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show you my money this new year

Posted by: emily

December 31st, 2008 >> ❤ beautilicious~, cosmetics, growing up


its the end of the year already.. New Year Eve.. in less than 4 hours time, we’ll roll into year 2009.. Chinese OX year some-more.. my year..

happy?? sigh.. nop, I’m 1 year older… yes, another year for me and Chun..

i dun wanna do my 2008 review because you can read them in my archive.. i update them very often.. i’ll just do an entry for 2009..

in future… hope everyone have a great year and Huat Huat Huat, just like Clive korkor said.. let me start this coming year by showing my munny so that i will have more and more munny to come.. hehe~


just showing off my new RM50 note I’ve got from the money changer aneeh.. 

I’m getting ready for CNY edi… all of this new notes will be given to my elders as red packet.. ^^ my first CNY as a young working adult.. how proud of myself!~





I’ve hunt down another item in my wishlist again.. yay!!~ 1 item out~

got this Kesalan Patharan Sheer Micro Loose Powder last 2 weeks. haven’t heard of this brand? yeah, me neither before this until i saw their details in a forum.. they recommend this loose powder for those with normal to dry skin and gives flawless natural finish..

weird name?? yeah, me thinks so too… it sound Indon to me when i first heard about it.. hehe.. but surprisingly its from Japan.. check this webbie out to know more [Kesalan Patharan]

this brand used to be available in Singapore a while back, but when i’m here i tried to search around but didn’t see any of the counter. and someone in the forum told me they pulled back the brand edi… disappointment.. in the end, i got this loose powder from some seller in the forum.

the worse thing was, when i purchased this loose powder, the seller did the packaging badly and the powder spilled out from its case.. saddening.. but it’s okay.. at least I’ve hand on it..


Kesalan Patharan Sheer Micro Powder HKD$420

i got this loose powder in 10, which is the lightest tinted shade.. imo, the casing look so dull and boring.. not cute at all… sien.. but the content is what I’m looking for.. its very natural and sheer.. good for those who like natural finish.. I’m okay with it but its just not as fair as my Lavshuca and T.LeClerc. so i’m planning to get Chacott loose powder to mix with this..

hopefully… coz i have more than what i can use.. someone.. hit me on my face so I’ll wakeup and stop buying loose powder… arghh..

that’s all for now.. gotta go out soon~


sleepy function..

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December 30th, 2008 >> baby's playground, special occasions, yummy yummy~

merry christmas and happy new year my friends..

here's what happened on last Saturday..

after kaikaing in Sg Wang and Pavilion, we headed home coz we're supposed to have dinner with his parents.. but ended up we gotta eat ourself (sek ji gei).. lol..

about my plan to go back Spore.. i planned to go back on Sunday with Saeku coz she said that she'll be driving back… but then, last minute she suddenly told me that she'll hitching the bus to JB and take bus to Spore.. and she asked me to go to Seremban to travel by bus with her.. i almost fainted.. so troublesome.. i turned her down and ended up no bus ticket back to Spore on Sunday… can pengsan twice rite?? sigh..

but luckily… err… not really lucky..

Chun have a function in JB, so he planned that i follow him to JB for the function and he'll send me to the custom after the function.. sigh.. what a plan B… but no choice.. i have no ticket back.. sigh sigh..

so late that night.. i packed my stuffs and got myself ready as we need to meet up with Chun's other friends and took the bus to JB at 1am. tiring.. restless.. the rotten old bus with squishy seat made my neck ache, back ache, butt ache, eyes swollen and face swollen too.. pengsan..

during the boring function.. eveybody is sleeping.. ops.. i mean.. most of them are sleeping.. i bet they're super tired because of the bus too.. lol.. 

caught in the act

okay.. anyone who knows the person in the picture above, please do not, i really mean DO NOT laugh at him or make fun of him coz he will kill me later.. but…. LOL.. ps: i really mean it ya, dont make fun of him.. i just couldn't stop myself from laughing..

during break.. we went for lunch in Nando's… yummmyyy~ 

fat boy

after lunch, i decided to walk around the hotel coz the duty free zone is there too.. but…. nothing much to see.. T_T.. in the end, i was trapped outside of the function room coz Chun sat with his friends edi, there were no more seat for me edi..

i waited for him outside.. i was so bored and tired.. sigh.. but he sneaked out with his friend and Janice, sent me to the custom.. and finally.. i'm back in Singapore again..

sigh… i'm so tired…  


came back to work… boring… 

i need a life.. 

Boxing and unBoxing Day

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December 29th, 2008 >> ❤ beautilicious~, baby's playground, cosmetics, fragranza, grumpy baby, special occasions


its Boxing Day when we unboxed our pressie~ 

he's so excited~ just like a small kid..

i got him a purpleish and black stripes shirt from Domanchi…  


my turn, my turn~~ hehe.. 


he got me my most wanted Jill Stuart cosmetics!!  

Jill Stuart Mix Compact Blusher in 06 Fresh Apricot 

and the couple pressie i bought from the airport.. its the special travel edition DkNY Be Delicious EDP. its our first beloved fragrance   together.. so each of us have one of it..  

1 for me, 1 for him..

after the boxing event, we went to Sg Wang.. massive traffic jam during holidays… headache… Chun had to park in Pavilion coz he dun wanna trapped in the jam anymore..

gotta go to Sg Wang coz i wanted to get a heels which only sold there.. i saw the heels in S'pore, but planned to buy in M'sia since its sure cheaper because of the conversion.. but end up.. hands on nothing.. coz the design which i was looking for not available.. sigh.. what a wasted trip… 

but at least met up with my friend and gave her the stuffs she asked me to buy.. 

we walked around Pavilion.. the deco is so exclusive.. most of the deco this year concentrate more on the Christmas tree.. but so sad that i wasn't able to see the deco in The Curve, Ikano and Sunway Piramid..



last pic of the day… 



bad luck kao kao..

yesterday, went out to meet my Saeku, and my uncle from Canada.. on the way out.. my stupid Nokia hp low batt, so i changed the simcard to my Sony Ericsson phone.. in between the changing simcard motion, the wind blew so hard and the simcard got off my fingers and into the drain next to my feet…


HIT RIGHT INTO the drain!! right into the drain!!! man.. how come so lucky geh?? buy 4D also not that lucky…

there goes my Singapore simcard.. but luckily its Spore line, and not my Msia line.. hehehe~

my friends, pm/msn me for my new Spore number..