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Wesley – 1

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December 30th, 2011 >> birthdays`~, family, western, yummy yummy~

When I came back from Taiwan, my little cousin’s (my cousin’s little baby) birthday was just that weekend…


Time to pinch that little cutie~

He and his present from his parents…

Baby Wesley’s first ride~

And this is from me… all the way from Taiwan… Cute right??

When I first laid eyes on this penguin bag, it reminds me of him.. So I purposely bought this for him…

Everybody wants to cuddle him~

This is me, kinda pissed off coz he’s jumping all around on me… =.=

But still he is cute~


Happy Birthday, Wesley is 1 now..

Great thanks to all readers

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December 25th, 2011 >> bloggie stuffs, fun stuffs~

Sweet thing…

Merry Christmas peeps~

Thanks all to my readers… I greatly appreciate you guys coming over to my blog and also clicked on the ads… And also Nuffnang team to run advertisement campaign on this tiny space..

I’ll be receiving this amount of $$ from the blog advertisement campaign earning… It’s a fund for me to get a new handbag~ yayy~

Although it took me few years to earn this amount rather than some other popular blogs will get maybe RM1000 in a week? But still thanks to Nuffnang and all the visitors… You guys made my day~

It’s the best Christmas give ever~ Thanks all… Muah muah muah muah all of you guys~

Truly Taiwan – Day 8 (it’s finally ending)

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December 21st, 2011 >> accessories, ❤ beautilicious~, cosmetics, fast foods, taiwan, taiwan food, vacation, yummy yummy~

Day 8, 11 Aug 2011

Our vacation is almost over by this time… We can only cherish our memories… awww….

Our mission today is to hop on the bullet train.. Just for once… So we had our breakfast outside, then to the railway station… Had MOS Burger nearby our hotel.. This’ the  first and last breakfast we took outside the hotel, coz from day 1 to 7, we ate the buffet breakfast in the hotel although its kinda bored…

my salad~ with sea thing…

To the Bullet Train(HSR – High Speed Railway)~~`

2 way tickets~

 Check out this priority seat while waiting…

All the way from Taipei to Zuoying..

The inside~

 This is all I have left..

Then to Si Men Ding again for the last time… Grab everything we wanted and left for our hotel shuttle…

Meanwhile, I grabbed this KFC egg tarts in custard and brown sugar~ They’re so yummyyy~ Thanks to Angel she recommended this… The best I’ve eaten in this 8 days trip…

Finally… Time to leave… We waited in the 7-11 in front of our hotel… The receptionist came and told us the van is ready to pick us up.. Sadly we ride on the van…

Time to go..

This one looks like half of the BKK trip van and luggage…

When we arrived in the Taoyuan Airport, we asked their service to shrink wrap up our big plastic bag, and this is the result… LOL~ we paid for it ok…

Queue for checking in..


Finally get the both stamp!! and this is not my passport.. Mine was stamp 1 in page 2 and another one in page 4… So pissed off!

Had some meal before departure..

Last minute shopping, cosmetics from the airport terminal.. yay~

And all the cosmetics trophy from this trip~

 Tired and happy~

That’s all for the Truly Taiwan holiday~

p/s: Sorry for the late update.. Been slacking very badly… 🙂