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Why I Like It Longer

Posted by: emily

January 31st, 2010 >> fun stuffs~

i want to win a LG Chocolate Just Because I Like It Longer from Nuffnang..

it's not because of this long sausage i ate @ Damansara…


nor the long python from FLamin J


i like it long just like my dress



or like my long hair~ its long all the way…




and also my false lashes~ the longer, the better..



last but not least.. my long distance relationship with Chun. but for this.. i tell you honestly, i really dislike this LDR thingy.. 


can i get the LG long phone for i don't like my long distance relationship? maybe if an extra phone like the LG BL40 to call my boyfriend, i might like it long~ Long Chocolate phone for my long distance relationship..


kiss Chocolate for luck~

to roll up everything.. let pictures do the talking…

long is the new big thing..

lastly.. the longest queue of LG BL40… and 1 shortie…

Why i Like it Longer?

answer: Because i wanna win the LG BL40 new Chocolate phone~

wanna join the contest too? visit [here] for more info.

ang ang ang~ kam kam kam head!

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January 24th, 2010 >> ❤ beautilicious~, baby's playground, coiffure, mooie

last Sunday,

i had an appointment with Tom, the stylist to get my hair dyed at 2pm…

the business was so good till i waited till 4pm or so to get my hair dyed.. tired and restless.. moreover the shop is so small, we didn't even have a proper place to sit also… should have gone to the manicurist to do manicure~

the waiting session… bored…

at last! my turn to get messy!


jeng jeng jeng~

my final outcome~

kam kam kam (gold) hair~ its actually light brown..

nice?? i personally love it~ don't tell me i look like Ah Lian..

early in the morning on that day… we went to City Square and watched "Tiger WooHoo". Malaysia's First Ever Heartwarming Chinese New Year Movie!

the tiger look like the tigers from Tampines One Mall brochure… especially the pink one.. 

it was not bad though. Malaysian does produce nice movies~ i mean some.. of them… it was hilarious though… the part when that guy uses Photoshop and when he said, "sejuknyaa".. ROFL! some kind of my type of movie.. at least the OST was nice~ good work! keep it up!

back home satisfied and happy~

bought a hair enhancement oil~ my purse hurt so much…

very recommended item by my aunt.. Kerastase Oleo-Relax

very very happy~ coz very in the CNY mood~

family hoo-hah day~

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January 21st, 2010 >> ❤ beautilicious~, baby's playground, cosmetics, eastern, family, gathering, skincare, yummy yummy~

last 2 weeks…

my Saeku nudged me, asking me whether I'm free during the weekend to help out in my cousin Ong's new house… i ended up agreed because she bugged me till i want to cry… p/s: just saja exaggerating only..


yeah, i agreed since i have nothing on that weekend other than OT to finish up my work… and so that Saturday after work, i rushed to Commonwealth to meet up with Janne, and my other cousin bro Hea and Shanice.. and so they fetched us to the new house.. everyone was assigned to a task by my Saeku.. the director..

and now i pass the storytelling task to my makcik.. you can read more @ her blog… coz she's always "sharing" like the picture below… so i think she will do a great job, coz too many hoo-hah to tell.. moreover.. her Enggeris very de POWDERFUL… hehehe~

and also she refuse to send me the pics from her camera… so i just her do all the talking…

look at Ong's mouth… i think he's amazed with Saeku's story..
very good storyteller right??

and.. someone's jealous.. i know i always wear nice nice to work everyday… she what she commented on the pic…

i know i very pretty okk

see… memang dengki kan some people… i also got help ok… very tired you know.. all the pics in the camera, its 90% my work..

lastly… everything done..

anyone can spot something weird in this picture below when you see this picture? wild guess also ok… but don't pretend to know the answer after you read my Saeku's blog… that's bad ok.. 


had a delightful dinner on the new HDB owner.. totally satisfying.. and he sent us home after that…


a tired and hectic day i can say…


my shopping spree for that week…

everywhere was on sale for stock clearance i assume.. coz Christmas and New Year sale is already over..

got these at buy 1 free 1 mode.. while normal price for the DUO lash adhesive.. they have in Dark Tone~ i got to know that its not available in Malaysia.. moreover, the "DUO" sold in Msia Sasa was duped, its DON and it looks exactly the same like DUO white clear. read more [here]. Been using it for like 2 weeks now.. i can tell that this lash adhesive is really good.. it doesn't dries up leaving white lines like Shu Uemura glue does.. coz i usually squeeze quite some bit onto my falsies.. very good grip too..


body shop spree… all these were also on sale… @ Jurong Point Atrium.. yeah, all clearance i guess.. the shower gel was on sale in Msia last month… great bargain.. stocking up everything~


had a great tired weekends..