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second part of JB weekend.. the girl next door..

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October 30th, 2010 >> baby's playground, excursion, fast foods, western, yummy yummy~

okok… back to my belated updates…

continuing from previous post…

after sending meimei off to Seremban on the bus.. we went hunting for other entertainment… yay~ as promised, Saeku took me to the "Girl Next Door".. too excited, took a picture from the car while looking for parking~


that area looks kinda gloomy at night.. but the parking were all full.. so we parked a distance away from the shop we wanna go to, and walked… parked somewhere here…

after parking, we walked to the "Girl Next Door".. but on our way there.. there were too many distractions.. lots of interesting stuffs to be seen.. really.. it took me 1 whole month to edit these pictures.. coz maybe I'm so tired of doing artwork… sigh…

we walked along this "looks-like-lonely-street-but-not", why not lonely although really no people or crowd here? coz parking is full.. and most of the people were in the restaurants and cafe dining, chatting and drinking.. cool huh?

antique barber shop~


here's the first interesting shop we stopped by.. 

why interesting?

I'll let the pictures do the talking

they're the bundle shop~
vintage clothing and accessories~
anna sui oldies lookalike~



boombox~ very oldies~


the vespa~
look at the aunty, busy shopping…


this shop is The Scandalist by Qazrock~

the owner of the shop were pretty cool and nice.. they let us take pictures in his shop~

The Scandalist by Qazrock
look at the cute antique phone..

this is the inner area of the shop.. we went in because Saeku wanna try the jeans she saw..


the cozy corner opposite the fitting room for the boys waiting…


opposite of this shop… there's another hot spotz.. almost full of people dining inside…

It Roo Cafe~

because it claim to have the….

The Best Chicken Chop in Town

i really would like to try sometime next time I'm there…

imma walk walk… i thought of amma when i saw this public phone… 


then the 2nd interesting shop~

My Little Corner~ really cute and small.. mini size.. compare me in the picture..

check out the Japanese ride~


they have a garden table and chairs on their roof top~


notice this board…

actually, we were told that they're having some animals exhibition and late night street market around that corner so we dropped by.. looking at this raccoon, he is the pet of that guy.. really.. for real.. raccoon in Furry Vengeance is so scary.. they play pranks on people!


the wolf~

ha? he is Jacob?????? 


just around this corner~


then.. saw the 3rd cute interesting place…

That's Cafe


look at this cute cart.. is that a cart?? or a tricycle?


they have those cute decor… look kinda Japanese..

another bike~


time passed very fast.. we have to go to our destination… the Girl Next Door..

tah daa~ here we are… opss.. rewind.. we're not going through this door..


we go in to this door… Saeku said this bar and the girl next door is linked..

Roost Juice + Bar


spotted another antique phone.. wondering whether it works…


then the Phua Chu Kang's ah ma ice kacang maker~


entering the 2nd level.. look carefully into the picture below… you will find a superwoman…


tips??? picture below.. more obvious..


this is the 2nd level dining area, balcony but its behind the shop (outside)..


here are their specialty stuffs…. really antique and vintage… 


come on, look at the cameras… mine vs theirs… mine won of course, got bling bling somemore..


this area is the 2nd level dining area.. inside..

the junk…
the idiot box
what do you call these game?? the color block?? so creative and cute..
another sets of lamp and antique telephone..


too many pictures to share… smaller pictures can do, as long as you can see them.. you can ask me if you don't know what are they..




this is the link to "the Girl Next Door)


the GND (Girl Next Door)'s front window..

something very similar to other 2 shops before we're here..
look at the cute bold cash register!

and there's Miss Ireen Handmade too, just beside GND..

didn't went in so just took pictures in front of the shop…


took a look at the GND shop.. also selling vintage used stuffs? should be… and this shop restricts people to take picture in it.. and before i was stopped by the lady owner, i've already taken before she came in… just to share…



this is the saloon area… looks so cozy and creative… 


the zorro wabbit~ so cute~

 ouh, our orders~

i wanna taste the tomyam~ not bad… just that i prefer eating veggie tomyam~


me me me~~
Chun's Chicken Chop~

time to go.. very tired.. the boy was grumpy because we kept on taking pics the whole night.. well that makes sense as i have more than 300 pics for the day..

we're leaving~

we left through the "Girl Next Door's" door.. nice place to hangout and gather~ very very nice experience~

last picture~

this is the oldest bakery in JB~ i think its permanently closed down already.. (edited: Saeku said, the bakery still operating during daytime, my bad… i didn't know..)


this is a very very long and heavy loaded pictures post.. never posted so many pics since very long time ago.. 1 day only excursion, and i have to break into 3 posts.. faint*

well.. will continue soon~ ciaoz.z…zzzz

first part of JB weekend… lazy..

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October 19th, 2010 >> ❤ beautilicious~, baby's playground, coiffure, eastern, family, malaysian, yummy yummy~

I've been procrastinating these while…

not really busy with work.. but occupied with PS.. i came home and hooked on to my lappie.. and play the whole night.. brushing my pet, visiting my pet's neighbor, shopping in ps, selling stuffs in ps forum.. and etc.. and it seems like the time passes super fast.. its just like a blink of eye, my mammi's pulling my leg – time to sleep..

the pictures in my camera seems like too much.. and i kinda become very lazy to sort them out and edit them.. the last JB weekend, i took 300+ pictures… and now I'm lazing around, no time to edit…

here's some..

that weekend, a week after the Raya holiday.. meimei came to JB for a visit.. visit who? Saeku? or aunty CL? actually her purpose was to do her hair @ our hairdresser Tom, used to be recommended by Saeku..

we're supposed to book the hairdresser on the Saturday the 18th Sept, but the Tom was fully booked and he had a bride on that day.. so no luck.. in the end, i booked meimei's hairdo session on Thursday and mine on Sunday.. and i already purposely took off on that Saturday.. but ended up no appointment.. so i decided to go to JB and meet up with meimei that Saturday.. since i have nothing else better to do… Chun accompanied me there..

look at the cute face, waiting for me @ mcD… and look at her new hairdo~


then, took them to Jalan Wong Ah Fook for lunch..

we wanna have the super delicious Fish Head Curry @ Kim Loong Restaurant (Biby's bf restaurant, he is secretly rich one.. lol.. jkjk..).. introduced by aunty Li Ching..

waited.. coz all table full..


the price list is on the wall.. like dirty.. but nice…


when we got seated, look at the queue outside…

funny face~ while waiting for our food..


we waited for our order, for about 30 mins or less… luckily our drinks were here… to quench our thirst… very hot place…



and then, came our Fish Head Curry pot.. hot hot hot~


ok, let me take pictures before we eat..

oh yum, started digging in…



and finally when we're finished… take a look at the queue again… still got people…


the fish head curry here are pretty famous.. every time we're there, there would be no table.. and have to wait.. and the business hour stated till 4pm.. normally when we go to JB after work at 1pm Saturday, we'll reach around 3.30 or so.. it will be closed.. coz sold out… so we had to sacrifice and come earlier to eat… huhu…

we went back to City Square shopping, but not for long because there's another aunty waiting for us @ Sutera Mall.. we wanted to donate blood~ her church organized the blood donation drive there… i volunteered but nurse said I'm lack of blood..


look at the dramatic minah….


and this trying to act cute big baby… exactly same like Wesley…


pity this minah… because her blood was not flowing.. maybe it was stuck… or low pressure? or no more blood.. but the nurse said we have small veins which caused the blood to flow very slow.. it's not a good sign because when our blood flow too slow to the blood pouch, it will cause the blood to clog.. so the nurse took her tool and kept on pushing the blood in the tube downwards…


in the end… her packet of blood… only less than half… the nurse said that PDN (Pusat Darah Negara) won't accept only half packet full.. it means this packet of blood it's a waste somehow.. T_T

discoloring blood.. too long on hold… 


the minah face so pale… no energy.. she munched the sandwich they gave..


then, Saeku knocked off earlier so she took us tea time~

we dropped by Nyonya Joy @ Bukit Indah.. Saeku claimed the best kuih koci~ drooling~ and she said that the owner is someone from our hometown too..


the place was pretty far away from the town.. but the restaurant interior was nice and soothing… clean and neat..


thanks to the aunty we had a very delicious teatime.. and suddenly i miss Malacca.. reminiscence… 



came our foods… from clockwise, we had nyonya bak chang (glutinous rice dumplings), kuih kochi (passover cake) and pulut tekan (blue & white glutinous rice served with coconut kaya). i almost knocked all of the sweet Nyonya kuih although I'm actually still pretty full from the fish head curry lunch we had… i think its because it does really taste delicious..


then… the specials… the cendol malacca style.. but different than the one i love.. but this is nice too.. and the portion was so small.. T_T



this is for the minah.. because she donated some blood, and now she need refill… her early dinner before we send her to the bus station, back to Seremban… i picked ayam masak merah~ coz i miss it since primary school.. we used to have this packed rice for Childrens' Day.. and this one, taste just like the one i had always in primary school… wuu wuuu… i miss being in Convent primary school..


after that we sent meimei off..


that's all for today.. to be continued.. because coming up post gonna be a very long winded and lotsa picture post..


What a theme…

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October 15th, 2010 >> bloggie stuffs, fun stuffs~, life

Just upgraded some wordpress version… Didn't know that I'm so outdated… Using wordpress version 2.1.3.. So old.. Now it's version 3.1…

Just got to 2.5… Another few upgrades to go…


Updated via iPod from office…