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belated 3rd anniversary + early cmas pressie

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November 30th, 2009 >> anniversaries, attrezzare, ❤ beautilicious~, baby's playground, cosmetics, gadgets, sitiawan, special occasions

last week was back @ Sitiawan for my cousin bro's wedding..

look at my air tic.. its the same seats to and back from KL.. can buy 4D edi… and i did not buy 2-way ticket as i bought both of this ticket on different date and one i bought myself while another one i asked my cousin bro to helped me to buy.. rare… 


i took time-off on Saturday as i need to be back in Sitiawan on Saturday.. and so on Friday night.. i reached KL Sentral around 1am as there's traffic jam near Mid Valley when the SkyBus took that road.. back at KL home tired.. but nothing is happier and energetic when i look through my haulsss~

my forever21 tube dress in purple, Anna Sui liquid eyeshadow in Purple and a glitter eyeliner. so totally Anna Sui color..`


bought some stuffs from the airport since i was there very early… i placed my luggage at the waiting area on the sofa and went shopping~ hehe… although there's warning saying they're gonna take away unattended bags and luggage.. nobody knows my luggage was unattended because i placed it on the sofa where people will seat nearby.. lol~

bought some Hershey chocolate and candy canes for the kiddies at home.. and also a bottle of ROCK edition Absolut Vodka for Chun because it's super cheap~ only $28. i really couldn't believe my eyes when i saw the price..


and when i was unpacking the hauls from e-shopping.. Chun told me there's more stuffs in his car so he went to his car and grabbed 2 parcels… he dropped off the parcel on the shelf and went to bath..

so i was unpacking my hauls~

one was this PediEgg i bought for my grandma.. I'm helping her scraping/grate her thick dry dead skin on her feet… yucky… sound like grating cheeze… lol.. and it looks like one too.. 


and yeah.. the second parcel after that made some butterfly in my tummy… when i was unpacking the 2nd parcel.. i was wondering, what else I'd bought i forgot about it?

he purposely stick the registered mail stickers on it to make it looks like registered mail.. lol~

on my first sight, i jumped with joy~ i was so happy i SUDDENLY received a big pressie which I've been wishing for quite some time.. with a card dedicated to miss shinyshampoo~


the ipod Touch 32G 3rd gen.. yay~~ comes in a full set, includes the PINK silicone casing.. 


I'm so in love with it~

its my 3rd Anniversary + Christmas pressie for this year.. all in one… 

mwahh mwahh~ love it~

i did my job too.. i bought more clothes for the bf… 2 shortsleeve tees and 3 pants from FOX~


i ain't that bad right?

at least i still have something for him..

last picture~ happy *blushed*~



to be continued…

outdated post…

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November 29th, 2009 >> baby's playground, fast foods, mooie, yummy yummy~

I'm so outdateddd!!

i haven't been updating frequently.. and now my posts were like so last year… sigh… i hope i have more time for my beloved…

last 2 weeks.. i think so it was last 2 weeks… me went and met up with my ex-colleagues from my previous company.. it's been a while since i last watched a movie… the last movie i watched was G-Force, in KL during Raya holiday.. around in Sept.. now its November already…

and yeah, back to my movie outing… and also lunchie with them at Bishan Junction 8.

Me, Elsie, Zi Qiang and Kidd

we watched 2012.. Kidd said the movie ticket was so hard to get.. most of the places already sold out 1 day before.. He even went to Vivocity and queued up to buy 1 day in advance but still left first 2 rows… so he asked Elsie to book online on Saturday night and we picked it up on Sunday…


its a pretty cool and interesting movie when the message it sent out was "the end of the world". but i was so disappointed with the ending because it only shows the "Noah's Arc" story throughout the whole story… totally so disappointed… i would rate 8 out of 10 because of the screenplay while 0 out of 10 for the climax of the story… 

more updates soon… i hope~

we had Ottoman cuisine

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November 25th, 2009 >> Ottoman cuisine, TT - yumcha`~, work!, yummy yummy~


just received a Christmas pressie last Thursday~

picture of the Design Team Office Shenanigans – Christmas Edition
with note

special note from my supervisor.. we only can open this pressie on Christmas~


my supervisor is on a very very long leave since last Thursday.. that's what she left for me… and also my senior.. its on his table..

we actually celebrated in Sofra Turkish Cafe and Restaurant @ Shaw Tower a week before that.. she's celebrating that she will be on a long long leave..

last 2 Tuesdays… on the 10th.. i thought that i would stay back and OT because of the Christmas deco thingy.. my supervisor called off the OT and took me and my senior out for a big meal~

all i can say 1 thing is, the waiters' services provided was super friendly..



we ordered alot of foods… here comes the soup of the day.. Turkish Soup.. and pita..


the refresher, Turkish Salad.. and pita pita..


as for drinks, i ordered Turkish Tea.. my supervisor had Sour Cherry Juice (in the image far behind)

look at the cute glass..

our main dishes..

Firin Kofte – oven baked meat patties in tangy tomato sauce
my supervisor..

Izgara Kofte – grilled flat meatball served with Turkish pillav and salad
by senior
Doner Kebap Rice – doner kebap served with Turkish fragrant rice
by supervisor's husband
and finally mine…
Sofra Yaprak Tavuk – chicken meat stuffed with veggies and mushroom. served with mashed potatos
i couldn't finish this whole thing myself..

side orders…

these are Turkish pizza~ Pide..


their foods was great but just alittle too salty.. its either too salty or too sweet.. maybe they like stuffs with strong taste…

finally the desserts~

they're super sweeeettt~ so we decided to order some and share..

Bakiava and Turkish Chocolate Pudding

food was wonderful… it's still alittle early so we decided to sit down and chat…

@ Ah Chew Desserts shop, Bugis..

my lashes in front of the desserts shop

back home after the yummy desserts!~ they had deliciously scary mango pomelo and mango pomelo durian… that's my senior.. yucky..

I'm waiting for her to come back from her long long holiday soon…


back from KL on Sunday…

tired.. will update soon~