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ex-Nota BBQ night

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July 21st, 2010 >> baby's playground, barbeque, gathering, mooie, yummy yummy~

last 2 weeks,

Saturday after work, i went home and took a nap before i went to Mayer Road.. Declan, my ex-colleague from Nota Design, invited me to his place for a BBQ party, for the ex-Nota colleague he said… 

i came early to help.. but nothing much i can do as they've already prepared almost everything..



this is Declan, he's doing the BBQ pit..



the foods… he ordered those from BBQ express i think, those otak-otak, squids and satay… but the chicken wings were marinated by Patrick… 

Pat made pineapple chicken wings and BBQ flavor chicken wings..


and here's Pat.. he started to cook after he cooked some pastas for appetizer…

there's the pasta.. and also some other drinks brought by the guests..


look at the night view of the place… so divinely peaceful and pretty… romantic too..



this is Norin, she's the girl who sat beside me when i was working in Nota.. she's very very nice.. she taught me stuffs, got me introduced to the whole company, dragged me to lunch together, teatime together.. explaining what my boss wants.. yeah, she's really nice.. although i think she look scary when i first met her..

she left Nota too after Artoholic closed down and she moved up to Nota..

me and Norin


oh.. did you see what's in the BBQ pit???

yeah, the BBQ banana.. weird..
after BBW, it became black Banana.. it's called warm banana.. haha..


we actually have only 1 pack of charcoal.. Declan said he bought 2 packs.. but it's gone.. so while waiting for the other guests to come, they've already get one of the guests to buy some charcoal and bring them over… so the flame in the pit eventually fading off… and when the charcoal came, it doesn't want to start burning.. so they took the tray out and restarted all over again..



its almost 10pm when the charcoal came… they had to finish BBQing at around 11pm.. it's the house rule.. so Declan decided they had to cook the pineapple chicken wings.. to save time BBQing the chicken wings..

cooking in the kitchen


the look from Declan's balcony..

this is Jin Ru.. she left Nota few months after me.. 

Pat.. he's not leaving Nota.. LOL..

Declan.. maybe the next one who will leave Nota.. 
another BBQ session if he's leaving..


the picture of all Nota staffs… some current and some ex..


The orange top girl, she's the one will leave soon.. and the one on her right, she's new in Nota.. the others, left before i was there and after i was there.. so I'm not sure..

me and Jin Ru left the BBQ session after awhile.. just before 11.30pm..


oh and also…

before the last post… me and my cousin Rainie went to watch "the Twilight Saga : Eclipse" on the first day screening.. i thought that it should be exciting… but it turned out to be a yawning sensation.. very much of disappointment.. i didn't see it coming.. i meant the climax.. maybe it is a good idea to watch only the first episode and the last..


and last week.. me and Li Ching went for a movie which I've been wanting to watch since my senior recommended me after the 1st day screening.. he told me almost 80% of the movie.. i was very impatient.. i wanna watch the little Agnes with her "it's so fluffy, I'm gonna die!".. made me smile the whole day seeing her.. over and over again`~ and so last Saturday, while we were shopping at Plaza Singapura, we bought seats which were 2nd row from the front.. abit very desperate, so took it… its the cutest movie ever! totally worth the 2nd row from front and also the $10.


I'd really would like to watch again, this coming week @ Sitiawan.. i hope they're gonna screen it soon… at least before i go back Spore..

it reminded me that i had 2 unicorns i got from Vicky~ i bugged him like how Agnes bugged Gru to get her the unicorn~ i'm so happy with the unicorns but, the problem is.. the unicorns were very very dirty already as the dusts accumulate on them.. sigh.. they're now residing inside Chun's house, inside the cupboard, safely wrapped in a comfy eco-friendly bag.. pity..



will be going back to Sitiawan tomorrow night~ very excited.. after my dad bugged me for 10mins on the phone, will be back to see him~

p/s: having problem with the server/internet connection.. dam hard to post and edit… very stressed…

uncle Chin’s uncle Ben burger…

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July 20th, 2010 >> accessories, ❤ beautilicious~, baby's playground, fast foods, fun stuffs~, interactive stuffs, malaysian, non-halal, yummy yummy~

early this month…

after work on Saturday, i went back home and packed my luggage… around in the evening, i headed to the airport and met up with aunty Li Ching and Fong Juan.. we're flying to PHUKET~~ nah.. I'm just kidding… they're flying to Phuket while I'm flying back to KL..

we had Popeyes before they sent me off because their flight was delayed…

me and Fong Juan
aunty Li ching~

oh… in the plane, saw something yummy~ the Taiwanese desserts~ exactly the same one we ate in Snowflake, but they have more varieties..


arrived KLIA in an hour after the delay.. Chun took me to Sea Park for their overrated famous nasi lemak.. located near beside Maybank… its a must to order the nasi lemak so i did… look at the place..


my nasi lemak~ with a piece of fried chicken and bulls eye egg..


and Chun ordered indomee egg with mutton curry…


the moral of the story of the indomee, do not come back to this place and eat again.. coz the next day, Chun got the runs with diarrhea.. LOL…

next day, we went to visit aunty Irene and uncle Chin after lunch.. uncle Chin's doing some small business call UB3, Uncle Ben's Burger Babi.. so censored the word babi (pig). made me a little embarrassed to post up my fb, coz there's alot of malay friends in my list.. not to mention, teachers too..

uncle Chin's stall is located in Neighborhood Coffeeshop @ Kota Damansara.. 

i asked uncle Chin, why it's named Uncle Ben since his name is uncle Chin.. he answered, its because its uncle Ben's recipe..




uncle Chin is busy preparing my burger~



this is the pork patty burger.. 



here comes the burgers.. currently there's 2 types of pork burger sold.. first one, the pork chop burger~ passionately marinated premium pork cooked to perfection, with oozing MELTED CHEESE and served with fine cuts of VEGETABLES. All wrapped up in a hot toasted bun.



the second one.. the hamburger patty..



we had them cut to half so i can share them with Chun.. look at him… too BEST??

it's like fingga lickin good~

and me.. i think I'm kinda picky towards the thing I'm gonna eat.. picking out the burnt part… uncle Chin promise me he's gonna cook perfectly brown and not black for me the next time…

i love the first one, the pork chop burger… its really savory.. and also tangy meat makes the biting/munching sensation better~



after the session.. we went to 1 Utama for a walk… need to buy some groceries and toiletries for the house… meanwhile shopping, i bought a platform GF flipflop in hot pink from Guess..



and also we picked a new spectacle for Chun~ it's my Valentine present for him i think, but just finally got it..

we picked up the spec the next day, after that he sent me off to KLIA.. while waiting for the time for me to go in, i took a picture of the minion… tah daa~~ i photoshopped the picture because the lighting there was very bad… and does he look like Edward twilight??? haha…


time to leave..

i bought a laptop table made of wood this time, and i brought it on board with me.. together with the trolley luggage.. i was so afraid that they might not let me hand carry them in together as each person is only allowed 1 hand carry bag… but luckily no one check.. no one bother how many things you carry.. *wipe sweat*

just another restday… to get me away from the tiring work..

l.v m.u.l.t.i.c.o.l.o.r~ s.a.r.a.h w.a.l.l.e.t



and btw, noticed my new watermark with my head pic inside?? and also the butterfly wings? nice?? just like my babyishly in PS..


loving it~

I'm on MC today.. headache.. and fever.. felt very uncomfortable.. sigh… headache, please go away…

last week of June

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July 11th, 2010 >> accessories, ❤ beautilicious~, baby's playground, desserts, eastern, fragranza, grumpy baby, yummy yummy~

last month, the last weekend of the month.. i think its the 26th of June..

Saturday after work, me Li Ching and Jian Tong met up and had lunch @ Siam Kitchen, Bugis.. we're gonna go to Robinson's sale at Expo..

we were very hungry and when the prawn crackers came, we ate the whole basket…


the menu.. we took just a few minutes to order because the menu looks nice and appetizing..


when our order came… actually the drinks were fast, but the food were slow… famished….

the read bean milkshake was nice~ but just alittle too sweet..
Jian Tong had the green curry rice, taste spicy but very little..
i had the veggie tom yam soup, so super small and empty.. totally not worth it..
while Li Ching shared the spicy fried rice with me.. not bad though..
it seems like the food was too small portion so we ordered some chicken wings..
and look at the chicken wings.. so small… half of the size of the actual wing..

actually was abit disappointed when the food came… it doesn't look as nice as in the menu…. the food was so so.. was ok but very pricey.. I'd prefer the Thai restaurant near my workplace.. we had Thai last 2 weeks. it was my first time there, and i totally love it~ especially the tom yam veggie clear soup~ portion was quite small, but for me its just nice.. and not to mention its not as expensive as Siam Kitchen..


so after the lunch.. we went to Expo~

i grabbed this Morgan de Toi Love de toi perfume.. it was super cheap~ only $29. moreover I'd actually like the smell few years back when i wanted to get a perfume for the first time.. taste as sweet as candy~


that particular weekend also, Han Jun came to Spore for work.. he told me earlier so i could bring him somewhere nice in Spore.. so after the Robinson's sale, we dismissed and i took the train to Cityhall to meet up with HJ and his friend and also CK from JB..

took them to Marina Bay Sands Casino.. actually its also my first time there.. since we have 10 person include HJ's colleagues, we took 3 cabs there.. cheap and fast…

the shopping center.. mostly closed…


the inside..




after looking around in Marina Bay Sands, we decided to have something before headed home.. so only me, CK, HJ and HJ's colleague Owenfoa took off.. the others remained in Marina Sands.. i wanted to take them to the Holland V XO Fish Head Bee Hoon, but i called my cousin, he said they've moved… but don't know where.. so i took them to Bugis for Xin Yuan Ji… their fish soup~ oh yummy~


we ordered 1 fish soup pot and also 1 honey glazed fried squid baby..


then… its time for desserts~ i took them to Ah Chew Desserts just behind the street.. i love the yam lolo CK ordered and also the mango pomelo that day.. its sweet and nice~


we went back to HJ's hotel after that, they sent me back home after that…

and the next day, after church.. CK came and joined us coz HJ and others had to work… i took him to a food court for lunch @ Chinatown but doesn't taste good… so i took him for the desserts… the mountain snow desserts..


the first pic with them in it.. because yesterday i didn't bring my camera along… and i totally forgotten about taking pictures.. so mostly those pictures with food above was recycled pictures i took last time..


here's aunty Li Ching of the day..


and the others..


after the desserts, we went to Vivocity for shopping while Tao went back home.. so CK followed us to Vivo.. poor him… we shopped all girls stuffs while he stunned there.. pity guy.. around in the evening.. we left.. and CK went back to meet HJ…

its been a month since i bought this sport shoe early last month…

the last time i went back to KL, my purpose was to take my sport shoe and go to the gym here.. coz i went around and look for a new sport shoe but i spotted nothing… when i was in KL i was too forgetful till it didn't come across my mind and when i was back in Spore again, i just remembered.. so i bought another sport shoe since there's Adidas warehouse sale in front of my office building.. it was love at first sight when i saw the color.. black and pink.. but the narrow front made my toe nails hurt alittle..

I've been trying very hard to go to the gym everyday.. it has been 3 weeks.. almost 4 days a week i reported in the gym.. working very very hard~ but happy.. coz i managed to lose 1 kg. yeah.. only 1 kg.. haha…


but just recently.. just last week.. i found something very creepy… there's a guy in the gym kept on checking me out.. i spotted through the reflection of the sliding door in front of me.. it gave me spooky goose bumps… actually previously he tried to make friend with me somewhere in the middle of the way when i walk home from work.. and also he tried to talk to me in the bus stop… but i ignored him.. i really wanna work out in the gym but the crazy guy made me felt reluctant to do so… sigh..

anyway just pray that I'll continue to go to the gym without seeing the crazy man again..

you wanna guess what is this??


talking about new shoes.. i bought this weeks back… just nice.. as i need a new white heels… something makes me happy~


that's all for now.. not much happening last month.. just some belated update… its July now… so soon~