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end of the month issue…

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June 30th, 2009 >> baby's playground, yummy yummy~

last Saturday morning…

we woke up early in the morning because we wanna eat breakfast in Hougang Central, Rainie's bro working there so we can have free breakfast.. we're so poor.. its end of the month again…

food court where my cousin bro work..
yummy free breakfast..

free foods… the dimsum and chee cheong fan was delicious~

i went to work after the free breakfast.. LOL.. i told my cousin bro, that we'll come again when we're hungry.. hehe.. just kidding..

after work, we went to Bugis and met up with Irene for her farewell lunch because she's gonna go back to Malaysia with her husband.. after 5 years of working in Singapore, finally she's going back..

me and Irene..
me, Rainie and Irene – sweet memories..

after Irene left, Lyi Hoe and Jian Tong came and joined us later… and they planned to eat durians in Geylang… sighh… my biggest fear.. coz to me, they smells like shit.. yuck.. no offend to durian lovers…

begging him not to go… sobbb..
"daddy daddy… please don't go to Geylang.." he ignored me..

in the end.. i did not follow them to Geylang.. i went to Woodlands instead because i've already planned to meet up with Ah Gang but just an hour or so later… so i walked around the shopping center nearby waited for Ah Gang to knock off… meanwhile.. i bought this cute mug.. pink color~


and today, i took this cutie miao mug to work.. early in the morning when my supervisor saw this mug… she said, "OMG, i wanna kill myself!!". me and my senior was like, LOL!!! coz i know… everything on my desk is pink!!



something memorable… on Sunday, we went to church early in the morning.. we felt funny when uncle Lyi Hoe wore this striking orange polo tee..

button up neck polo tee in orange-red color…
model: Lyi Hoe


and after church… we went to Changi Airport for kaikai coz there's the only place where we don't really spend money.. window shopping outside the departure hall… 

uncle did an experiment on the public phone in Changi, because he claimed that they can talk for quite with only 10cent..


he's calling his ghey partner… right over here on the left… I'm standing in between them to take this picture..


so lame…

but that's what we are.. nbtd (nothing better to do)…

in the end, we found out that for 10cent, we can call to local mobile number and talk for 3 minutes..

Ferrari? Tsubaki~

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June 27th, 2009 >> ❤ beautilicious~, coiffure

Chun bought me something when i was back in KL last week…

tah daaa~

more than enough..

2 bottles of my wish list item.. that's the Tsubaki Shining (Red) Shampoo & Conditioners 550ml.

he only got me 1 set (2 bottles)… while i already bought myself the shampoo & conditioners in Spore early last week/last 2 weeks.. sigh… so now i have 2 sets of the Red Shining Tsubaki shampoo & conditioners. >.>

thanks to my hunny coz i know he cares about everything i want.. loves~


and i also bought the Tsubaki White Damage Care Shampoo & Conditioners 550ml set because they're so cheap here…


tah daa… that's what i got myself last week..


i bought the shampoo & conditioner set on different days because after my lunch with my colleague.. i dropped by the supermarket and get the set (2 bottles) so that i don't have to carry 4 bottles all together at the same time..

when i bought the Tsubaki White Damage Care Shampoo & Conditioner, i just picked the different color bottle as i saw in the internet.. they differentiate the shampoo and conditioners by the color of the bottle.. one is pure solid white, while another is glittery metallic off white..

so when i took it back to the office, my colleague asked me, "why you bought 2 bottles of the white one?".. i told him one is conditioner and one is shampoo.. and he asked me, which one is the shampoo and which one is conditioner.. so i told him I'm not sure because they did not write on it.. i need to search for the website and identify it later by color..

he took both of the shampoo and conditioners, and suddenly he said "this is the shampoo and this is the conditioner". i was like.. "how come you so clever one?" so he told me because he know how to read square characters while i only know how to read triangle characters. square characters are Chinese words, square characters are the alphabets. 

za dou… i don't know how to read Chinese.. that's why i don't know.. and Chinese is so hard..

they stick the stickers on the Shiseido logo..


actually they're supposed to stick the stickers like this…


not covering the brand..

wee!~ shampoo and conditioners for meals..

i got these shampoo for really cheap price.. SGD$11.50 each bottle for Tsubaki Red, while SGD$12.50 each bottle for Tsubaki White. while Chun got the Tsubaki Red for RM80.00 for 1 set (2 bottles) so expensive…

sorry sweeties, i couldn't help you to buy because they're very heavy… if you'll come to Spore, i'll take you guys there to buy them oki?

24-hours in KL, 2 times in 1 month

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June 24th, 2009 >> ❤ beautilicious~, baby's playground, cosmetics, gadgets, skincare, special occasions, western, yummy yummy~

i was so tired on Monday… reached home at 3am in the morning…

my very long post.. 24 hours event..

there goes my another 1 day KL trip again last weekend.. 

after work that Saturday.. i rushed back home and packed my stuffs, went to Bugis with my cousin and had a quickie lunch with them.. rushed to Golden Mile because this time i took a bus at 3pm.. tiring though, because i reached KL at around 8.30pm.. 5.5 hours drive in the shaky bus.. can't sleep..

ok so when i reached, i called my aunty Irene coz wanna meet her to pickup some stuffs.. we went yumcha in Krispy Kreme in Mid Valley.. they have this nice Swirl Hot Chocolate.. yum~ it taste very nice and chocolatey..

hot chocolate swirl

back home after that.. and I'm so excited to see my awaited brand new PINK lappie~ HAPPY!!~

i asked Chun to order it in Mid Valley because i don't have a credit card to order it online.. mammi forbid me to use her credit card because of the huge amount, so i asked daddy to give me cash to buy it.. thanks to my hubby coz he helped me a lot while i get another this new hubby.. hehe!~ i know it's pink, i shouldn't call it my hubby.. so let's call it… Babe.. Babe my new pink laptop..

Chun picked Babe out from Mid Valley Dell retail shop last Tuesday and brought it home.. fresh from the box…

few months back, i was deciding whether which model should i get because i really wanted a pink laptop more than anything.. i searched high and low for a pink laptop with minimum 15 inch screen (bigger is always better).. i tried Sony Vaio and Toshiba Protege because both of them have candy pink laptop.. but they don't have any models with 15 inch for pink.. so my last choice was Dell.. firstly they have 15 inch for pink and secondly they're cheaper compare to others.. best deal i guess..

other than that, i was torn between Dell Studio and Dell XPS.. lastly i got XPS because they have in pink, and Studio pink need to add $$.. Studio's design is not that nice because their play, stop, eject, fast forward and rewind button looks like the keyboard while XPS is touch censor.. i know that's not important.. but that's just my preference..

no i did not abandon my Eeepc (mini laptop) coz my cousin is using it now.. but i need to bring it back for my jiejie soon.. she need it because she's also in the process of buying laptop soon.. so we will sell the mini laptop for the fund to get a laptop for jiejie…

packed in this box..
Chun said they dun even have a plastic bag for it.. just the box alone..

the spec:
Flamingo Pink LCD display with Integrated 2.0 mega pixel web cam
Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processor T6400 (2GHz/ 800 FSB/ 2MB Cache)
Genuine Windows Vista(R) Home Premium SP1 32 bit Edition (English)
15.4" Widescreen WXGA (1280×800) TFT Display with TrueLife(TM)
2GB (1 X 2GB) DDR2 SDRAM (i got Chun's bro to add another 2G RAM for me, so i have 4G)
250GB SATA Hard Drive (i'm planning to replace this with 500GB hard drive, and use this 250HD as external HD – very recommended by Khai Y'ng's bro, Bloom)
Internal 8X DVD+/-RW Combination Drive with dual layer write capabilities
256MB NVIDIA(R) GeForce(R) 8600M GT
Integrated Sound Blaster Audigy ADVANCED HD Audio Software (the only thing i upgraded from Dell)
6-cell Lithium Ion Primary Battery
Intel(R) 4965AGN Wireless-N Mini-Card
Dell(TM) Wireless 355 Bluetooth Module
No Case
No Keyboard and Mice
90W AC Adapter
Dell(TM) Keyboard with Touchpad (English)
Integrated 10/100 Fast Ethernet
Palmrest with Fingerprint Reader
Dell(TM) Travel Remote Control

the lousiest thing about this offer was they don't offer/give any laptop case/bag.. and you actually need to purchase it.. and i didn't because i wanted a pink case.. but Chun was really nice, he gave me his Toshiba soft cover.. loves~

woo.. my Babe..

but they came with these small stuffs such as remote control, earpiece and also a external USB modem..


something unexpected… Chun bought me something.. i really appreciate all the stuffs he'd done for me.. he got me this laptop skin in pink and also the keyboard silicone cover.. thanks dear…


me camwhore with Babe!~ loves~ my first very own PINK laptop~

love Babe

i met up with aunty Irene and got myself this.. Elemente Protective Moisturizer.. recommended by her.. priced at RM225.00 so expensive.. this is the most expensive skincare i got myself, my whole life.. and also a Cellnique Pro Sebum Gel as recommended by XiaXue.. sounds like very good to remove black and white head.. got myself a travel size to try first..


black heads.. just like this cute little thing i found in my bf's car.. his tissue case.. got 2 black black thing on it.. hehe… cute wei… i think it's a character in Spirited Away.. and it looks like some bacteria or dirt.. hehe… or his black head on his nose.. hahaha..


my next day's hunt.. 

my voucher which i mentioned.. received it on Monday… blardy postman.. pos express sent on Thursday, got it on Monday… "sampai esok" la kononnya.. isk… moreover its only Ampang to Mont Kiara only…

RM300 vouchers to pamper myself

purposely went to Subang Parade Parkson with these voucher and got myself…

tah daa…

(i don't like the lighting in my new room.. not nice)

re-stocked my Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream, and Chanel Blanc Essentiel Light Reflecting Whitening Powder Foundation with SPF 25.. recommended by Elisa a.k.a Devon, and i was hoping to get it for quite some time edi.. so since i got vouchers, i got myself this powder.. i was tempted to buy when i was in Changi airport, because its selling at SGD$71.50, no gst.. equals to RM173.00 ($71.50 x 2.42). RM17.00 cheaper..

priced at RM190.. abit too expensive for a powder..

i got myself color #30 Beige Cendre because i actually went to 1 Utama Chanel retail shop to try out the color.. the SA recommended me this color.. hmm.. not that white i guess.. coz i'm not very fair either.. but the all colors are very light.. will write more about the powder after i try it out soon…


after the beautilicious hauls.. we drove to The Curve for my lunch + dinner..

i was in the house for the whole noon, playing with Babe because Chun had a wedding lunch to attend.. i was also invited but then, i didn't expect myself to be back this week so Chun only rsvp for 1 person.. and so Chun went to the banquet alone.. i was abandoned at home alone.. no lunch.. i only had my breakfast with Chun that morning… he came back around 4 something… i was famished..

i really need something yummy before i go back Spore.. so Chun suggested Gumpy.. the restaurant which themed after the movie, Forest Gump by Tom Hanks years back..

the very famous movie poster, Forest with his briefcase on the bench..


if you don't know, the tradition of this restaurant is when you flip this sign to "Stop Forest Stop", you're asking for attention from the waiters (to get water, bills, foods or etc) and "Run Forest Run" if you don't need any attention..

 the stop forest stop – please, i need some attention waiters
run forest run – I'm enjoying myself

they have very nice theme.. the movie theme.. very American homey feel..

Chun posing with the "ping pong" (table tennis) bat
their table tennis menu, and you can even buy home the Bubba Gump glass
the staircase very woody classic..
the hand wash area, basin old steel pail and smaller pail on the left with tissue/serviette in it

we were at the lower floor table.. but Chun asked for a change to the upper deck.. because he said it was heaty.. and so we went upstairs after that…

the boyfriend posing with the chili sauce..

the menu..

alot of shrimp.. not my thing (I'm allergy to prawns), but i ordered Captain Fish and Chip, as recommended by MArk.

Captain's Fish and Chip
served on their Gump newspaper
Chun's Cajun Shrimp
2 pieces of toasts and shrimpssss

and also this Blueberry Smoothie.. heaven.. delicious.. Chun's Mango Sparkler, not bad too..


we're whores~


one thing i found funny about this restaurant was… they provide Lingham's chili sauce… i thought they're supposed to use maybe American made chili… like Heinz.. or whatever… so Malaysian feel suddenly.. haha..

made in Malaysia

my cute hubby with the cute Transformers.. we're so excited about the 2nd episode… coming soon…

same pose.. transformers look alike..
somemore pink handbag.. lol.. its my laptop bag actually..

after the walk in The Curve & Cineleisure, we headed to Times Square… time to go back… waited for the bus in front of Times Square.. 10pm bus.. any other tickets before that time sold out, even we bought ours last week..


bye bye to KL..

I'll only be back in another 1-2 months time…



i asked meimei to get daddy a Fathers' Day cake and also his birthday cake because his birthday is coming soon too.. and i wasn't able to go back because of the time limit… sigh.. Happy Father's Day!~


here's Babe in my room~


just so pink…