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back to December…

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November 30th, 2010 >> ❤ beautilicious~, ❤heart drinks, baby's playground, coiffure, eastern, yummy yummy~

how’s the new theme? cute right? lots of stuffs right? me thinks so too~ *syok sendiri now*

yeah, its December now… seems like time passed so fast… another year, another Christmas~ i love Christmas!!~ listening to Christmas carols everyday and almost all the time, my colleague already started the carols from his pc, and my ipod, on my laptop… my wallpaper… all Christmassy feel~ loving it~

back to my updates… months ago.. to be exact.. its the first week of October, the 9th.. after work, me Rainie and aunty Li Ching met up @ Bugis for shopping~~ we actually did shopped for quite some time, but then we ended up very tired so we sat in J.Co and had coffee~

i tried on the bun maker i bought from Bugis Village~ just exactly what i was eating.. LOL~

Sunday came by in just a blink of eye… then its Monday.. time to work…

on Sunday after church, we went for lunch nearby Chinatown.. that week we had porridge.. it’s Chun’s fave~

this is the “Kung Po” (spicy) frog porridge.. yuck.. what do you call frog in English??

and this is the normal frog porridge.. Chun claimed that this one is nicer than the “Kung Po” (spicy) one..

and this is mine… the fish porridge.. just normal for me… i really wanna bring some fermented sichuan tofu to add on…

we had this porridge for  lunch quite often…

actually, when we’re eating in the restaurant.. i saw someone drinking special drink… the KOI bubble tea.. someone told me, it’s a very famous shop in Taiwan. i’ve always wanted to have a sip, because in AMK, the queue is like… train or longer than that.. really… every time I’m in AMK, I’ll see the queue.. i was really curious why? izzit really that nice??

finally.. after our lunch, Li Ching took us to People’s Park Complex, this shop its located in front of the complex.. stunned when we reach.. why?? because, the queue was very SHORT~ hahaha… i was so excited… queued up…

this is the shop lot.. very small.. but lots of people crowding in front of the shop..

the queue…

check out my number… yes, they even have queue number to buy bubble tea~

my queue number…

while i was buying, they have this sugar level chart… choose how sweet you want it to be… kinda very efficient..

i always love no sugar~ but if no sugar, you drink will taste very plain… better put quarter..

the straws~

finally got our drinks~

the uber famous milk tea with bubble, and on the left is chocolate milk tea with bubble~

love the bubble chocolate milk tea, but its very very fatteninggg… because the amount of chocolate and sweetness are fixed, you can’t change the sweetness for this drink… too sweet and nice…

the bubble milk tea for the week..

the 2nd week, i choose ice cream milk tea with bubble~ trying something different.. look at the vanila ice cream in the drink.. this drink is also another recommended one.. except for the bubble kinda make me guey after eating them for 2 weeks…

actually all along, i don’t like those bubble inside my milk tea.. usually i’ll ask the person to give me milk tea only without the bubble, but for this one.. i took it because the first week when i ate them, they taste not bad.. kinda nice too maybe because i haven’t had any since very long time ago.. but now kinda scared already…

finally when the 3rd week came.. i choose to drink the milk tea with grassjelly.. as recommended by my colleague… he said very recommended.. totally agree.. loving it since i tasted it..

almost every week we turned up in front of the shop and order something.. yeah, because the queue is very short only compared to AMK, Toa Payoh and Iluma.. hehe…

heart drinks~

posing with the famous drink?? yeah, i think so…

kitty wants some too~ she look so cute behind me…

that weekend,

YunYiyi called, she wanted to eat steamboat with us.. not sure why, but we ended up dining @ Dian Xiao Er… we ordered their set as usual..

this aunty, she dated us out for dinner that evening…

the cousin..

our food~

me and the food~

and oh, me and the yiyi..

the weekend usually passed very fast… it’s like… I’m short of time during the weekend…

always cherish the weekend~ yay~

new dreams for shinyshampoo

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November 28th, 2010 >> bloggie stuffs, fun stuffs~

ho ho ho guys~

check out my new modified theme~

all in pink.. all new wordpress 3.0.1 version compatible… as the older one kinda more to version 2.3 only, very oldskool it seems.. without widgets, sidebar thingy and stuffs…. but now.. all new…

tah daaa~ with Christmas theme header too~


modified from Cherry Dreams from WordPress theme~ credit goes to Carolina Canchila, and also header's vectors goes to random vectors from heroturko.. thank you very very much~

that is why i was pretty busy, and slow with updates..

Merry Christmas advance people~

kbox with friends~

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November 25th, 2010 >> baby's playground, k lunch, yummy yummy~

well.. its another week again..

seems like i cant finish blogging about my previous events… sigh.. too much to tell but so little time to do it… can anyone help??

on the 1st weekend of October, we went to K Box~ on that Sunday, Rainie followed us to the church and then we sneaked out 15mins earlier because we had to rush to Somerset to slot in the K-Lunch session starting at 12pm… Ah Wee joined along but John wasn't able to come because he's not feeling well.. 

we got a small room for 5 pax.. abit too small..

here comes my lunch~


i had… black pepper fish bento~


while others had chickens…

we packed Old Changkee into the room too~


another happy day to release stress~


i think my facetone look so uneven that day… T_T



having Ah Wee and Chun along seems like a very brilliant idea.. both of them love singing.. i think they enjoyed themselves.. a nice day to start a new week~



will update more soon… gotta off for trance…