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barbie blusher

Posted by: emily

November 30th, 2008 >> ❤ beautilicious~, cosmetics


i've just bought myself something… and now I'll be broken coz… my salary is not out yet… dengz…

got this Barbie Loves MAC Blusher in Don't Be Shy from a forumer. and i totally dunno why i buy myself blusher again.. i've got like around 5 blushers now..

its cotton candy pinkish color with a little bluish tone.

Don't Be Shy

and this look a little like my Fafi LE blusher Fashion Frenzy except for this one is a little satin finishing..

Fafi – Fashion Frenzy & Barbie~ 

la la la~

I'm gonna go crazy edi…

finally.. its end of the month again~ see ya next month~  


Posted by: emily

November 26th, 2008 >> grumpy baby, work!



went to office yesterday and felt unwell… when i was in mrt, i felt like wanna vomit and dizzy, luckily there's a unoccupied seat.. so i sat down and rest… on the way walking to office, i stopped by the restroom twice to rest coz i really felt uncomfortable..

i tot that it might be i didn't really ate proper breakfast coz my mammi went out to the market, and i only ate some cereal plus corn flakes. so i bought a cup of soya milk and cheese pancake. reached office, i ate my breakfast again..

still unwell.. headache, fever and my eyes felt like burning.. i told my cousin in msn, coz i might not get to claim the medical fees this time as its still within a week since lasts visit to doctor.. but i had no choice.. i cant bear the pain, so told my boss i wanted to go home, and he sent me home after more then 1 hour..

reached home, mammi took me to eat some soup noodles while waiting for the doctor. after 2-3 hours waiting, finally its my turn. can you imagine, i was having a bad headache and fever, and yet i still need to wait for the queue in pain.. feeling like wanna die edi.. 

its all because that clinic mammi took me to its cheap.. that's why many people went there.. i paid $23 for the medical fees only.. its less then half of last week's medical fees. pengz…

the doctor gave me 2 days MC asked me to rest more as i've been sore throat for around 2 weeks already, and the previous doctor prescribed medicine doesn't work on me at all.. that's why my throat got badly swollen..

sick is the most miserable occasion.. 

bye bye blisters

Posted by: emily

November 23rd, 2008 >> ❤ beautilicious~, skincare

today i'm home.. cleaning up stuffs, my room, cosmetics and etc.. here's something i wanna blog about today..

Foot Glide…  


when i first came to S'pore.. i was having alittle trouble with my heels coz they bite me.. coz i'm wearing heels to work everyday.. and i need to walk to the mrt station and to my office.. kinda far though… at the end of the day, i'm having plasters everywhere on my feet because of blisters.

then, i was going through some Sporean forums, and i saw this thingy.. they rave this item very good so i went and bought on the 2nd week i was there. 

it works superb~ my heels doesn't bite me anymore~ loving it~

this is a MUST HAVE item!!~ 

but then, this item not available in M'sia yet… its approximately RM33 after conversion, SGD$13.90. for this stick, it looks small but actually you can use it more than 6 months… i'm using it everyday for 5 months already and they left like… maybe around 50% or more.. (i'm still using it everyday coz i dun wan my heels to bite me) 

it helps by providing a layer of wax on our skin to prevent the hard edge/leather to rub and burn against our skin. that's why my feet doesn't have blisters anymore.

you need to apply this generously onto your occasionally blistered spot before sliding into your footwear. it doesn't really helps if you've already hurt your feet. actually you can stop using them after your heels/shoe become friendly to your feet (the hard edge/leather of the footwear become soft).


thats all sharing for today~