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the dramatic flood..

Posted by: emily

June 30th, 2010 >> grumpy baby

last Friday was a tremendously dramatic day..

early in the morning, i woke up and dolled up getting ready for work.. it was raining.. i wished i could just stay in bed and enjoy the rain.. facing the real world, i had to go to work… and so..

walking to office..

the walkway beside the drain i walk everyday to work was… deluge with milk tea lookalike water.. and overflowing to the walkway too.. i was appalled.. i don't know what to do.. but I'm very sure that I'm late for work.. in the 1 minute i was stunned frozen there, the flux decreased rapidly… so by the time i thought of taking out my cell, it was already like this…


yeah.. I'm not bragging…

take a look at the picture.. it was even worse on the ground..


after walking in the swamp … the hard part was walking along the road shoulder till my office building.. after crossing the drain to the opposite side as the picture above.. i walked all the way.. it was the hardest part of all because once i finished the steps.. there's a bus wooshing rushing to i don't know hell where.. the water on the roadside splashed onto me! part 1.. i almost cried, my dress were all wet.. thank God not all, as my upper body was covered with my umbrella..

walked again.. till the first end, water everywhere.. i stopped again, thinking where should i walk.. as the roadside were also flooded.. 1 step.. down.. walked in the dirty water… till i reach the next road shoulder… another stupid cab driver (yeah i know stupid is a very mean word, but i can't find any word best describe the driver…), rushed and i think purposely drive on the left and splashed the water on me again! urgh! furious..  

i was wet! really wet.. but i thank God again i brought my gym bag with me.. so i have an extra sportive outfit to change.. i wore the baby tee and shorts the whole day till in the evening before i knock off, i changed back to my dress..

you know why I'm so dismayed about the flood? because it happen once in every 13543562 blue moons.. and the drain is very deep and big… its almost a huge river i think.. you may compare the rainy day picture and normal day pictures below..



that's all rants for now…


Wesak Day holiday update – the eating day

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June 27th, 2010 >> baby's playground, fast foods, fusion, yummy yummy~

its almost a must to date my girlfriend out when I'm in KL..

the next day… we went to Mid Valley coz my L3x lens filter was contaminated by some fungus due to the warm outdoor and cool air conditioned room, and i have to get the assistant there to fix it.. they just opened the filter and wipe it off.. i was relieved..

met up with aunty for lunch @ delicious~


the interior was quite soothing.. maybe its the color… and last time when we're in school, learning Color Studies… we were actually told that blue color doesn't stimulate our appetite, reported to suppress our appetite… so do you think this restaurant does? but anyway, its not all blue anyway…



this bird cages kinda look nice.. reminds me of my old home @ Sitiawan Estate…



here comes the monster! the brownie monster~



Irene had salad and i digged some of it… 



i had fish and chips~ not bad though… but very oily…



Chun had this chicken burger~ everything was nicely done… just lack of taste..




it was Nike Fifa World roadshow in the center court.. found these shoes very cute~



and also this TV stand.. i really would like to have it in my home next time…



we had a desserts before we left.. coz vegetarian dinner that night…


the next day…

Chun went to work in the morning.. so i was home alone, updating my blogs and do my own stuffs.. he came back early coz my flight was scheduled 9.30pm, and he had to send me off to the airport earlier.. we had an early dinner @ KFC coz i've been bugging him for it~

why? because i've been listening to everyday in the office… and everyday, some songs were played more than 5 times which makes me headache.. everytime the hits top 40 is on air, we'll hear the KFC black pepper crunch ads, which makes me wanna try it~ hungry afternoon and the ads is on..

and so… we're @ Mont Kiara KFC for Black Pepper Crunch~

take a look at the picture below first…



then the real Black Pepper Crunch… what say you? any difference??


actually the one in the advertisement look more edible.. or appetizing.. haha… but whatever… the black pepper crunch was very hot.. actually isn't black pepper should taste like black pepper?? black pepper is some kind of spice, so it should smell and taste like one.. failed… but it's really hotter than hot and spicy…


on the way back again…

the view look tremendously beautiful..


say ciaoz to KL…

Wesak Day holiday update – the Seremban day

Posted by: emily

June 22nd, 2010 >> birthdays`~, eastern, excursion, family, homecooked, seafoods, seremban, special occasions, yummy yummy~

after the phone call from amma… the next day we started our journey to Seremban at 11am..

but who knows, it was a big disaster.. the massive traffic jam awaits us at Serdang… some kind of slow moving work ahead on public holiday…

the very pissed off driver… 
the very impatient passenger… 

finally reached after 2-3hours drive from KL to Seremban…


the grandma instantly showed us to the dining area for lunch.. late lunch.. all the aunties came and help while the amma sat there and do the directing.. ask us to eat this and that..

it was Kristen's birthday, that's why they have so many her fave things.. all the foods… were there waiting for us…



the yam cake~ homemade…

the maggi goreng~ freestyle~ now this is what we call maggi goreng..

doesn't look like maggi?? and i think its abit too dark..

so here's the maggi..

these are some ingredients for Saeku's Vietnamese popiah.. the peppermint.. she went to the market and asked for Colgate… hahaha… coz she dunno how to speak Chinese.. very drama…

the peppermint from RC

and also these are bayleaves.. in case you don't know..

all nicely wrapped~


and then dipped into the sauce from Vietnam.. 


crackers~ prawn crackers.. its everyone's fave in this house..


the drinks.. Sanku offered her Kahlua with milk~ oh yum.. i love the milk liquor..

kahlua the coffee liquor..

the cake you said?? yes, its a homemade chilled cheese cream cake yum~~ i know how to make this too~


after the toothsome heartwarming lunch, we rest in the living room… thanks to the aunties for the delicious meal… Sanku went for a nap while we talk and talk and talk with amma and Saeku.. then Chun remembered that he need to buy some "siew pau" (BBQ pastries) back home for his family..


and so with the help from the Birthday girl, we managed to reach the shop safely.. you know what, Amma's too bored and she insisted she wanna follow along.. although she sat in the car the whole time.. she's happy..




there were quite alot people queuing for the "siew pau"..


well… as usual.. i do my stuffs when i have nothing to do…




jeng jeng jeng~ mine~

bought a dozen.. and some egg tarts for amma and puff for the family..


irresistible.. its a MUST eat when you're here.. especially the one from Siew Pau Master~ 

just to show off I'd have siew pau also..
crispy, nice, yummy, savory, wonderlicious..

back at home.. 

Saeku offered her newly bought Vietnamese hot dog~ we ate them just like that.. twist and pop, break into half..

erm… its abit creepy… don't know why.. don't dare to imagine..

amma the magician did her magic… sekejap ada, sekejap takde~ the ladyfingers came out from her pocket just like that.. she have green fingers and her plants were superb~ its for Chun's family..


cute right my amma~

went back before 6pm to avoid traffic jam…

we reached KL just the time for dinner.. Chun planned to give me a big treat. so he suggested something i never had before @ La La Chong Seafood Restaurant.. its actually for my belated Birthday treat~


we ordered some satay… but came alittle too burnt.. and also the sambal taste almost the same like nasi lemak sambal.. so not recommended..


this is the fish Chun's taking about.. "suet san fei wu" (translated to be snow mountain flying fox) because the fish was covered with salt which looks like snow.. so they waiter actually peeled off the skin aside and we only eat the inside.. actually the chill gravy makes it delicious.. yum~


its just a simple dinner with 3 dishes… nice and delicious..


thanks for everything Chun..

*how's the larger pictures? loading slow?