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hanging out on weekends…

Posted by: emily

July 29th, 2009 >> baby's playground, mooie, yummy yummy~

omigosh~ this is s00oo cute..


we went to wear the 3D spec just like the poster above.. coz went to watch 3D Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs in AMK Hub last Saturday.. 

we planned to go JB earlier but Li Ching was very tired so she went home after work.. so me and Rainie went to AMK for lunch… catched a movie too…  surprised that Cathay in AMK Hub have 3D too..


this is my first 3D experience although my first was in Times Square which sucks.. the one in TS doesn't feel like 3D at all.. i love the 3D effect in this cinema with the spec.. very very cute~ i dunno how to describe the experience, its so real and cute.. but the spec makes me headache… i'm not suitable to wear spec… sigh..

and we look so nerdy in the spec.. lol.. how so un-cool..

old skool nerdie in cinema

this movie was super cute.. loves the cute little Peaches so much.. so babyishly cute… i'm so gonna get the plushie soon if they're out..




just another week without aunty Irene.. yeah, we're still living without her..

went to Changi airport with uncle Lyi Hoe last 2 weekends..

uncle Lyi Hoe paiseh take pic, hid behind my drink..
just sisters… 
in church last Sunday, someone said me and Li Ching lookalike.. i wonder why we all lookalike..
me and my Almond-Caramel-i-dunno-wat-drink in TCC which is more expensive than
Starbucks.. lol..


weekend coming soon.. so happy… counting down to 8/8 backie to KL..

confession of a bagaholic

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July 26th, 2009 >> baby's playground


wonder why I'm so broke this month??

i secretly save my money and bought myself something.. that's the reason why I'm so broken…and yeah, i got this at bargain because it's a very old model.. the receipt stated was 2 years ago… i don't think so it's still available in the market so i bought it.. its a second hand item but brand new.. can see from the canvas, still whitey clean.. the best feature about this sling bag which made me bought it was the pink raspberry leather trimming… so in love with pink…


look at the butterfly charm… even the plate is still glossy…

pink charms

that's why…

suffering till the end of this month…


clothes and accessories for Babe

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July 24th, 2009 >> gadgets


its time for me to update blog again.. hehe.. i'm so kinda lazy to update sometimes.. sigh…

here's what i did when i was free last 2 weeks… i pinkified my Babe… Chun bought Babe an outfit when he brought Babe home early last month from Mid Valley…

the cover

it comes with a wrist pad too.. fits perfectly on Babe..

matching wristpad

and also.. i bought an air-cond for Babe too.. she will be pampered~


i bought this ThermaPAK, heat shift pad for Babe.. in pink to match her outfit.. it costs me SGD$49, while its RM124 in M'sia.. the best feature about this pad is, its wireless.. no need usb, its a stand alone cooling pad works to channel the heat away from laptop and keep our laptop cool.. the crystal in the pad will release cooling sensation when in touch and then slowly soften to provide cool air… i read the reviews saying its best used not more than 3 hours.. but i guess its better to be used in cool area such as in air-conditioned room..


feel free to read the reviews here:

Mac World
Expo Notes: Thermapak keeps its cool | Laptop | MacUser | Macworld

New York Times
Cool-Down Lap – Gadgetwise Blog –

to buy: get it [here]

I've used it for 4 days now.. and my pad crystal doesn't really freeze back after use.. only the side freeze back… the seller claim that it's because the weather in Spore is hot… luckily i still have 1 on 1 change, if the crystal still doesn't freeze back in 2 weeks time..

but then.. the only problem is the seller only have 1 piece pink pad left, which is this one.. if i were to exchange, i will get the black ones… so pray hard i wont need to change it…