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my very short CNY..

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January 29th, 2009 >> sitiawan, special occasions, yummy yummy~


I'm back in KL this noon… luckily i haven't start working.. i took a few days leave till this Sunday… but its not ANNUAL LEAVE, its UNPAID LEAVE even after I've been confirmed in my company.. kns boss lorr… oki… i wont start ranting about it coz i think its a waste of my time and energy.. 

back to my CNY post…

i had my Reunion Lunch in Chun's house before i went back Sitiawan with my cousin.. veggie lunch..

fresh and green lunch~

luckily there was no traffic jam… we reached around 3 hours drive.. back in my own room.. so dirty and dusty.. no one help me to clean it… so i had to do everything myself on the CNY eve.. what a day…

we're supposed to eat Reunion Lunch… but I've missed it.. so i had to eat the leftovers with them for dinner.. dengz.. thats why he wants me to be back a day before. but no choice coz OngOng wanna start his car after his lunch too..

that night.. i did not go to my "DaKu" Big Aunty's house to see the fireworks and also firecrackers like last year… coz my twin bro called.. he came and fetched me, we had a very long chat in Old Town in Sri Manjung..

xi mui tea..

didn't see him for 1 year edi… usually will meet up during our birthday, but last 2 years my final exam is in the same week as our birthday. so only left CNY meet up.. curious to see how my twin bro looks like? so sorry i didn't take a pic of him… onlour twin drinks above..

my CNY this year doesn't really sound nice.. hmm… dunno why..

and the 1st day of CNY, mammi came and picked us up and drove us to WaiKong house~ my wooden waikong house~


was there till late afternoon.. and headed to Rainie's house pai nian~

mammi brought back my cufflinks.. but then… i forgot where i place it already.. it seems like Chun have no fate with the cufflinks.. i was to give the 2 pairs of cuffs to Chun as pressie.. and now its gone dunno where… sigh…

in the evening.. Saeku cooked soups for us~ veggie and balls soup.. fishballs, meatballs and foo chow fishballs~ yum~ tasty!


night time.. i was supposed to go out and yumcha with Joanne.. but in the end, the session was cancelled dunno why.. ended up me sleep early… but in the middle of my process into the dream, Lyi Hoe and Irene aunty called… yumcha in the middle of 1am till 3.30am…



and the next morning.. my 2nd day of CNY..

around 7.30am.. Chun called.. he told me that he's ourside my gate.. and i was shocked… i couldnt believe he's that early. he was supposed to reach around late afternoon.. i really tought that he's bluffing.. but he told me to come down. so i did.. and saw him… cute little prince waiting for me by his black horse.. lol..

helped him to unload his stuffsfrom the car, and we went back to sleep coz i was really really drowsy.. i guess he too coz he started his journey 3am in the morning…


happy little princess with her prince in Sitiawan for CNY..

we were in Secret Recipe the whole day coz Rahail was back from Manipal, India and we met up for yumcha.. kelian Chun.. he's so bored… while around in the evening, Amma called and asked us to go to someone's wedding dinner.. which i actually dunno who's.. but luckily our whole family went except for Akong and Saeku, coz they went to another birthday lunch in the afternoon..

me and my lovely meimei~ camwhore before the dinner started..


and uhm.. our cute little cousin who look like Chicken Little but.. alittle chubbier…

lou sang~

he looks like…. my daddy.. what a coincident.. same hairstyle, spec, cute cute chubby, and tummy.. 

see how excited is his face~
my daddy is showing off~ he's eating his fave fried big prawn~

after the dinner… my another session.. yumcha in Bistro.. my long time no see ji muis..

me, Aping,
Joanne, Khai Ying and Biby

and angpau from Aping!~ she's the only one married among us.. good times together~ Winne and her friends came late that night.. we left and finally back home… 



that's fast…

my 3rd day..

mammi came coz its her "sesi bertemu menantu-menantu"(son in law) in McD.. Meet the Mummy session. we were supposed to eat in Ah Hing Restaurant, but its closed.. so we ended in McD..

my pretty mammi~
menantu besar..
my jiejie and her bf, Alex
menantu kecik:
my meimei and her bf, Shen Loong

both of the couples look alike.. i mean my sis and their bf.. "fu chi siang" husband and wife look i guess.. lol~ but me and Chun are like.. sky and earth… thats why we're together, coz if there's no earth it wont be any earth.. or vice versa..

i dont think so i need to post mine, coz i think you guys are bored of our faces edi…

my dinner in 777.. a restaurant which newly opened..

Chun had been looking around for this Thailand Honey Chicken Wings which used to be sold in 578, opposite 933.. but then.. they moved since mid last year, when we're back on Aping's wedding week, couldn't find it anymore.. finally, found it in 777.

kopitiam in Sitiawan are weird.. they're fond of numbers… all the numbers i mentioned above are a food junction/shop in Sitiawan..

Rahail, Khai Ying, me and Chun's dinner..
while Joanne.. the watcher..

but their Ikan Bakar not that impressive… not very nice.. no ladyfingers or petai.. isk..


satisfied dinner before we're gonna go back to KL..

supposed to go back that night/midnight/early morning around 3am.. but Chun couldnt wake up, so finally when we're awake, its 7.30am edi.. so we started our journey around 8am.. which is this morning..

the sun is gonna shine..

reached in KL at 11.30am.. had our brunch in ChanChan Yong Taufu, Menjalara~

its my fave yong tau fu~ big and nice~


tired face…

that's all my short CNY in Sitiawan~but sadly.. i couldn't wear all of my CNY clothes.. hope that i can wear them soon~

Gong Hei Fatt Choi!!

back homey for CNY

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January 24th, 2009 >> baby's playground, special occasions, yummy yummy~


i'm in KL edi!~

my unforgettable journey.. my mammi sent me to Golden Mile Complex last night.. my 10.30pm bus ended up in horror.. stuck 2 hours in custom.. 2 hours in the bus, waiting for our turn to get down from the bus to Tuas(Spore) custom… there were so many people going back Msia… around 12.45am, we started our journey from JB custom.. finally.. reached at 5.30am in the morning… my bus trip horror.. i will definitely take airplane next time…

gotta go back to Sitiawan tomorrow with my cousin OngOng.. coz my daddy insisted me to go back for Tuan Yuan (Reunion) Lunch/Dinner since i'm not married to Chun yet.. 

currently back in Chun's house..

precious… got all my online purchase stuffs~ just in time for CNY~ i got myself a NuBra, Herbalife tea, piggy pants and some nail art stickers.. and not forgetting my last month's pre-order for korean cosmetics lens, i got myself NudyLens in Blue and Gray..

Geo Nudy Cosmetics Lens from ShuYin's Lens

i got Chun some tie, and a polo tee for CNY.. kelian him.. no one buy him CNY clothes coz nobody takes care of him.. but at least i got him 1.. and some ties… and also 2 pairs of cufflinks, but i forgot to bring them back.. so i'll need mammi to bring them back tomolo for me. hehe..

meticulous ties

and today…

we went to 1Utama coz i need to meet with some buyer and also kaikai!@~

mamam-ed in Sakae Sushi.. disappointed becoz they don't have potato salad and potato inari.. but in the end, i did stuffed myself with any food available, bloated…

posing time..

his new hairstyle… macam "paikia" nia..
die die must pose pose..



in the end of the day… i got myself some toiletries from Watson's, some toothbrush holder for my yiyi.. i got her almost 30pcs edi.. pengsan… and she's still asking me to get more for her.. and also a Vincci heels for my roomie, she asked me to help her to buy..


the Watson's hair treatment wax is always good as my conditioners, cheap and good! very recommended. Simple's facial wipes on sale, 2 for RM25.00+. it used to be cheapest RM13.90 each. very worth it! I use them only when I'm really lazy using my oil cleanser..

great bargain i got today…

Happy Chinese Niu Year!!@~

red bull chinese new year

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January 23rd, 2009 >> special occasions


going back later le~ happyy!!~~

10.30pm bus.. waiting eagerly for my mammi to come back from work.. she insisted to accompany me to the taxi stand.. she actually wanted to send me to Golden Mile, but my yiyi said she "siao" edi, so i asked her not to send me.. my mammi is sooo0o good.. loves~ 

wishing my blog readers a happy Happy Chinese New Year~ a bouquet of flowers which will turn to money for all of you.. 


finally… last day of working…

show you my cute little new dress in white.. from Dotti. nice rite?? me and Irene bought the same one, and i had mammi to alter shorter for me so at least we wont accidentally took wrong piece.. i think it looks soo0o cute~ 


and also… bought this Charles & Keith heels.. my yiyi's friend got it for me coz her birthday is in this month, and she get 20% for new arrival.. this one is new, so its nett price.. black heels again.. i need them to match my wardrobe~ 



CNY mood~ i had my toes painted in red… Don't Toy With Me! from OpI Nail polish. 


i heard people saying that this OX year, don't wear red because bull chases red color thingy.. but for me.. whatever lar.. yesh i am a red bull..

wish me luck~