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February 25th, 2009 >> baby's playground, gadgets, mooie, yummy yummy~

its been 3 weeks in a row I've spent my Saturday in City Square, JB..

in JB again last Sat… we purposely went in coz we wanted to watch "Look for a Star". yeahh! this time we finally got the ticket right because uncle Lyi Hoe did not come along with us.. =) he got bored with City Square, so he went Tebrau City to watch "Kungfu Chef".

my chubby face.. i gained weight since CNY..

my stomach was growling all the way to JB.. i only had my breakfast that day… so after collected our movie ticket, we ate Kenny Rogers for lunch.. 2 weeks in a row we had Old Town.. so this time gonna change.. i was so hungry, i almost finish everything including the bones.. hehe.. jkjk.. 

Kenny Chicken~

but in the middle of shopping and kaikai-ing, an unfortunate event occurred.. Lee Ching's money got stuck in the Maybank deposit machine.. she wanted to bank-in to her own account.. but who knows the machine suddenly shows "out of service" when she put in her cash.. sigh.. we tried to call the customer service but not in service anymore. so ridiculous… not working on Saturday?? sigh… what on earth is this service? in the end we took some pics and Lee Ching will report in to Maybank on Monday..

but… whatever it is.. it happened.. so we still went for the movie and forgot about the unfortunate event.. 

the movie started at 5.50pm.. it was nice and meaningful.. not to forget its alittle humorous too.. not bad~ but still contain alittle of ridiculous and lame scene.. overall.. the movie is not bad… suitable for couples.. i wish i can watch it with Chun.. and also my fave quote "when you treat people nice, people will do the same to you".. totally true but it doesn't apply to bad people like my boss, they take advantage on you..


we ate alot for dinner after the movie… i was craving for mcD french fries, so i went and bought it when they're busy kaikai-ing.. 

peek-a-boo! i see you~ 

then, we went to the lower ground floor and look for something to eat. they found Laksa Shack.. although this franchise outlet are available in KL, but i never tried before..

hey, but i tell you.. the Laksa Johor is nice!~ 

2 assam laksa behind, johor laksa front 

we had the XXL Chicken too~   


everything we ate in JB was really cheap when we're thinking of converting the $$ to SGD.. thats why we ate like nobody's business.. and that explains how i got cuter.. 


not forgetting my cutie pink mini keyboard.. 


i'm not a big fan of Hello Kitty but i bought it because of pink sake.. got this keyboard because i lost my "P".. my mini lappie got spoiled i think.. the keyboard refuse to come out with "P". and last week, i even went to Mr. Playground Otaku House to buy this pink soft keyboard to replace my keyboard… 


but then… the soft keyboard.. is so hard.. its soft and yet hard.. which means that it's too soft, so it's hard to press.. i dunno how to explain, just that when we wanna type something, we need to double check because sometimes the character we typed doesn't appear because we did not press firmly or properly..

a perfect match.. it fits almost perfectly on the lappie~ except for alittle bigger..  


totally cute match include the pink mouse hubby bought me.. sigh.. reminds me of why my lappie is black color.. its because jiejie kepo choose the color for me.. i really wanted it to pink lappie.. but she doesn't like pink so she told daddy to get me black ones, so that she can use after i'm not using it anymore.. sigh.. 



last Sunday.. 

after church, we went to Changi Airport~ 

just to eat Thosei~   


and also hang around.. chit-chit chat-chat… 

teatime in TCC with Devilmisu~  

Lee Ching & cousis 


i'll be backie KL on 12th March~ so happyy~ 

singles on Valentine’s Day

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February 19th, 2009 >> ❤ beautilicious~, baby's playground, malaysian, mooie, nails, skincare, special occasions, yummy yummy~


my Valentine's Day… i celebrated with single friends… all the singles.. we went to JB again after work.. met up with Lyi Hoe in Bugis to hitch in a bus, but ended up he made us sit in the bus to Woodlands Custom for 1.5 hours, when normally it takes around 15 to 30 mins if we took the correct bus.. while Rainie and Irene waited for us in the custom for that long.. pengz.. its all Lyi Hoe's fault…

hungry… we reached City Square.. Lyi Hoe was given a task which was to buy our movie ticket while we queue in Old Town to get seats..

my yummy yummy foods~ i miss M'sian foods~   


i ordered this twin shake drink… and it comes like this.. so short.. and aunty Irene said because it looks like me and her white coffee drink look like her because she is tall… <.< 


i spent my Valetine's Day in JB doing manicure for my roomie.. 


nolaa… just kidding… i bought this nail polish from Etude House in City Square.. so, just to kill our time in Starbucks, we started to find stuffs to do… cute rite the bottle~

vintage elegant gold.. 

and~ we had cakes from Secret Recipe too~ yum~ 

me on my "single" Valentine's Day
cousis (cousin sis) and roomie 

our purpose there was actually to watch a movie.. we did not book any tickets and we reached late, so we had to buy the 8.20pm show.. we were supposed to watch "Look for A Star" by Andy Lau and Shu Qi.. but ended up dunno why our ticket became "New in Town"… Again Lyi Hoe's fault.. he said there were no more seats, when there's 3 rows of seats, so he bought the other movie… 


we went in and watched 30mins of the movie and came out… coz it was super duper boring… my cousin almost dozed off in the cinema.. kelian.. the only thing i got attracted to watch this movie was this movie poster, the LV trunk she's sitting on…

went back… and yumcha with Lee Ching in Bukit Batok.. coz we wanna brainwash her to accept Jian Tong.. hehe.. kepo.. 



and finally last week…

got my Miyome night cream edi… i got this for SGD$50 each.. which equals to RM120, while i normally get it for RM110 inclusive of shipping.. $50 not inclusive of shipping if I'm gonna buy 1, so i get 2 just to save the stupid shipping which costs SGD3.00. so expensive! 


i really had to get it coz i dun have any left even before CNY edi.. and my face tiny bumps are still visible and bumpy and sometimes itchy too even though its been weeksSs after the face threading… who knows my M'sia bank left nothing when i wanna order it last month and hope to get it when i'm back to KL for CNY… sigh… so ended up had to buy from a Spore agent.. *sobz  

during CNY, my bumpy skin…

well.. IMO, it works perfectly good for me.. and i really like how it smoothen my skin~ nice~ been using i for 1 week edi, and my tiny bumps are almost gone~ *happy* 

today.. my smoother skin~
ignore my oily nose, it was after work when i took this pic..

I'm not promoting Miyome, but this really works for me…


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February 17th, 2009 >> baby's playground, mooie, yummy yummy~

oh ya..

talking about Valentine's, last Wednesday… few days before Valentine… we went outing for a pre-Valentine dinner in The Central, Clarke Quey..

we had Pasta de Waraku~ 


i guess you all are bored of my face edi rite, so here's my cousin's.. we were me, cousis, roomie, Lyi Hoe, Jian Tong and Lee Ching.. 

peek a boo.. haha.. 

here's our foods… 

sushi and maggi mee~
my salad~ very nice~ 

we have somemore other stuffs.. but i did not want to show all… coz this is not ministry of foods… finally our desserts.. in the menu, it actually looks pretty big.. but when finally it came… its too expensive to be priced at $5++.. 



and our purpose of that dinner…

is… to give this guy a special own made love poem.. Happy Valentine's Day~ 



just kidding.. the main headliner is…

not me of course.. 

Jian Tong uncle 

we… bought a rose, a box of chocolate, Valentine card and deliver it to the girl of his dream's office.. we're being such busybody to help him to court that girl because he's such a slomo.. hehe.. 


the girl of his dream?? right beside him now.. hehe.. although he haven't get her in hand yet.. hehe..  

sigh… he is so shy shy neh… 

but his roomie.. the total opposite.. loud and crazy.. 

this monkey..
act cute…

and last monday, we went to watch "Bride Wars" in AMK Hub…  


i kinda love this movie… especially the wedding dresses are very nice~ the ending was really touching… nice to watch though.. good for couples and also BFF~ i hope to have a BFF too.. currently… none in my list i guess… coz they're far far away… 



i bought this dress… Chun said the black one looks so i bought it again since the sales girl gave me discount~ me and Irene's cousin bought each of us 1,so she gave us more discount.. lol~


 pretty dresses~ happy*