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week by week

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August 30th, 2009 >> baby's playground, life, yummy yummy~

my new pink straw wedges..


and our happy picture last Sunday in Bugis Starbucks… this Sunday.. we're home.. sien…tired and lazy wanna go out… its our stayed in house first time in… maybe since i was here last year.. haha.. going out on weekends are our usual activity.. but today.. we different.. we went to AMK for breakfast and now we're home.. hopefully we'll be out for dinner later..


but yesterday after work..

me and my cousin sis went to Marina Square for Kenny Rogers.. she seems to be craving for it.. but I'm missing Nando's..

nice and clean deco.. look at the bottles lamp

this was the lunch place when Chun first time to give me a surprise.. we had our lunch here..

me and my crooked eye.. not enough sleep.. huhu..
aunty and her bottled rootbeer

after the filling hi-tea… we went for a walk around that area.. and we dropped by the Wealth Fountain in Suntec City.. Singapore's landmark.. it will be lite up when night comes..

although I've worked in Millenia Walk for 8 months (my previous job).. its located next to Suntec City and yet i never talked about this in my blog before… maybe its too near already… 


their tradition or belief or whatsoever is, go to the well in the middle, touch the bars and walk 3 rounds..


me and my aunty… just the 2 of us..


while shopping around.. we bought this cute little Swarovski crystal angel..


i took over the dark pink color from my cousin and so she got the light pink ones.. =)

look at my panda eyes…

a shot just before we headed home for that night.. outside of Suntec City…



its just another weekend…

and its end of August.. Happy Birthday to Malaysia~ I'll be back on the 3rd week of Sept.. so happy~

sweetie with cheerie on top

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August 26th, 2009 >> baby's playground, memories~, mooie

looking back at my old picture…

recently there's something HOT going on my Facebook.. everybody's posting our old old pictures.. man.. i look terribly terrible.. let see some of them..

make a guess… which one is me??

these was taken in year 2002 if not mistaken.. during our school trip to KL and Genting.


guess guess guess???


my weekend..

last Saturday, i don't feel good because its not the weekend to go back KL.. sigh..

but we went to AMK Hub for a walk and to catch a movie.. and i bought this strawberry shortcake cutie cup cap for my miao mug because few weeks back in the office.. when i took my mug out for shower, the door was too heavy so it swung backwards and i accidentally pushed my arm to the door to hold it and PANG!!, my mug cover fall on the floor and got into pieces… sigh.

this cutie cup cap is a designer item.. see:  Actually i wanted to get the Strawberry on top compared to the Sweets cap, but when i saw this Strawberry Cake, i changed my mind on the spot.. i knew i must get it..

and yes, i can cover my hot drinks because it's made of fine grade silicone that has a wide range of temperature tolerance from -50°C to 230°C.


oh ya.. and i watched "The Proposal" for the second time.. still funny.. hahaha.. and yeap, as usual.. i get to see the un-cut scene.. nothing much.. doesn't change the story at all..



me and my cousin… we're wearing the almost same color for the day… our new tops.. my off shoulder eyelet and her tutu tiered tube..


picture of the day… the cheerios three..


its just another happy weekend… 

our Sunday you asked??

another shopping day in Bugis.. oh ya.. and i bought a straw wedges.. cute in pink.. i'll show you later~

time for trance… ciaoz…

happiness in a bottle

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August 23rd, 2009 >> ❤ beautilicious~, baby's playground, birthdays`~, eastern, fusion, malaysian, skincare, special occasions, western, yummy yummy~

after jiejie's convo last Saturday…

me and Chun went back home and took an nap coz we're super tired… and so after the nappie.. we headed our way to 1Utama to meetup with my girlfriends~ yay~

we gonna sing K in Neway~ yay~

actually.. not well planned.. we're supposed to go to Menjalara to eat Ketam Steamboat for dinner recommended by Clive.. then we'll go to sing K after dinner…. but in the end when Irene's bf called Neway to make a reservation, he was told that when we're checking for 10pm Ksession, we'll be charged for BuffetK no matter what.. even if we're not going to eat, we'll still be charged.. and so our steamboat plan "cooked soup""pau tang" in Mandarin.. means canceled..

I've been craving for steamboat since last 2 months when i was back in KL.. we're thinking to eat Yuan Steamboat but then… only me and Chun seems alittle weird.. and no-so-fun… oh man.. i was terribly disappointed… but whatsoever.. i had buffet while singing Karaoke..


look what we've got in our room.. that room was alittle small to fit 8 pax.. but they have a huge television and 4 wireless microphones.. cool and we're super happy about it..


we had this fruits and tidbits.. i think the 2 fruit plate cost RM25/plate, while the 4 snacks cost RM9/bowl. its expensive huhu…


time for buffet~

yesh we had buffet~


and i had my ice cream..~

I'm so chubby~
someone in my office said I'm so babyishly cute coz i have babyfat..

and my hunny~

we're the happy singers~

this is my first time singing K with Chun.. Chun never took me to Kbox before.. and this is our first..



Chun sang from the first song to the last.. even my cousin Rainie who's the singing freak among us wanna bow to Chun.. what da heck song which picked by all of us, he knows how to sing.. i wonder why he never took me to K…

so happy~

our happy gathering.. we met up with both Irene-s who's moved back to KL last month…

pretty Irene, Rainie aunty, Li Ching aunty, Irene aunty, me and Chun.. 

and also.. we actually, eventually celebrated Chin, Irene aunty's bf' early birthday… Happy Birthday to Jordan Chin uncle.. his birthday on 21st August..

Chin is the banana in yellow..

our next morning…

we had dim sum breakfast at our uncle's shop in Taman Megah… see.. they already ordered so many foods before we reached… ate till bloated..


my aunty Rainie was very free take pics of us, so i must post..

after the kinda-heavy breakfast.. we drove to The Curve and walked around… Chun got so excited when he saw this huge dummy F&N can.. i wonder why…


and for our lunch, we loitered around thinking what we should eat.. and so, Rainie decided to dine in The Apartment. actually it was my first time there too…

the apartment the menu

they have nice interior deco.. somekind special i must say… and weird too..

we sat somewhere near the kitchen and the bathroom.. look..

in the bathroom..

the camwhores..

our refreshers


me and the boy

and our foods.. we ordered those recommended by Chin only because we're not that picky.. i think we had the roasted duck, duck and mango salad, and the big fish.. izzit the big fish?? or baked fish?? i forgot..


finally.. our last sisterhood pics before we left for Spore..

the sisters~
dai ka che, yee ka che, sai ka che and me~
and we are, dai ka che's L, M and S size.. or the M size might be S size because of her size..

oh ya.. coming week was my cousin Rainie's birthday (the M size), so we celebrated her bday on that day.. look at the cute face.. still haven't grow up… although she is 25 edi… isk isk isk..

Happy Birthday!!

and just last kiss before the coach took off…. missing the L size..


its been a long time since my last haul.. its because.. i did not shop much i guess.. i wanna start saving for my LV trunk luggage`~ yay~

and recently here's what i got from Elemente, the Oxginberry Pearl Essence Moisturizer.. highly raved.. functions are as good as Miyome.. I've switch from Miyome to Elemente Pearl Essence Moisturizer because its abit cheaper~ *cheers*


that's all for now.. 

the happiness~