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CNY balik kampung part 2

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February 28th, 2010 >> bloggie stuffs, fun stuffs~, gathering, homecooked, mooie, sitiawan, special occasions, TT - yumcha`~, yummy yummy~

part 2 resume…

Hotlink line was terribly bad that week… i couldn't receive and call or sms.. very frustrating.. feeling like wanna throw away the handphone.. Maxis sucky… i don't even know whether those greeting sms i send out received by my friends or not… sigh.. again i wish you all Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentine's Day..

my first day of CNY, my Saeku prepared "hong jiu mien sien"..


i miss Sitiawan food… there's no place as good as home..

my amma's here to disturb people… look at the cross she on the door… like she's scared… LOL..

she look so senget…

my grandpa's BMW.. and antique with a cute pink bottle pouch.. so cute right?


he with the shirt we bought for him~ he looks so good in pink~


he came to disturb my amma.. flirting with my amma while she's busy calling people…


my amma's a techy person… she knows how to use a handphone ok..


i spend my whole first CNY day with my family… what we did was only eating.. resting.. hibernating… eating.. drinking… didn't went out coz most of the people were busy with their family too..

and so, the 2nd day of CNY.. Chun came..

my adik and makcik busy preparing food for we the people~

 she cooked pumpkin rice~ but i actually didn't get to taste it because there were too many things to eat… and yet so little tummy..


the schedule start to become busy.. too many things to do in so little time..

our Convent Girls gathering @ Sunlight Cafe.


everybody's busy talking~


he accompanied me the whole day..


then, we went to Aping's house.. to "pai nian" and also to visit her cute daughter~ Baby Xynru was asleep when we came..


look at the happy family.. so loving..


Bibi was already there when we reached… a picture before she left..


testing testing with camera…

me and Joanne's camera..


we started to take pictures when the baby woke up~ just the right time to take picture..


Chun was the camera man for the whole day.. i think he deserved to take a picture too.. so when we're about to leave, he saw this puppy outside and got very excited.. i think he love bulldog ever since he watched Sherlock Holmes.. LOL..


back @ home for dinner…

and also.. look at my amma… i don't know what story she's telling.. everyone seems to be interested.. and look at her action… like "gosok baju" oni..


that night..

we went out for a movie~ just to add more CNY mood into our mind.. coz we choose to watch "72 Tenants of Prosperity" @ Sitiawan cinema… 

this is my first time to the cinema since the renovation and face lift.. place was great.. but the people inside was terrible.. they talk, they munch, they shake legs, they shhhhhh.. just very typical orang kampung i can say… but what to do… i really went balik kampung what.. haha…


late night yumcha session with Joanne, Khai Y'ng and Jamie @ Old Town.. alot to catch up with them… gossiping around..


more updates soon~


15 days of CNY finally ended today…

looking forward for next year's CNY.. ^^^

oh ya.. since CNY ended already.. i removed the CNY theme and replaced it with my new wings header~


its a badge style header.. picture from the same old album by Clive @


CNY balik kampung part 1

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February 26th, 2010 >> attrezzare, coiffure, gadgets, homecooked, sitiawan, special occasions, yummy yummy~

ok finally…

some updates on my CNY holiday~

went back to KL on Friday night flight… supposed to be a 8.50pm flight.. then they delayed to 10.20pm, this notice was sent by email to me 4 months after i bought the air tic.. frust when i received the news.. so i reached the airport 2 hours before.. and when i checked in, i was told it was delayed again to 11.20pm.. i really felt like wanna teleport at that time.. but can't.. so i waited..

speechless… tiger airways delayed my Tiger year CNY holiday flight…

I've watched 2 movies from my baby ipod during the wait..


reached KL @ 2am++… can't remember what's the time already.. very blur…

but back in the house..

i was excited with my new camera~ Panasonic Lumix LX3 in Posh Black.. i actually wanted silver like xiaxue's but Chun's friend doesn't have the stock.. so i took this one instead.. yeah, i asked Chun to buy from his friend's working place..

its a full set and comes with a mini tripod, screen protector, 8G memory card..

I'm so gonna bedazzle it with pink rhinestones~


oh and then.. i added on some accessories for my LX3.. actually i just wanted to add on a filter, and Chun's friend recommended me the sunflower lens… so once i heard sunflower lens i definitely think i need it.. its actually called Ricoh Self Retaining Lens Cap.

took out the original cover and replace with the sunflower cap

then my parcels as usual..

did some online shopping since I'm kinda not very free to shop in the mall..


some clothes from Forever 21 online, Kerastase anti-frizz hair oil, and an earpiece.. some others, i already kept them and forgot to take pics.. yeah, all black…

started taking pictures with my new LX3.. nice?

all in black… but its not for CNY..

and this piece of Forever 21 peplum, is my favourite among all.. fit me just nice..


pack pack and unpack unpack..

finally its 3.30am.. i need to go to Damansara to meet up with my OngOng cousin coz I'm hitchin a ride in their car back to Sitiawan~

back @ Sitiawan around 8am.. its the Chinese New Year Eve~

my lovely outdated posters bedroom..


first thing first.. cleaned up my bedroom… its so dramatically dusty… mopped the floor, swept… changed the bed sheet.. floor mat.. do the laundry… yeah, i had to do all myself.. coz someone who i shared my room with… is so lazy… she's back almost every month or two.. but she just let it be… let it be dirty… let it be.. let it be…. and she can stand it.. I'm just talking about somebody lah..

jiejie will be back late morning, while meimei will be back around after lunch… so i waited for them…

daddy bought some roti canai for breakfast so i digged in.. and my grandpa accompanied me for my breakfast.. happy~

look at him~ he's with his body hugging tee~ and reading newspaper~

finally done with cleaning…

my stepmom prepared our "Reunion Lunch" (we usually have lunch, not dinner).. this year, daddy did not order from outside… I'm so lucky! coz I'm very sick and bored of outside food.. coz we who work outside, had to eat outside food… everyday… 2-3 times a day… 7 days a week… and 31 days every month… till I'm back to my lovely homes..

happy~ she prepared her best Fried Bee Hoon~ and also Sitiawan style popiah (spring roll).


look at my cute grandpa~ he's so cute~~


i had my lunch with my jiejie, grandpa and my daddy… it was wonderlicious… 

when my meimei's back.. i accompanied her for my 2nd round lunch…


in total i had 3 times lunch which the last round was my hi-tea cum dinner… so how could i not GAIN WEIGHT?



that night…

everywhere's bombing firecrackers and fireworks.. but i choose to stay at home… i helped my meimei dye her hair with the hair dye kit we bought that afternoon… the before picture..

see the cute face… and look behind her… the mess… so cute..

but the result wasn't what we expected… the color darkens my meimei's hair… she kinda sad i think… nvm.. we can do it again~

time for rest~

that's how my CNY eve went!~ just happy with family~

to be continued… next day's..

days… just before CNY..

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February 23rd, 2010 >> baby's playground, eastern, work!, yummy yummy~


ayam back Monday morning~

last 2-3 weeks.. weekend before i went back hometown for CNY.. i went to the roadshow venue where i did my stuffs… and guess what, i won a SE hopper!!

yay~ so happy~ i brought them home for my cutie cousins..


that's me with my work..


was there for a while and then hopped to AMK Hub to meet up with aunty Liching, Rainie and Ah Hwei came late after that.. we had a farewell cum pre-CNY dinner @ 347 AMK..

me and Li Ching
Ah Hwei and cousin Rainie

we had:

sambal twisted cluster bean
superior mushrooms
sizzling pan tofu
thai style spicy sour steamed fish
*two thumbs up* love this~

it was a very satisfying sumptuous dinner~

was counting down to CNY everyday that week.. planning to go back hometown excites me~

yeah, about the CNY updates.. will.. soon… i have 450++ pictures to process…