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new friends~

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March 30th, 2009 >> work!, yummy yummy~

here's when a nice colleague left…

this is Leena.. 

Charmaine & Leena 

she quit after working for 1 month plus in my new company.. she's an ID from India.. very nice and friendly girl.. next to her, Charmaine.. a trainee/part timer in the company. i hang out often with her.

we went out to Swenson's in Parkway Parade for a nice lunch treat for her before she left… 

i ate the Fish & Chip~
here's Jin Ru from China 

and finally me…  


Leena left last Wednesday. and on Friday, Patrick suggested that we go to Crazy Elephant in Clarke Quey before Leena fly off on Saturday..


more pics with Leena.. 

nota house

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March 24th, 2009 >> work!

my new job…

yeah i'm still in Spore.. got a better job offer.. alot better than previous one.. even the office is wayy better.. although its located alittle too far from my place… and at least its 5 working days, yay~

but then.. the job was "Web & Graphic Design".. i don't know why the boss wanna hire me while i only alittle about webby design.. sigh, i had alot of stress due to i dunno how to do the webby problem.. and i dun have any senior who can guide me.. kinda hard mentally though.. 

here's the Nota Design office, 1st floor.. for the architect (arqi) and interior design (ID). 2nd floor, its for the bosses.. 

when i was there for interview, my first thought was their stairs was scary.. its worse than my waipo (grandma)'s house. it'll come out with those squeaky woody sound when you step on it.. and worse when i wear heels.. faint* 


here's the office ground floor.. the place where i sit.. right at the end.. its for Artoholic. artoholic runs the fine art and also the modern art design thingy.. they're the distributors for the paintings and also the imported designer stuffs.  

front – back
back – front

i'm under Nota Design and Artoholic because i'm supposed to run both of their webbies. this is what I'm currently doing, designing and revamping their webby to e-commerce webby alone.. the Mimobots~ its designer toys in thumb drive. exclusive and limited item. and also the REAC miniature designer chairs.  


and my seat.. my pc.. its a brand new wireless pc.. so "kua zhang" (over).. i was so stressed coz I'm so scared.. i really tot of quitting on the 1st day there, I'm really scared i cannot do it.. coz when they asked me to do the e-trading thingy, i really cant understand and don't have any idea about it.. sigh..


but.. till now i managed to survive coz I'm trying my best to do the webby.. really headache and scary… almost cried everyday thinking about the scary outcome.. horror.. i dunno I'll survive till when.. but I'll do my best till i quit..


wish me luck~ 

p/s: colleagues are nice and friendly.. those arqi and id come from all over the world.. they're from thai, ireland, philippines, china, india, indonesia, and malaysia of course.. 

precious moments in KL..

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March 22nd, 2009 >> baby's playground, yummy yummy~

oh my fave~

Sunday was my last day in KL edi.. gotta eat all my fave foods before i go to Spore again.. we went to Bestari to eat Rawa Thosei~ my fave, they don't have any rawa thosei in Spore. so sad.. 

my fave~
hunny busy eating my roti sardin…

after the filling brunch, we went to Sunway Piramid because… its my time to go.. yeah.. i'm gonna meet my friend Ah Fwu (my supplier from the previous company), he's gonna fetch me and Aunty Irene back to Spore around in the evening.. so to be precise, we're early in Sunway Piramid is to shop shop before i go back to Spore..

we… ate again.. yeah.. had my fave potato salad before I'm leaving.. Sakae Sushi have my fave potato salad~ yum~ in Spore there are Sakae Sushi, its just quite expensive so we don't have it often.. rather pick something more worth it.. 

fave hobby~
potato salad and kakiage~ yuummmy~
potato inari
the mashed potato wasn't mashed properly, i like the one in The Curve..
that's what Chun like..
salmon and octopus.. and some other weird raw stuffs..
i totally don't hit it..


after lunch, we went to tickle our feet~ i forgotten what's the name of this fish spa.. but the environment was not bad.. 

la la la~ 

the first fish we gave our smelly feet to.. these fishes are from Japan and they're quite big.. they bite our feet quite ganas-ly..  


these are the 2nd type.. they're from Turkey and its darker in color… and when it bites, we felt that they're vibrating.. its tickling~  

looks scary… like infection like that..
fish lookalike 

more pose…  


and finally… when its around 6.00pm, Ah Fwu called.. he's nearby Sunway edi.. and called Aunty Irene so we meet up and ride on Ah Fwu's car…

left only memories…

i'm missing them already…



this is my first week of 5 working days.. Saturday yesterday no work.. happy~