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the moment where after work is fun~

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August 31st, 2010 >> eastern, mooie, work!, yummy yummy~

last 2 weeks, on the Monday 16th..

that's the event i was rushing with… very very tiring.. preparing all the artwork to print.. and also last minutes amendments.. really kicking my mind…

i seldom go to the event or roadshow we do, but this time the boss said we all should drop by because after that we're gonna go for a movie together.. i actually wanted to watch "Inception", ended up they've chosen "Salt".. so i retreated because i've already watched "Salt" a week before @ Genting.. i thought they're gonna bulk purchase the tickets but in the end they said the movie tickets were vouchers i can use anytime i want.. so i joined and claimed myself some tickets~ wee~



this is the superhard part i had done… the die-cut stickers on mirror.. those artwork were normally provided by other design agency.. that's why is pretty hard for me to do the execution..



and also before that, we have this container moving around the block~

dancers and DJ inside..

and this is the safe-box~ Break the code to win a hand phone on the spot.. 2 Xperia X10 were out in Bugis 1 week before..



then, the cafe.. the main purpose of this Xperia Cafe, is to serve free coffee to the public.. and we have nice Nespresso cafe~ nice to see, nice to hold, nice to play too~



here's how it works.. pick your coffee capsule.. coffee capsules color differentiate the profile, aroma, flavor, origin, roasting and intensity of the coffee. put it into the hole and close it..

close it..


place your cup first..

then, press the button you like.. small cup(espresso) on the left, and big cup(lungo) on the right..
here comes the coffee..

this is the foam maker, the red machine have a compartment which has the foam maker..
this is me, not trying to make a coffee for myself but drinking the milk..
cafe relax~


this is a very funny guy.. i don't understand why every time i want to take pictures, he will always offer himself.. for me to take picture.. and he'll do his famous pose.. like this..



here's the dancing to impress, to win themselves a pair of movie tickets~



after the sightseeing.. we went for dinner @ Sakura, Far East Plaza..



some people here and there…

look at the cute kid, its the driver's daughter..
the banana split~ all the ice cream were mine~~ he wanna steal my ice cream..

finally after dinner, they went back to Shaw House to catch their movie.. and i went back home to rest..

then, 2days later we were given premiere tickets to watch "Step Up 3D" @ Shaw House cinema. from the collaboration of Sony Ericsson + Step Up 3D, as Sony E were giving away tickets for those who joined their small game play @ roadshow place..

we went to the cinema after work and packed mcD into the cinema for dinner.. "Step Up 3D" were quite nice, except for the story part.. alittle fake and unconvincing… but the choreography was superb~ loving the OST~~ visuals were futuristic cum 3Dish.. yeah, we watched the 3D version.. nice except for its not as funny as the second one.. and the guy were not as cool as Tyler Cage.. 

LED totally rocks.. that's the scene which impress me the most..


nice to watch~ totally worth it..

Genting Go go Go holiday

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August 26th, 2010 >> ❤heart drinks, baby's playground, birthdays`~, eastern, excursion, fast foods, Genting Highlands, mooie, vacation, yummy yummy~

back in action…

after ranting.. somehow i felt good.. somehow i do felt tense at the same time.. i just don't understand why some people is like that… sigh… life is so hard, dealing with people too… they take you for granted like nothing..

yeah… was back in KL last weekend.. i had to go back and clear my stuffs before Chun move to Spore next month.. YESH! Chun is finally coming~ *cheers* *winks*

continuing from my previous post..

while waiting at the lobby…



this is uncle's chips.. remember that morning where they went to buy movie tickets? they went to casino too.. look at the chips~



i tried them… 



then.. right after checking in.. we gathered in uncle Jason's room… because uncle Chin brought his uber famous pork burger from Kota Damansara..



oh look at them.. everyone has a bite~ actually we're quite full from Oldtown breakfast.. but someone's sure hungry.. he finished the whole bun by himself…



then here came the surprise~ Chun and Irene went to buy something~

the something~
heartwarming drinks with pokey pokey stick as the candles for the birthday babies.. (sure its not me)


we took out our cake~



tah daaaaaa~~~~ cute right??? Jelly Ladybird cake~




yeah, i know.. i look like the birthday girl.. but I'm NOT…



the birthday boy and birthday girl front row..


happy moments~ just hanging around with friends.. and I'm playing with other people's handphone..



after the eating session.. we went bowling.. i don't know why we had to go till Genting to play bowling.. but maybe because its cheap.. LOL.. that's what concerning uncle Jason…



they played.. and we take pictures.. and look around for…… few hours..



then we went to the Neoprints kiosk~ oh ya.. the Neoprints.. still in my office, no time to scan also.. sigh.. will do it tomorrow…



time for personal break.. the gang split so the others can go and do what they like… while we sat down and take pictures again..

me and Chun~
the ladies~

and then, the another aunty became very busy…

here's the weird uncles..
i really can't believe myself they let me take a picture of them like this.. hehe…
we~ all together~


Irene aunty left after that… she wanna go back early coz she had to work the next day… Chun promised he gotta stay late abit with me there..

we met up again @ KFC for dinner~ KFC treat~ i miss KFC suddenly now…

while killing time after dinner.. we split again and do what we wanna do.. eg: go to the casino, drinks, mcD, shopping, sight seeing and etc… me and Chun went shopping~ was trying to grab something back, but ended up with nothing… 

we @ Starbucks Highland Hotel~ waiting for uncle Jason.. he was offered a new room @ Highland, so he shifted there… an extra room empty for that day…

the passion..
wondering why he's frowning…
and this aunty too…
uncle Jian Tong, checking out the aunty behind him.. so not professional..


we went to uncle Jason's room for a visit.. the hallway totally look nicer than ours… gotta stay in this hotel the next time I'm there..



movie time~~

the quiet guy trying to be funny..


our first movie of the day… "Salt" @ 11pm…


it was quite a show.. nice but fake… LOL.. but that's what movie is all about… making fake stories so that people would watch it… and earn from there.. but after thinking about it.. its pretty boring.. i wouldn't want to watch for 2nd time..

then the second one… around 1.30am… after we had supper @ McD… it was tiring…


we watched "The Last Airbender" late that night.. too late.. and everyone was tired… include me too… hardly stop yawning… the story was interesting.. just that some scene were too long.. and boring.. i totally disagree with this movie because re-carnation.. but their CG was not bad.. and did anyone even notice Twilight Jasper in it? abit very woody..

after movie.. crashed on the bed..

woke up next morning, almost late… had to be quick and got ourself ready… check out..

meanwhile, had our breakfast.. the leftover jelly cake… lol.. everyone have a bit of it..

the person who knock at our door and showed us the jelly..

i ate the couple ladybird~
i bit the head!! and its headless~

finally checked out… and went for our proper breakfast @ Hou Mei..

the cute doggie poop t-shirt~

we bought some snacks and headed to the bus station.. it was so cold out there… brrrr…

and i was having my fries~
while waiting…
me and Rainie..
group pics~




but it was pretty hazey? breezey? all covered by the mists?..


while in the bus.. we stopped at Batu Caves for pee pee.. and also the specialties there.. they bought crackers to eat on board.. sharing is caring.. that's what we did..

uh look at uncle~
but uncle Jason… what expression is that??

happy time passed very fast…

had to work the next day… when we reached the custom that night… all packed… the queue for public bus stacked till the stairs on the upper level… I'm not exaggerating, its true… we took those illegal cab into Spore in the end…

finally reached home safely..

go go go go away…

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August 19th, 2010 >> ❤heart drinks, baby's playground, birthdays`~, eastern, excursion, fast foods, Genting Highlands, grumpy baby, vacation, yummy yummy~

been very busy lately..

with work.. and work… i have not been to the gym for more than 2 times this month, and even blogging.. i blogged once early this month on the first and till now.. this is the second one… coz today i played truant, i skipped my OT session… how ridiculous.. "skip overtime".. i can do that. yes, i freakin can.. very pissed off today..

i have no time to do my own stuffs at all… you know what i meant? sigh.. sometimes when I'm OT-ing, my mammi kept on calling me and asking me when i can go back.. and sometimes, when i reach home late.. i only have like 1 hour to online before 11pm, my bedtime.. my mammi will kept on pulling my leg and bugging me to sleep… i want to finish playing my stuffs, i want to do my stuffs, i want to play awhile more.. i just want to relax before i go to work the next day… I'm very very stressed.. and not only this… the grandma, big drama mama… calling me looking for attention.. i don't need attention right now… i just want to be away…

i want a life.. i don't like working overtime.. overtime is for those people who's not good in managing their time and waste of resources who can't finish up their job during office hour. which they should be able to do.. they're just not good and not productive.. the person to be blamed.. the miniger. i hate the miniger. the miniger who always give us last minute and urgent job, until i got scolded like crazy from the supplier.. i hate him… i never been so pissed off before ever since the last freaking job in Millenia Walk… i want a LIFE!!! looking for a 5 days job now… anyone who has one can buzz me anytime.. i think i wanna go back… i think i want to rest.. for very very long… i think my dad said i can go back and he can feed me…. i think i just want to sit down and think what i want next.. i think i need to think about nothing now..

i wanna go off for a break…. holiday, please come to me… 

*very pissed off, don't know which sentence should come first and later.


anyway here's the update i did typed last week..

during the Spore National Day week, we went to Genting Highlands for fun, but isn't enough… i want more.. 

as per planned months ago, we're going to Genting on Saturday night by bus from JB.. so we planned to meet up at Kranji MRT at 4pm so we can go together. but in the end.. due to my busyness… i had to delay… from 4pm.. to 6pm.. and then 6.30pm… coz more and more artwork i had to deal before the long weekend start.. at 5.59pm, i received a sms…


*sweating hard* aunty Rainie said she's gonna leave me @ Spore… but luckily she didn't…

so in the end, i called off.. i had to go at 5.45pm so i can reach Kranji at least 6.30pm.. pity both aunties who waited for me… and the bus queue was terrific.. long.. no choice.. 

we reached JB at almost 7++ to 8pm because of the queue in the custom.. i was famished.. i had nothing since breakfast… i was very very hungry.. i work till i don't have any time at all to eat.. T_T. but we had Sushi King before we boarded.. nice warm bowl of soba makes my tummy happy~ from that moment on, i forgot every single work details in my mind.. clear mind for fun~ yayy~

met up with the others before we headed to Merlin Tower to pick up our tickets.. 9.45pm bus to Genting. we reached almost 4.30am in the dawn.. uhuhu!~ cold like freaking freezer! went to the counter and picked up our room key which were pre-checked in by the agent. the total of 8 adults crashed into the standard room, because we just wanna nappie a while till morning so we can check in our proper room.. two S size, three M size and three L size in the room.. can you imagine how we slept?? i just simply don't wanna take any pics of the hideous situation.

woke up by the noise of people snoring… *shake-head*

but anyway, its almost the time we should be up.. as the aunty Irene *miss*called everyone of us.. because we actually ignored her call.. too tired to response to the cell.. the snoring one's handphone abit very high-tech, so he got the call.. we got ourselves bathe and dolled up for the FUN day~

both uncles went out to buy movie ticket for that night while the ladies took turn to bathe..

Chun's on his way up that morning.. we met up @ Oldtown Kopitiam..


after breakfast, we went back to the room to pack and checked out.. meanwhile waiting at the lobby to check in to our new rooms.. luckily we only waited for only 1 hour or so..


ok.. i had to stop here.. time to sleep…