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Presents 09 + i movie pod

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December 30th, 2009 >> mooie, special occasions

finally yesterday,

i opened my Christmas pressie…

i almost forgotten about the pressie because i placed it behind my monitor… till yesterday when my senior was back from MC, he asked me whether where's my present.. so we together-gether opened it~

jeng jeng jeng~ i got a VS Hair Styling kit~ it kinda look funny to me because i just straighten my hair and she gave me this pressie like last month… i bet she never thought that i would do rebonding~ haha.. but thanks alot to her.. because this styling kit does have zig-zag and curl iron too..


while my senior got a tee shirt~


my boss gave me a pressie today from Turkey.. they went on vacation to Turkey since last 2 weeks..

100% cashmere pashmina shawl from Turkey
looks colorful`~


not much pressie i get though.. coz i know I'm not a kid anymore.. sigh.. how i wish I'm still a small kid.. nothing to worry..

but best Christmas pressie is the Ipod Touch from Chun~


for the past few week since Chun bought me ipod Touch, I've been very hardworking downloading movies.. had to catch up with the movies which i didn't get to watch on screen..

Happy Feet

happy feet was very sweet.. and i totally so in love with the OST.. love Brittany Murphy and Nicole Kidman's voice… man.. melt in the song of the heart~

then it was the

Race to the Witch Mountain

pretty nice and interesting movie.. but some scene was funny and ridiculous.. how can they drive on the cracking road? very impressed.. lol..


woah… i tell you.. this movie was very very exciting i can say.. it really makes a woman angry when they watch this movie. felt like wanna give that stupid slut a big tight slap.. and kick her ass… this movie is emotional in different kind of way… angry woman. imo, its a must watch for every couple.. at least a guy would understand how a girl would feel in her shoe..


musical~ yeah.. but not exactly like HSM.. its like.. band kinda thingy.. but they have very creative kinda way to their music and expression.. i like the band + trumpet + cello + sax and other instruments combination.. =) you guys should check out the "Everything i Own" by I Can't go On, I'll Go On. love it.. except for the part where Vanessa start shrieking..

than was, Marley and Me

Marley and Me

finally finished watching it after 2 days of delay and halfway watching… I'm so out dated.. this movie was last year's Christmas movie.. and I'm a year late… but whatever… i kinda hate Marley.. although he's like kinda loyal and funny.. if I'm the owner.. i might have threw him away already because he's really a troublemaker.. and i cant stand him.. lol.. but in the end it was sad when he died.. teary eyes..


i movie marathon pod~ and i still have like 1234627385087970 movies to go..

yayness~ I'll be back to KL tomorrow night~

new year new hairdo… happy 2010~

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December 28th, 2009 >> attrezzare, ❤ beautilicious~, baby's playground, coiffure, eastern, fast foods, special occasions, yummy yummy~

the Christmas Day`~

i slept late last christmas eve, coz i was too busy cooking and petting my pet in FB..

so the next day i bump into a disaster.. sigh… i forgot to bring my passport… big disaster.. suddenly felt like giving up.. but cant coz I'm going to beautify myself so i took cab back 2 ways.. and we're like late for the appointment at 1pm.. after i packed McD, we went straight to the saloon…

i did my hair~ i went back to the previous saloon in Holiday Plaza where i did my locks last year.. done by Tom..

ok.. i was super hungry coz i had a mini piece of cake for breakfast that morning.. and the delay.. 

lunch @ saloon~

i had my all time fave McD ProsperityChicken burger~

looks delicious right?
yeah, it is~

the process in the saloon took quite some time.. we finished our hairdo almost 5pm.. tired.. butt-ache..

City Square giant snowman

after the hairdo, we dine @ Season, City Square for dinner..

aunty Li Ching's hair~ short~




big thanks to aunty for her help the whole day…


our Tom Yum~ very nice~ spicy and souryy..


although i spent alot that day.. I'm happy because i look like I'm 17 again~~ magic got us younger~

my new hairdo for new year~


i still like my hair with the curry puff, it goes well with any of my outfit and hairdo… lol~

uncle Jian Tong, Jason Ling, Chun and the carpenters in my office were often jealous of my curry puff.. coz they dun have~ huhu~

oh ya.. i'd bought a maxi dress for myself.. it's actually for my CNY clothes, but i wore it already..



i was happy counting down for NEW YEAR coz i will be back at KL on NY eve…

but today i was told by my admin that i might need to come to work this Saturday because my senior took this weekend off starting from this Wednesday till next Tuesday… sigh… she said that either one will get to off…. coz we both cannot go off at the same time.

this sucks.. my leave was approved earlier than his.. sigh.. pray hard for me.. need to approach my lady boss about this… hopefully she allow me to off..

this is the worse news ever..


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December 27th, 2009 >> baby's playground, fast foods, mooie, special occasions, western, yummy yummy~

i had a pretty busy Christmas weekend…

on the Cmas eve, i worked half day and knocked off at 12pm.. me, Rainie, Li Ching and Jian Tong gathered for a warm Cmas lunch together @ Bugis.. we had western in V8, which they were showing The Christmas Grinch on their 42inch TV all over their walls.. such a nice and Christmasy feel..

Soo Kee diamond Christmas tree in Bugis Junction~

pink and glittering~

Christmas lunch @ V8


our people.. the merry people~

aunty Rainie
aunty Li Ching
i dunno why she acted so shy.. hehe..
and me~
yes, me looks cuter (chubby)
Uncle Jian Tong
and i really dont know why uncle's eyes one closed… its not my fault.
he looks like a killer in this pic..

and our merrylicious food..

i had Grilled Salmon~ yum~
Li Ching's Ham Spaghetti 
Rainie's halfway eaten-ed Grilled Chicken Chop  
uncle's Chicken Cutlets.
Pizzaaa~ Chicken and mushroom..

it was quite a meal.. not to say its extremely delicious but its just nice to my taste.. i really love the grilled salmon till i finished the whole plate.. and not to mention, the pizza was thin and filling.. just nice for me who's on minimal carbs diet..

after that happy lunch.. we decided to grab a movie break @ Iluma.. Rainie had to go and meet her friends so only left 3 of us.. it was quite a queue.. kinda long but moving.. we're deciding whether to watch Alvin and the Chipettes or Avatar…. 

Iluma's Christmas trees
i like the silver ones..

it really wold be great if we watch 3D.. but all tickets sold out so we took the normal screening.. yeah, it was not bad.. as said by Kah Yee, the alien Pocahontas.. very true… nothing to comment.. but i yawned once.. compare to Twilight Saga New Moon, i yawned 3-5 times.. lol..


after the very long movie.. we decided to pay Wendy a visit.. so we went to Raffles Place.. Li Ching really thought that we really know a friend name Wendy.. lol..

yeah, we looked for Wendy to wish her Merry Christmas..


uncle Jian Tong was really excited about meeting Wendy's because he said that Wendy's just re-opened recently.. he's trying to advertise for Wendy.. i don't know why…

menu guy..
Wendy's chips~

actually i was still quite bloated from the popcorn i had in the movie theater.. but i had a piece of spicy fried chicken and chicken nuggets.. the nuggets was not bad.. better than Spore's McD nuggets..

went back home without counting down for Christmas because we had to rest and sleep early.. coz Jian Tong had to wake up before 7am to go to JB to catch a bus to KL.. me and Li Ching had to go out to JB around 9am in the morning to avoid the jam in the custom..

our very-normal-back-home-no-countdown-Christmas-eve`