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Sentosa Day trip

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March 31st, 2010 >> baby's playground, excursion, fast foods, Singapore, vacation, yummy yummy~

last last weekend, the 3rd week of the month..

we went to visit the Lion head Mermaid..


after a breakfast at Kopitiam Vivo, we went to Sentosa coz Li Ching's bro Boris will be going back to Malaysia for good… it's gonna be his 2 weeks holiday here so we went for his last visit to Sentosa…


he's trying out everything there..

the phyton.. real phyton..


and this is us.. the ladies.. under the flowery gazebo under the sun..


oh ya.. then we dropped by the Skyride and Luge activity area coz we wanna plaY~ we bought 2 rides of Luge and Skyride coz the Luge have 2 trail which we can try.. moreover its only $5 extra..


this is me~ with the red helmet..


thanks to aunty who took our pictures when we're playing~ the another 2 aunty refuse to play because they're not fond of games.. its not even extreme…

this is our first ride, the trainer there will teach us how to use the luge..


then after we went down the hill.. we came back with Skyride.. can you see us?


nah.. we're here~


on our 1st luge ride down.. we was given a stamp on our hand.. this is to prevent us to transfer our 2nd ride ticket to other player..


then.. we had Subway for lunch~~


we bought the Oceanarium and Underwater World, Butterfly and Insect Park for $29.90.


the Butterfly Park… there were quite some butterfly there.. and Boris said "eeh, these butterfly were in Simpang Tiga too" and we all laughed. coz we can see those in our hometown anytime..




then the Underwater World… this is my first time in the Butterfly Park and also Underwater World. actually i prefer Aquaria in KLCC, its much… newer i guess…


they have this Touch Pool for us to touch the water creatures.. abit scary though.. i only had a starfish on my hand.. they also have sting ray at the other pool where you can hand feed them.. (feed using your hand, not feed your hand to them)



this is the Sea Angel cube.. the angels were so cute and small.. you should see them..


then the fishes…


the aquarium kinda look very gloomy though… and the fishes were so lazy.. and moody.. in the dark.. i think they fed too much edi.. the sharks below aren't dead.. they're just hibernating i guess…

and this is Dugong a.k.a the mermaid~

we went for the Sea Lion/Seal show and also the Pink Dolphin show here..


i kinda missed the chance to take picture with the pink dolphin… they only allow 4 person to take picture with the dolphin.. so sad.. huhu..


after the Underwater World, we went for a tea break.. and the fries below costs us $5 a plate. so expensive.. and it doesnt really taste as good as McD's..


we walked around… and it looks like its gonna start to rain… but check this out.. its the WaveHouse wave rider.. it looks good.. i wanna try those next time..


we stopped by the Casino.. it was raining heavily… and the floors were so wet.. very very not practical… waters everywhere, and the workers had to take an umbrella to transport the customers to the other side.. terrible isn't it..


here's the entrance of the Universal Studio… look at the workers, they're scrubbing the floor coz there were flooded by the rain..


the Sentosa trip ended..


I'm very stressed and depressed now.. coz of the Swarovski crystal.. I'm short of the small flat-back crystal and i cannot continue doing my thing…


random update

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March 29th, 2010 >> baby's playground, eastern, fast foods, grumpy baby, mooie, yummy yummy~

I'm back in KL!!

yay~ holiday for 1 week.. clearing my annual leave..

=) happy!~

oh ya..

early this month on the10th, pretty Irene came to Spore for a visit with her husband.. we had a small gathering at ION.


me, Rainie, Irene, Li Ching and Chaw Yin

it was a working day, so i actually came late because of work and left early because I'm very tired… hopefully can ask her out this coming week..


and also the out-dated update for the last KL dropby..

on the 12th march.. i went back KL for a break.. it was supposed to be a happy holiday trip.. but then a small incident occurred coz i took bus back to KL that night.. i thought that why not i take bus since they're having promo (it was supposed to be cheap but the "additional" bus ticket was more than the price of my flight). so i asked a friend to book a ticket for me.. but that morning, my friend told me the bad news.. which was the person in charge accidentally booked the wrong ticket which was that morning instead of evening. i was abit frustrated and depressed..

then my friend managed to get another ticket which is the same timing but its those "additional" bus.. means they're gonna stop in JB, then Seremban to pick up passengers. i was unwilling to take up that seat coz i wasn't told about the "additional" bus.. but at least i sat on a single seat as there were many foreign workers on the bus. the bus was terrible.. the driver smokes all the time and in the bus were those burning incense sticks and oil. really depressing.. but i told myself to be optimistic, so when they stopped at Larkin bus station i went down and grab McD Nuggets to make me feel better. after 7 hours drive finally we reached Pudu.. what an experience..

me and Irene went to visit MATTA Fair @ PWTC on that Saturday.. it was so packed and i was feeling like drowning in the hot air.. really hot till i had headache.. to add on the suffering headache.. Irene and Chin bought Alice in Wonderland 3D movie ticket before asking me.. so i had no choice to join after dinner…


after MATTA fair,Chin came and picked us up and went back to his home coz he wanted to bathe before we go KLCC. we had Nandos for dinner that day.. i was famished coz i only had a cup of Milo and a piece of cake before Chun sent me to PWTC. we had nothing in PWTC until dinner.. dam tired..


oh ya.. and that weekend, it was IT Show in Suntec Spore. so that Friday, i asked my colleague to help me grab this piece of Seagate 500G HDD, same model as my sexy black but the design is kinda different.. cheaper than the last time i bought though..


back to Spore again by bus.. the bus… broke-down in the middle of Puchong on the way… took them around 2 hours get another bus to move on.. i was so tired with the traveling. I'm trying my best not to take bus anymore… big major headache… 

I'm praying hard this coming trip back to Spore by bus won't have any incidents anymore.. i already bought the ticket the same time i bought the last trip ticket.

fly high @ Singapore Flyer

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March 26th, 2010 >> excursion, fast foods, yummy yummy~

we went fly high~

on the 5th this month…. i know its way back-dated… I'm trying my best to get everything up by end of this month… and so… our date for the fly high day… i wished Chun were here so we can go together..

we went to the Singapore Flyer, same like the Eye On Malaysia.. i didn't have a chance to drop by Titiwangsa to ride it.. and now its in Malacca already.. a friend of mine told me there's nothing to see in Malacca compared to the one in KL..

after work, met up with Rainie and her friends.. as usual.. I'm always the last person to reach.. i felt sorry for those who came earlier, but what to do… i had to work… from Cityhall we walked to the Singapore Flyer.

tah daa~ we're here~


very excited somehow..


this is the thing which is tied to the great wheel..


the ticket~~ actually it costs us $10 each as we bought it during promotional period.. thanks to Teng Tong for helping us to buy them..


me and the tickets~


Chaw Yin asked me to pose like this… T_T


entering… the cube…

view from outside of the cube
waiting for our turn..

right in front of the cube

1st picture inside…


more pictures of the nice scenery~ 




nice pictures?? thanks to my L3X


the group pic… and yeah, we have an old Scottish uncle to ride with us.. he's kinda scary though.. coz he kept on talking and talking.. too friendly i guess.. and please remind me to send the group pictures by snail mail to the uncle..


the ride was nothing much… just more to scenery and taking pictures.. not scary at all.. not even exciting inside.. kinda bored… but it's a once in a lifetime's experience… at least i had before…how about you?

we had dinner @ Popeyes after the ride~


walked our way back…

stopped @ the Merrill Lynch building to take some pics of the bull statue..


and here's a last picture to make you think what they're doing…



have fun~