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a day to Diamond Bay

Posted by: emily

April 30th, 2009 >> baby's birthday~, eastern, excursion, sitiawan, yummy yummy~

when Albert, my twin asked me whether where i wanna go or somewhere i had never been before.. I'm so happy because i know there's someone lonelier than me.. he had to because his aunt's family went out station and he had to eat and sleep alone in that big house.. so he asked me whether i wanna go to Cameron Highlands, but i don't want to because i used to stay in my aunt's house in Kuala Terla for months taking care of her kids.. boring..

so when we talked, he mentioned that he'll be going back his home in Teluk Intan during our birthday, i remembered i haven't go to Teluk Intan before.. moreover, i wanted to eat the Bidor duck drumstick noodles..

its ON!~ our trip to Teluk Intan on Saturday morning..

when he reached my house, i opened his car door and saw this:


in my mind… i was thinking.. he's gonna meet his gf later with this toy.. so i said, "Eh, got stuffs here.. I put your stuffs behind ok?". he said, "ITS FOR YOU LAH, BIRTHDAY PRESENT". I'm so embarrassed because i didn't get him anything…


*swoon* this cutie baby cow plushie~

we headed to a petrol station and then started our journey to Bidor first.. eh! i drove to Teluk Intan ok!~ he so nice to let me drive his car although my driving skill is as new as a newbie's.. Albert took over when we reached Teluk Intan, and to Bidor we go~

here's the shop which Chun would always love to stop by and have the duck drumstick noodles~ Pun Chun Restaurant


oh yum~ we ordered… the popular item in this shop is their duck drumstick noodles dry & soup style, and also "wu kok" (yam balls with meat).

here's the "wu kok" area.. and far behind is the noodles cooking area..



wu kok and siew pau
duck drumstick noodles – dry
the herbal soup with duck drumstick~
duck drumstick noodles in soup

love the drumstick noodles.. especially the dry ones.. the duck meat is so tender and also juicy~ tasty.. just right.. hit my heart~

after the heavy brunch…

i went to next few shop, Tai Chong Biscuit shop to get some confectionery for my families.. saw this cute dunno what cake/biscuit.. its Cow shaped, so we got one each of us. 


headed back to Teluk Intan town..

Albert took me to Sin Joo Heng Confectionery for "Heong Peah" (some kind of pastry with sweet fillings inside). hot day.. i asked for ice kacang… there's ice kacang!~ so we stopped by roadside near Convent school… and had this yummy ice kacang.. 

Diamond ice kacang~ very nice color..

the famous Leaning Pagoda in Teluk Intan, so called Diamond Bay…

the front

we walked around the town and the supermarket… boy its hot… popped by his house before we headed back home.. okey.. Teluk Intan is pretty small… smaller than Sitiawan a little i guess…. i'm tired…

my haul~ only foods.. for Chun's family, my Sanku's family and my house…

heong peah and tau sa peah from Teluk Intan
chicken biscuit from Bidor

i gave meimei the another Cow cake i got in Bidor.. hehe…

cute rite?

i had a nice Teluk Intan outing…

a big thanks to my twin… for that big cute plushie and also the company..


my everyday life in Sitiawan is fun and relaxing..

here's what i do everyday…

meimei's studying.. so i'll put on my mask and hit her lappie playing Farm Mania
take a short walk to KFC, online…

last dinner in Sitiawan…

daddy took us out for dinner in 578…

my daddy and aunty~
my fave, satay and sambal petai~

ah yum~

my Sitiawan…

loving it~~

trio Birthday~

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April 28th, 2009 >> baby's birthday~, birthdays`~, sitiawan, yummy yummy~

my 2nd day in Sitiawan, my twin bro Albert insisted we celebrate our Birthday earlier since i won’t be available in Sitiawan on our exact birth date..

why is he my twin?? is he my real twin??
the answer:
he’s a friend of mine which i know him when i was working part time in supermarket years back.. i can’t remember which year already, because its quite long ago.. he and i don’t share the same mother and father. its just because we share the same birth date, (day, month and year) and the same hospital too (Ipoh General Hospital)~ so he’s my fake twin..

i brought my meimei along because i’m supposed to celebrate her birthday and mine together since ours are like only 1 week difference..


meimei suggested steamboat in Simpang Dua, but its heaty and alot of china dolls around that area.. so we went to Secret Recipe~ for the cakes~

i asked the waitress there for candles, and who knows they switched on their Happy Birthday song for us and gave us our cakes with candles lighted.. but I’m happy~

let’s say mellifluous..

he had a Black Forest cake
Classic Cheese
what is that cheese called? American Cheese? cant remember edi…

our TRIO Birthday pic~


this year’s special celebration.. because, i celebrated with my meimei and my bro at the same time.. see.. although he’s not from our family, he looks like my meimei rite?.. hehe~


i’m home the whole day…

sien.. interview yesterday was good, except for I’m thinking twice about the post which i applied for… account servicing… its for superwoman…

hard for me i can imagine.. i dun wanna lose Chun, i dun wanna lose my family.. time consuming and i don’t have a car…

beauty elixir~

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April 26th, 2009 >> sitiawan, sitiawan food, yummy yummy~

1st day at home (Sitiawan)…

i found these things.. wondering what izzit…

wild guess please..

raw bird nest~

they're not Sitiawan or Sarawak's bird nest.. daddy just got them from Indonesia when he went there after CNY.. and aunty claimed that Indonesia bird nest have better quality as when you boiled it for 4-5 hours, it won't melt.. we can still taste the stringy feel..

here's the sorted out bird nest.. 

1 box is 1 tahil = approx 38g
or 3 tahil = approx 100g

here's a close up shot. see those dirty birdy feather?? yucky rite?

dirty, but it's worth RM300 each box you know..

hahaha.. yucky and disgusting.. try to imagine the dirt if they didn't clean it up properly.. horrible, but its nice to eat and superb for beauty supplement.. the anti-aging beauty elixir~

okok.. let me teach you how you clean it..

yeah, i had to clean it myself if i wanna eat them but my aunty's help.. =) 3 pcs is enough for 5 people/5 cups.

firstly, soak them in the water..

pour drinking water in the bowl together with the bird nest

wait till its soaked.. it will become soft..


then drip them under little running water(drinking water like eg: diamond water tap).. place a tray under it, in case the bird nest fall off the bowl.. below the yellow tray is the sink edi.. so when the bird nest expend, the birds dirty feather will also slowly come off the nest.. but not all.. try to stir the bird nest with chopstick to get rid off the bird feathers..


here's when the bird nest is ready to be handpicked..


okay, that's me in action.. i sat there the whole afternoon picking the dirts out of the bird nest.. place the bird nest in clean bowl of water, then see thoroughly look for black black and dirty stuffs.. finally got me tired, neck ache and back ache.. 

but thanks to my aunty, i went out to play with my computer game after while.. she did everything for me~


tah daa~ done 1 strand.. hehehe.. 


if they're selling off the bird nest, they will clean it and place in a tupperware and put them in the freezer.. just like this…


here's me posing~ coz we're gonna have the bird nest soon~


yummy yummy~

here's the cup of elixir.. double boiled with ginseng and honey rock sugar~

soli lah, no nice cup!

1 cup isn't enough for me.. i want more… *sobx*

i wish everytime i'm back in Sitiawan, my daddy is nice and kind enough to prepare me these…


i'll be going back KL tonite coz i have interview tomorrow..

wish me luck~