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another movie day…

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April 30th, 2010 >> baby's playground, fast foods, mooie, yummy yummy~

and during our meet up that day…

we planned to go to JB Tebrau Jusco to catch a movie.. we reached alittle late after work.. so 3 of us had our own hi-tea @ Food & Tea..


then.. Jason and Jian Tong came and met us up after their movie.. we had our second round meal.. for early dinner i guess.. coz our next movie start at 6.30pm… we dine again @ Nandos…


i saw something very canggih… the smart cellphone battery charger.. not very sure whether its working or not, but it really looks very hi-tech in front of the corner to the restroom.. hehe..


at 6.30pm.. our movie the Future X-Cops by Andy Lau.

Jason suggested the Future X-Cops on the day we had dinner @ Vivovity.. i didn't know that i was gonna watch this movie till when we was on the way to JB, passed by AMK mrt, and Rainie showed me the poster at the mrt… the movie kinda sucks… even the poster look fake… but the kids in the movie is cute~ and funny…


this movie reminds me of the oldies Future cops back in the 90's… but just alittle or maybe 1 step improved.. hehe…


 and few weeks back.. we went to JB also and watched Summer Hot Days. this movie was pretty nice, not bad… just that it has nothing to talk about… about the Hot Days?? i don't get it… but i think they're trying to hard to make it like New York, I Love You.


as for NY I Love You, the story was alittle messy but it shows all the people in NY has different style, culture, race, age and etc and they love NY. lots of famous actor and actresses.. a few short stories in one..


oh.. talking about movies… I've watched like…. 1291293782 movies since my last movie marathon updates..

like this "Confessions of Teenage Drama Queen" movie.. haha… my grandma is nothing like her… hehe… grandma is natural


then the cutie "Chipmunks 2, the squeakquel".. Theodore was super cute, especially when he said pyu-pyu-pyu… felt like wanna pinch him..


"Awake" was nice… very interesting movie which i didn't thought that the killer would be his wife..and the actor was handsome too~


i watched "Fighting" after "Awake" the bad guy Terrence Howard was in both of this movies.. felt like wanna give him a kick in the a$$.. hehe… "Fighting" was kinda boring… totally not my movie…


"The Princess and the Frog" was inspiring but the frog was a turn off.. i hate slimy things… the OST was nice~~


"Old Dogs" was hilarious… a nice funny movie to watch with the kids.. 


"La Lingerie" was a little ridiculous.. and i super hate the guy who's the boss… felt like wanna slap him..


then i watch "Juno" coz it was in my to-watch-list few years back i think… it was kinda okey coz it talks about this girl got pregnant and gave away the baby after that.. abit touching in the end..


I've always wanted to watch "the Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus" since i saw the poster end of last year.. but i think i missed the show coz i got to know from the net that it was on screen early this year in January and nobody talks about it… so i digged all around the net and found it… i think it was nice, the setting, the scene, the costumes, the magic.. but the storyline was abit draggy or uninteresting in some sort of way… when i was watching, i was kinda expecting something… but in the end i was a little disappointed, nothing came out.. but overall it was not bad if I'm only watching what its showing..


i love "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" it kinda resembles my attitude to disown the guy… kinda funny… really like it… romantic comedies.. i kinda like Kate Hudson's movie now..


the "Hitch" was nice~ very funny~  i laughed alone when i was watching… people might think I'm loco..


finally watched "Sex and the City" on my way to Genting… which I've actually already bought the DVD last year, but i didn't managed to open and watch it in my laptop.. so i did also dloaded it.. and watched.. and coming soon is "Sex and the City 2". i love the Vivienne Westwood wedding dress~ oh my..


"You don't Mess With the Zohan" was hilarious as usual…Rob Schneider's friend is totally the opposite of Chun, he talks with dot in the end… while Chun talks with dot dot dot in the end makes people wait for the next coming line.. but eventually it ended.. so you say the Iran and Bangladeshi weren't friends..


a movie by Alexis Bledel.. "Post Grad". i can say this is a movie for those who's Post Grad, looking for their first job.. the pre-life crisis.. something for them to ponder while looking for job.. but it was actually kinda funny too..


the "Opposite Day" was too much… very misunderstanding.. coz the scientist who did the turn-around never wanted kids rules the world.. but it seems like somehow the made him like it.. very confusing..


these are classic.. "Meet the Parents" and "Meet the Fockers". i know this was a very outdated movie but i didn't have time to watch them.. actually I've watched the "Meet the Fockers" few years back but i couldn't remember.. what can i say.. it was another good funny movies..


i didn't manage to watch "Tooth Fairy" in the cinema.. too busy as usual..  "Tooth Fairy" was not bad.. the moral value is good for  everyone.. abit very similar to "Game Plan". but the fairy little thing is alittle too funny for Dwayne Johnson. a big little tooth fairy.. 


Dupree…. a guy i wanted to get rid of my life for the first part.. but in the end, feels like he's kinda sweetie.. how can you manage your best friend staying with you, in your house.. imagine it.. and watch it.. haha…


i watch that little of movie during my free time traveling in the bus, mrt and waiting time.. luckily i have my babyIpod!~

I'm back in KL for the weekend.. 



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April 28th, 2010 >> fun stuffs~, skilled hands

oh ya…

finally.. a week after I'm back in Spore… i finally have some time to drop by the shop and get myself the Swarovski crystals and fixed my L3X…

the handphone camera is not capable to take nice pics of the blinging crystal… it kinda look very dimmed…


so0oo0o happy, its finally finally, FINALLY finally done~ 

after this, I'm thinking of blinging my laptop, HDD casing, a car, heels, pouches.. and etc… wait till I'm free.. hehe~

but firstly, should be the babe laptop and HDD casing..

edited: 9 May 2010 3.15pm

more bling bling pics of my L3x


taken with a different camera, at least it looks more bling bling~

aunty Li Ching’s birthday durian mini cake

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April 25th, 2010 >> baby's playground, birthdays`~, desserts, western, yummy yummy~

back @ Spore..

the 1st working day of April, we had a nice dinner with aunties and uncles after work @ Vivocity to celebrate belated Li Ching aunty's birthday which fall on the 3rd this month.. 

we had Mussel Guys, Seafood and Steak. i was late as usual… when they just started tucked in..


after the filling dinner, we went for desserts~

Honeymoon Dessert @ Vivocity. actually the day before that while i was in 1 Utama, i saw this shop there and we wanted to dine in but too rush so we didn't…


it was quite packed when we're there… almost full..


this is me… the messy after work pity girl…


our orders~ bill was on aunty Rainie~ thanks aunty Rainie.. we had…. fruits lolo, and some other lolo and err.r… i dont know what is their names… but just look at the pictures and start drooling ok…

i was tricked, Jason told me it was mango before i put them into my mouth,
and he said it was durian later… yucks… phobia.. i spit it out immediately. and i don't know what it was till now..
this is mine, i had mango pomelo sago.. too gooey for me..

actually i really dont want to take the picture of the durian cake…. scary.. but i had too coz the birthday girl was cutting the cake.. so lets make it her birthday cake without the candles~

eeh… the durian cake… yikes..

happy birthday my aunty…

this is a belated post… sorry..