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happy people mode

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October 31st, 2009 >> baby's playground, eastern, fast foods, yummy yummy~

last weekend…

that Saturday, we went to JB again for our lunch and dinner… nothing much we can do there.. just eat eat and eat like few weeks back.. so I'm just gonna skip this..

while on Sunday… we finally squeezed out some time and energy to go to Changi Airport T3 and eat something which I'm craving for… actually i just wanted to try out the chicken because it seems like… the "difference" between in Msia and Spore..

the Popeyes.


look at the environment.. with Popeye cartoon on their television.. and also the queue…


finally~ the foods.. their famous chicken~

look at the mashed potato, its actually much bigger than the msia one..

the bun is hard like usual…

i ate chicken tenders again coz i wanna see what's their difference.. firstly.. it smells the same.. but the meat is juicier and a little (very very little) more tastier than the one in KL. then.. I'm a little unsatisfied.. because what I've expected is not the way it should be… so i dig into Li Ching's chicken.. she ordered their famous fried chicken.. i took 1 tiny bit.. as big as a half nuggets.. well… i can say.. it taste nicer than my pieces of chicken tenders.. their color look different too.. the fried chicken is darker compared to my chicken tenders… somehow like not cooked..

so my conclusion… their chicken tenders.. its not very nice… both in KL and Spore.. i only can say that the fried chicken is tastier compared to Spore KFC.. well I'm not sure about in KL coz i did not order fried chicken that day..

and look at the happy people!~


after the super filling lunch.. we went to TCC for a break.. just some tea.. and also my caramel soy drink~ they chatted alot while i do my own business there.. online~


as for dinner… i suggested the fish pot, Xin Yuan Ji @ Bugis~

my fave~ yeap.. craving for it.. i know someone is also craving for it from far.. lol~ showing off the mouthwatering foods~ we ordered the fish pot, fried baby squid, hot plate tofu and sambal kangkung..

total damage? shocked.. $90.00+ for all 5 pax.




the happy people~

spent a lot the whole day on foods… pocket burnt… but in my heart, I'm still happy~ although I'm busy..

oh ya`~ Happy Halloween everybody~

my first time @ Dempsey Hill

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October 26th, 2009 >> events, fusion, work!, yummy yummy~

early this month… on the 9th~

our company organized an event.. for… PARTYYYY!… @ Dempsey Hill. do you know where is Dempsey Hill?? i don't know.. never heard about it… till… i was assigned to design the e-mailer for this event… and the whole office was invited.. including our clients too..

Dempsey Hill, "Home for luxurious necessities"… located somewhere near Orchard, and its full with bungalows renovated become restaurants, clubs, pubs, spas and etc.. mostly its for rich people.. because the restaurants there are mostly fine dining…and not to mention, there's no bus inside that area coz the road are narrow.. only reachable with cabs and cars..

yeah.. back to my story… and so, the event was @ Infusion, Dempsey Hill.

Infusion @ Dempsey Hill


I'm still waiting for pics from those hired photographers.. all i have was these from my colleague, Ann.. ops… I'm posting one only.. the family photo…


the logistics and carpenters weren't there… only the office kaki…

edited: 31st oct 09, 12.30am..

finally, added in some pics… here's one of the event that night..


and our family pic~~


Deepavali break… my eat ate eaten…

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October 24th, 2009 >> accessories, anniversaries, ❤ beautilicious~, baby's playground, cosmetics, eastern, fast foods, special occasions, western, yummy yummy~

currently really so busy… i can't describe how restless i am…

last weekend.. during the Deepavali holiday, i went back to KL again.. although its only 1 day, Saturday break, but i have the whole day off so i went back… Friday night… i took a flight and reached KL around 11pm because the flight was delayed.. and when i reached the airport, Chun requested me to take SkyBus back to KL Sentral.. so i did.. i know he love me so much, until he wanted me so much to see the Deepavali celebration at Brickfields… when the bus reached KL, its almost 12am… and we were stuck at Brickfields because of the Indians there were almost counting-down for Divali.. great news, i was stuck in the bus with all the fireworks, firecrackers and party till the policeman came to clear the firecrackers.. so fumed..

was there for almost 20mins… tired.. pissed off..


but anyway, Happy Diwali my Indian friends~

Chun waited in KL Sentral for 2-3 hours i guess.. lol..

finally back @ 2nd home…

checking out my stuffs~

I've got myself a Korean gladiator heels, stocking, hair bump, and also a set of Bobbi Brown brushes.  


I'm so happy now i have the whole set Bobbi Brown brushes almost full set in mini size. extra fine eyeliner brush because the older one already come with it.

but the 3 brushes i bought that day were kinda not very good quality compared to the 8 piece brushes set i got from the counter. couldn't blame it as i got it for 50% off the retail price. the seller claimed that these are rejected stock.. I've been using the 3 pcs brush for 1 week now.. and i think that the fine eyeliner brush is too fine; the bristles were 30% lesser than my old one.. actually the main reason i bought that 3 pc brushes was i wanted the blush brush only.. coz the old ones doesn't have it. and that blush brush, the bristles come out everyday… sigh.. it seems like it soon gonna bald.. sadly.. the normal eyeliner brush, it doesn't even match the bristle from counter.. too soft to apply my gel eyeliner..

good investment? nop.. i rather buy from counter next time.. what's the brushes worth… RM50 for 3 pc brushes or RM300 for 8pc brushes.

oh ya.. and also these Anna Sui loose powders.. I'm not a loose powder maniac and i don't feed myself with loose powders.. but i helped my aunt to get them… she and her friend, asked me to get the Anna Sui luxury powder.. while i only got myself AS loose powder in 002. just the normal cheap ones.. I'd really like to buy the Luxury Powder for myself.. coz of the glitters, bling-bling~ but its kinda pricey… maybe next time after i finish this..


and the stuffs i bought for Chun.. these are the pressies i got for him for our 3rd Anniversary this coming next Tuesday.. 

its so nice to be him right??
wish you were mine?


and the next day, made an appointment with my meimei, met her up in Mid Valley. had to treat her Sushi King because she helped me to manage my FB game acc while I'm at work everyday… hehe~

the person who's always be with me..


I've forgotten to take my meimei's pics… hmm.. can't remember why.. maybe because I'm too busy eating..

and for our late lunch.. ya.. we ate again although we're not hungry yet.. we had Popeye~

look at the place.. not many people though its public holiday and Saturday…


Chun ordered a set meal.. the Louisiana Tenders. 

the forkspoon was cute!~

i think….

this meal is totally different with the one in Singapore Changi airport… you know why?? because there's once, we're waiting for bus at T3 Changi airport bus stop.. and there's 2 girls who bought Popeye, and took them home.. while we were waiting for the bus, we can smell the yummylicious-ness from far… all we can do was swallowing our saliva down our throat.. and when we're on the bus, the girls opened the plastic bag.. man… the smell stuffed into our nose then to our tummy… and Jason said in Foo Chow, "Wah, smell damn nice". yeap its true..

i was so disappointed with the Popeye in MV.. Chun shoved the chicken tenders to his nose and smell nothing.. i did the same too when Chun do it.. echopraxia. i don't smell anything other than the smell of the chicken.. not even nice.. bah.. disappointed.. but the mashed potato and coleslaw was not bad..

and we had McD in Popeye too.. look at him.. 

he wanna take away my mcD

after the super filling late lunch.. we had to a second appointment.. meet up with Irene aunty for dinner and tea.. we had Dragon-i @ 1Utama.. just the "xiao loong pau" and "shui jiao" coz we're kinda full edi…


after the light dinner.. we went for a walk… and after the walk, we went to "Bull Run Corner" @ Menjalara for a drink…

Chun wanted to eat the oyster while i took a bite of the Fish and Chips with the wild mushroom soup~ my favourite.. Chin and aunty IRene didn't eat much.. they're on diet i guess…

all we did was eat and drink~

I'm really and totally satisfied with the last meal… i was on diet since people were "berpuasa-ing" fasting last 2 months.. and do i look slimmer?? i cant judge… sigh.. and now its time to treat myself for all my hardwork~

my last day @ KL… Sunday…

we had a normal breakfast @ home.. and Chun's parents insists on lunch with them.. so we went to some vegetarian restaurant for lunch.. and after the lunch.. we had to head to 1Utama for my last appointment… supposed to meet up with Irene aunty again but due to the lunch delay.. we didn't… 

so my final meeting with a good friend of mine… the Italiannies.

my eating session again.. but its the last session already..

i suddenly felt that the grained bread dipped into this olive oil and vinegar taste very nice~
i should bring my mammi there someday.. she loves bread..

we had minestrone soup and also pepperoni pizza.. while the another couple had seafood linguine and also some other pasta i cant remember…



the special someone and her bf, Bernard..


met up wit her… it's been awhile i met her… maybe early this year during CNY… our next session will be @ hometown during CNY again i guess…

that's all for now…

after all these eating sessions.. i haven't have a meal with only Chun to celebrate our 3rd anniversary… maybe next time when I'm back again although this time I'm back to KL for this purpose..

Chun sent me to the airport to catch a flight back to Spore that night… missing someone…

I'm off to bed now… miss me~