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birthday working guy

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September 25th, 2010 >> baby's playground, birthdays`~

finally early this month, on the 4th… Chun officially came to Spore.. new life…

he started working on the 6th… his birthday… well… there's not much to celebrate since its a working day… so we went out for a simple dinner @ V8..

just a very simple one…

*with my lousy handphone camera*

cheesy potato wedges~
comes with soup of the day…


the birthday boy.. first day at work… and his birthday on the first day.. but not bad, the HR gave him a Birthday card with a $10 Takashimaya voucher.. nice~


my grilled sour sweet sauce fish…


his V8 special set…


and me… I'm trying to make the color look nicer.. as the original color was all black…

simple… and nice…

Happy Birthday hubby…


they call me heartbreaker…

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September 17th, 2010 >> accessories, ❤ beautilicious~, baby's playground, eastern, family, mooie, yummy yummy~

end of last month, before Chun officially came to Singapore… he came once to look for a room to rent first and also did his medical check up and stuffs…

i took him out the second day to the room viewing and in between, we went visiting..

lunch @ Dian Xiao Er, Vivocity after 2 rooms viewing in the morning… first one was ok, but the second one looks like someone's store room with alarm system.. pengz… but whatever, we didn't took it..

scrumptiously delicious lunch~


after the delicious lunch, we went for a walk in Sentosa.. took Chun to the casino… actually it's my first time there too.. looked around and found Universal Studio..




i couldn't resist from buying the flavored gourmet popcorn from Garrett after i loved the popcorn i bought from Cornery.. Garrett it's located near to the entrance to the Universal Studio..

happiness~ excited~

but it was quite a disappointment… coz I'd actually love the Cornery popcorn better than this.. because firstly, its very oily.. secondly, the popcorn is not fresh and soft.. thirdly, its pricey.. cheapest pack at $8 for Chicago Mix (means mixed caramel popcorn with cheese popcorn), which I've bought, so i can taste both flavors.. maybe because it's not cheap, that's why the sales weren't good, ended up with not-so-fresh-popcorn.. maybe.. can be… could be… maybe i should try the one with the nuts next time..



this is the almond CaramelCrisp~  

i took my popcorn in to the casino.. and the guard who checked my pass, wanted to take it away coz he said "Thank You".. i was abit shocked.. i gasped and then i pulled my hands toward my body.. assuming he's gonna take away my popcorn~ duh… then the guard smiled, i think maybe he thought the same.. lol…



after 10 mins inside the casino, we had to made our move out… had another room viewing appointment later.. third room of the day was the best… airy, clean, bright and etc.. paid and signed on the spot… 

walla… all done… mission accomplished..

we took a bus to Geylang Serai to visit mammi because wanna show Chun how the Malay Village looks like during Ramadan month.. all the Ramadan Market hooded under the tents…


and the next day, i took a half day off to accompany him.. after he went to the office, we went to Bugis to catch a movie… watched the Expendables… yawning, no interesting storyline movie… and violent too… bluek..

a day before, went to AMK for a walk with Li Ching aunty.. and i bought this for my meimei… she's been hinting me that she wants it the last time i was in KL.. finally this is for her… DOMOKUN~

nah… not both of the Domo… only the shoulder bag~ and the tote is for my lunch bag.. hehe..


and also bought this cute fluffy bunny to hang around with the Domo when i leave them in the office..


and also this 2 socks for my everyday gym use… i wonder where my socks went.. always MIA… after laundry… sigh…


oh ya, i did mentioned i bought some stuffs for my new boyfriend… cute??

yeah, i know… luckily its not pink right? LOL…


gonna meet my new bf this weekend.. so happy~


adios KL

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September 10th, 2010 >> attrezzare, ❤ beautilicious~, baby's playground, birthdays`~, eastern, hot pot, skincare, yummy yummy~

on the 20th last month..

i took a day off, (Friday half day and Saturday another half) and went back to KL for the last time, for… long… Chun's will be in Singapore in Sept, so i had to went back and pack my stuffs in his house… my flight was at 5pm so i had to take a day off… will lessen my trip flying on airplane after this… uhuh.. missing the window seat…



i got myself a sunblock from Kose.. i think its cheaper in Budget Terminal compare to Changi Terminal… as i remembered the last time i took a flight, i was in Changi Terminal it costs about $50++.. i was tempted to buy but in the end i decided maybe not that time.. so when i saw that this time, i bought it coz it costs me $38 for a 50ml bottle.. it's not bad, but quite greasy… hope that it will block my face from the sun… preventing black spots..



compared to the Elemente Protective Moisturizer, Elemente is better of course… trying other options~



the next day, dated my little sis out.. brought her to Sushi King as usual…



and also, a cute flavored popcorn i bought from a popcorn gallery in ION, Cornery for meimei.. temped to try some before i passed it to her.. this is Butterscotch floured.. the best i tasted.. they even have curry, tomyam, green tea, chocolate, strawberry, bubblegum and etc flavored popcorn~ interesting right?? you should get some next time…

Butterscotch, its something like caramel but different..

then, went to grab some present for the birthday uncle Chin.. so after shopping in MV, we rushed to Desa Park City to meet them for dinner…

look what i got for uncle Chin~ Ben 10 tupperware and Barney cup~



reached, we're dining @ The Steamboat Ketam Village~

the queue was pretty long, we waited while walked around the park…



the environment was pretty nice.. very calming.. the warm lights… although it's a hot pot shop, their air-cond was not hot at all… coz usually seems like those hot pot shop air-cond doesn't work..



the stove… so high tech… it's individual hot pot for your information… totally hygienic..



i ordered 1 pax fish steamboat pot, shared with Chun coz we're still full from Sushi King~

portion for 1 pax, include the fish fillet far behind in this picture..
boiling the soup.. can choose between clear soup, tom yam soup and curry..
uh~ i added-on the lettuce~ oh its totally yummy~


Uncle Ben, wife and twins joined us~


hmm…. the another twin escaped~



dinner doesn't seem to be enough.. so Irene suggested overtime… not working OT ok… tired of working OT.. its time to enjoy Starker @ OverTime, Sunway Giza.

this big ceiling fan reminds me of the same big ceiling fan in Bugis Street..
aunty Irene ordered Margarita~
we had the best Starker beer… not too bitter~ nice..
this is?? i cant remember. its some finger food..


then came the birthday boy.. he was alittle late because he had to go back to the stall and close, while Irene followed us…

and yeah, he had the Flaming Ferrari~ for birthday.. 


my last day @ KL..

that Sunday, we shopped in 1Utama.. and its was pretty packed because there's some concert going on in the open car park area..

our lunch~
bought a nice dress from Forever 21, with my own jeans bolero..
time to fly..

bye bye KL for the last time??


will be back, soon…