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nostalgic + updates on mammi’s day

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May 31st, 2010 >> accessories, ❤ beautilicious~, baby's playground, eastern, mooie, special occasions, yummy yummy~

have you guys heard of "Lagenda Budak Setan" before?


it was a hot romance novel like "Twilight" during my school days, the 90's.. it was during early of my secondary school days, i was influenced by a group of my Malay friends.. yes i have groups of friend in my class, 1 Malay group, 1 Chinese group and 1 Indian friend who sat beside me.. Reen borrowed me her LBS.. during that time this novel costs her RM49.90 which was very expensive to me… cant afford anything more than RM10 all by myself.. i was 13/14, how much was your pocket money?

i spent 4 days reading the whole book of more than hundreds chapters.. reading hiding under the school table, on the dining table, under the blankets, you name it… till the story ended, i cried.. too touched.. during the 90's or maybe when i was a teenager unspoiled mind, i found the writer was very good, the stories made me go after every chapter.. till the end, i was hoping to read more… even Katherina the adapted version of LBS was published around 2001, i digged that novel too.. but too bad, Katherina failed me.. that's how interesting this novel was.. i think this was the last novel I've read since then.. I'd never touch any novels till now… i mean finish, i touched the first 2 pages of Marley and Me, ended up sleeping..

and now.. its on screen.. i saw this poster in GSC website while i was purchasing tickets for "Prince of Persia". i was shocked and excited.. i would definitely hoping to watch it..


this year's Mothers' Day, i celebrated with my mammi few days late.. supposedly it's on 8th on May, mammi can't take any leave so we marked on 13th the Thursday.. its mammi's off day..

i took half day off to celebrate… so after work, i went to JB with her.. she insisted we celebrate there..


dined in @ Ke Ren Lai


they have a very chinessy feel environment.. something like "Soup" in Singapore.. nice and calm.. service was superb… food was good too.. nice recommendation from aunties..

i was there a weekend before with aunty Rainie and Li Ching.. we had a delicious meal and i couldn't resist to bring my mammi there.. wanna bring her some good food since she have been working very hard everyday this 2 months coz some worked quit.. and no one join the shop..





she's my mammi~
this is the flower tea…

we ordered veggies and fishes~


and this one, its Hakka Tofu which was quite salty and the meat stuffed in it was smelly.. but the others was superb… 

Cod fish Nyonya Assam, Foo Yong omelette.. 

we went shopping and i bought a pair of kitten heels for my mammi… happy~ meanwhile i bought myself a pair of wedges to wear to my aunty's graduation.. well planned~ i called in to the HQ of this shoe shop to reserve this pair of wedges because a week before i was there, i asked for my size and the sales girl refuse to check for me the availability from other outlet. so the HQ arranged this pair of wedges to be sent to City Square so i can pickup on that Thursday.. walla~ totally worth it.. 


me and my mammi~


Happy Mothers' Day!! (belated) sorry…^^;;

the change

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May 28th, 2010 >> accessories, ❤ beautilicious~, birthdays`~, eastern, work!, yummy yummy~

i'm back in KL last night for Wesak Day holiday…

ops, I'm NOT a Buddhist i just came back coz i have an extra day off around the weekend, and i need not to take so many days leave.. =)

looking back to early this month, it was a pretty great month.. the happenings…. one of them were, i moved my seating at work.. from the place behind the cabinet to the first seat on the left.. it used to be my supervisor's seat, after she left no one took over so i licked the bigger area..


jeng jeng jeng!~ the place with all my pinky stuffs…

i can place my stuffs both side..

my 2nd cousin HeaHea went to Japan and bought me this cute Hello Kitty in Sakura Kimono.. so cute~~


and also, bought this pretty heart earring.. its for 1 side only.. 2 sides, might be very weird..

its just so blinging~


then its Ah Hwei's birthday on the 7th May, so a day before we asked her out for dinner after work.. we had a toothsome dinner @ Dian Xiao Er.. yum~ licka lips~


that's me~


and the Aunty Rainie.. she's shy..


and Aunty Li Ching also refuse to look at the camera..


this is Ah Hwei..


Happy birthday to her~ although this is a belated post…

just another boring update for Labour day weekend

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May 26th, 2010 >> baby's playground, malaysian, mooie, yummy yummy~

that was a pretty long post..

after the healthy cycling day, we went back home and rest… that night, me and Chun went to MidValley for a movie..

we went to Jusco to eat my fave laksa… i purposely save my tummy for it~ oh yum~


we watch Ironman 2 @ Signature GSC Gardens. Full house that night although it has been on screen for few days.. it was pretty boring.. i yawned for a few alot many times.. Chun told me that the newspaper commented that the ironman came out 4 times in the movie… to me, the 4 times were so very the longggg… and the fighting scene, make me wanna pee.. ugh… overrated…


the next day, my day to go back to Spore.. a week earlier i asked Chun to help me to buy coach ticket from Odyssey as its located very near to Chun's house and also because every other coach tickets were sold out that time… its also because there's once i saw their bus at custom, it provide Wi-fi on board.. i was kinda excited and wanted to give it a try.. and so this time i had my chance..

so that noon, Chun took me to my ex-internship place.. Plaza Mont Kiara… look at it.. so beautiful now.. still remember when i was there, they were just renovating it.. 


we had McD as i was keen to eat porridge.. supposed to go Kepong for Ikar.. but Chun said its too troublesome, coz later we need to turn back to Mont Kiara..

*cheers* mcD


Chun had the double spicy mcDeluxe..



around 2.30pm.. we walked to the coach office and they told me that i can start boarding already.. so i went on..

i was pretty heartbroken when the assistant here told me that their modem for that particular bus was down… *banging head on the wall*.. wish i could ask for refund..


they serve lunch on board.. but.. it look and taste the same… i really would opt for Aeroline if i knew that their Wi-fi wasn't working… they serve Subway ok…


meanwhile to make myself feel better.. i watched movies~


as you can see in the picture above.. i was watching "Up"~ its so funny i laughed alone…


and also "Raising Helen", a pretty old show….


then "Bring it On Fight to the Finish". i wanna learn how to dance?? LOL..



back to work the next day… i guess my routine back KL was same every time I'm back.. kinda felt bored.. its getting boring boring and boring.. tell me what to do?