grandma’s…. Having my “ang  jiu mee sua” (red rice wine noodle)~ Checked~

 Late afternoon… BBQ @ Big Aunt’s place~

kids playing cards~

big boy Wesley~ wearing the tee I bought him~

Uncle KC and Vincent starting the BBQ~

cooked food~ love the fried noodle~

feeding baby time~ haha.. look at his hair~

I had nothing to do except for taking pictures so Sanku “directed” me to bring out the “Yu Sang” and arrange them according to my artistic sense~ LOL~


After~ so pretty right? LOL~

They continue to BBQ while sitting… how efficient~

Finally it’s time for the dessert… Secret Recipe carrot cake with cheese topping~ It sound so lame but its delicious though~

Half gone, although my Saeku’s complaining about it..

Fireworks time?? Yeah, Janne wanted to show Wesley how to play fireworks, but no one wants to play with the firecrackers… LOL.. So ended up Janne played… While the other kids watching TV inside the house..

25 January – Early in the morning, I woke up in a mess… Slept too late I guess… Got myself up and rushed out to have some breakfast before heading down to Ayer Tawar for a dentist visit… Everywhere was packed like sardines.. We went to a few restaurant and finally settled here…

“lu mien” on top and “kou rou” noodle~

On the calm way to Ayer Tawar~

When we reached, Li Ching and Boris was already there… We waited almost 1 – 2 hours for our turn… Too many people need their teeth fixed… I’m almost late for my “pai nian” in the noon…

Rushed back home, bathe and dolled up~ Khai Y’ng reached, then followed by Joanne when I was dolling… Late late… Biby was already in Aping’s house as she came down from Ipoh earlier…

On the way to “pai nian”~

Reached Aping house gathering~ Chun was so hungry, he had nasi lemak in Aping’s house… =.=

While watching this cute girl playing around, we chatted alot~ It’s just nice visiting them~

Cutie Xyn Ru playing with puppy~

Annual CNY picture~ the girls in action~

After Aping’s house, we continued our way to Joanne’s house as I wanted to eat her homecooked laksa (thick skin me) and also borrow her Lumix charger for my camera.. =)

Till before dinner, we left as they have their dinner with family… Me and Chun continued to Grandma’s house~

Night, Girls night out were fun!!~

3 girls, 1 guy and a yumcha place is more than enough~ gossip channel was on the whole night till late… I miss hanging out with them… >,<

Blessed Luna New Year 2012 – part 1

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March 14th, 2012 >> baby's playground, family, homecooked, malaysian, sitiawan, sitiawan food, special occasions, yummy yummy~

It’s time again…

The most exciting month/event of the year, other than Christmas~ The CHINESE NEW YEAR or so called Lunar New Year~ Do you know that Luna is a cat’s name? a.k.a the moon? so I guess I’m gonna name my title by the cat’s name~

20th Jan – The lucky draw CNY goodies I got from my company~

My coach from Spore to Sitiawan was late 9pm that day… I got myself ready and packed my stuffs… Headed to Golden Mile Complex… Along the journey, we met up with uncle Jian Tong and  Jason with wife every stops… What a coincident..

21 January – Reached Sitiawan 6.30am, uncle Jason was generous enough to come and fetch me out for breakfast @ Pekan Gurney. This noodle is called “kam puan”.. the soup far behind is “lu mien” gravy plus wonton… only available in Sitiawan, Perak or maybe Sabah/Sarawak…

 My goodie haven~ all the munchkins on the living room table serving me~

Boon made this chicken floss kueh kapit~ Its so savory delicious~ Love them~

The lovely home~

The “foo chow” traditional spring roll served @ Grandma’s house~

22 January – Roadside nasi lemak for morning breakfast. Thanks to my meimei, she cycled 3 blocks away for the nasi lemak~ yummy~

Our reunion luncheon~ Our family tradition, it’s always reunion luncheon, and not dinner… Don’t know why… Daddy packed from outside, instead of cooking at home… =) but still loving them~

My lovely grandparents~ <3

Grandpa with the pink shirt I bought him for CNY, and his pink bike~ It’s actually Jiejie’s bike, but Grandpa’s bike was stolen so he’s currently riding this bike~

The night of the BOOM BOOM BANG BANG… Fireworks and firecrackers bombing sound lasts for 1 hr and 30 minutes.. Ended at 1am sharp.. Thank you very much my neighborhood. .

23 January – Our first day of Chinese New Year breakfast in McD~ LOL… We had nothing to eat.. Me, Meimei and Jiejie ate the family breakfast set all by ourselves~

Getting ready for the night… Gathering with the Spore gang @ Secret Recipe for dinner~ then out for Ah Beng The Movie…

Sitiawan is too small when CNY or any other public holiday arrives.. Because everywhere is packed… We looked for places to have our TT (yumcha session) but in the end, we ended up in aunty Irene’s place watching uncle Jason’s actual day wedding video…

It was fun though, except for the “looking-for-yumcha-place” session…

We just love CNY~