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after work…

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October 31st, 2008 >> baby's playground, mooie, yummy yummy~

2 weeks back…

me and my cousin went to Far East kaikai after work on Wednesday… coz we wanted to buy bolero from Dotti.. i bought a long sleeve bolero which i love sooo0o much..

then, we went and had dinner in Pasta de Han's.. we ordered set meals which is alittle too big portion for both of us.. Rainie ordered Ham Spaghetti while i ordered Fish & Chips.. yummy~ totally worth it.. it comes with drinks, desserts and soup too.. 

the cakes are desserts while the buns came along with the mushroom soup~ full~
Rainie's wearing the bolero in white, short sleeve 

after the filling dinner.. we went around Orchard.. i wanted to shop in DFS, but then i was directed wrongly and we headed the opposite direction till the end of the street.. so we ended up 10pm at the end of the street.. all the shopping centers were closed edi.. pengz…

so we bought this TCC tiramissyou for supper.. actually i insisted to pack back coz i really cant stuff the tiramisu in my tummy edi.. we ate it at home, its niceee~ i wonder whether do Msia have any nice tiramisu… 


the bolero i mentioned.. this is long sleeve black bolero… 

camho in front of Aljunied mrt station 

this is short sleeve which i've bought it last 2 months.. 

on the way to work~ 

nice rite?? i love both of them…



last night…

me and coussie went to AMK Hub to watch movie after work.. we went and watch Highschool Musical 3.  


and hor… we bought the popcorn set~ see how crazy we are?? hehe.. 

on the way into the cinema hall

nah.. haha.. we bought it coz Rainie wanted large popcorn and i wanted to give the cups to my little cousins as they're big fan of HSM.. lol~

very nice movie.. much better than the 2nd episode..  

2 years with him

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October 28th, 2008 >> anniversaries, baby's playground, yummy yummy~


i'm back to "sou ku" (bear the hard times).. T_T 

cute rite this sign?? haha..

just reached Spore just now.. tired… but got to blog about last night.. loving it.. how i hope i can stay that way forever.

after the previous blogpost, we went to Midvalley.. Chun got to meet up his friend for some business talk and i met up with Joanne. so Joanne got to babysit me since Chun's busy… he's always like that.. throwing me to other people, and they got to babysit me.. isk.. i think i'm a little like the cutie baby in "Nanny Daddy" Singaporean drama. lol.. but its true..

after Chun done his thing, he picked me up and we went for dinner. our dinner supposed to be a romantic dinner, but i couldn't eat anymore coz i was bloated with the ice kachang i ate with Joanne, morning bak kut teh and noon McD.. 

while kaikai-ing, was really tempted to buy Bobbi Brown's LE eye palette with 2 gel eyeliner and 2 shadow cream.. Chun offered to buy for pressie… but.. after reconsideration, i don't really need the cream shadows.. so i'll pass… 

after pondering what we;re gonna have for dinner, we ate in Manhattan FishMarket.. we had seafood platter.. actually Chun ate most of the foods.. i was too full edi but i still managed to bit some of the fishes coz my mouth is so itchy.. 

bloated cute face~
blur blur~
with my new zippy wallet
camho time:
2 years together and i dunno why i like him.. 
coz he like to make funny face when i wanna camho??
emo face/act cool 
bought him this shirt too~
nice horr??
waiting for the food pose:

our food came~ 

squeezing the lemon~


the peak time of the day..

we went to Luna Bar as planned.. but we actually planned to go there for a romantic dinner, but then only i got to know that they don't have dinner i guess.. so we went there for snacks.. 

the lighting is so bad, and i had to use flash

nice scenery… really really very nice by the swimming pool.. but then Chun didn't make reservation, so we had to sit upstairs..  

here;s where we sat.. the balcony..
cute high mirror i found in the restroom, it makes me tiny~ 

we ate this cute little thinny chicken wings~ they only have 1 piece of bone each.. but still very nice oh.. and i ordered the famous Long Island Ice Tea while Chun ordered S3x on the Beach.. sound lame but Chun's drink taste so sweet and nice~ mine's alittle bitter..

tasty mono bone wings with dipped sauce

memorable night… i'm so happy~ 

my shiny nose~'

Happy 2nd Anniversary my dear..

thanks for everything.. 

3 days in KL and i'm feeling like i'm home… i did not even think about Spore when i was there.. Singapore and work is totally out of my mind. it feels like i'm back for good.. but… it is not the truth. the truth is now here i am, and i need to work tomolo morning… sienz..

thats all for now..

nite.. luv ya.. 

back for 2nd anniversary

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October 27th, 2008 >> anniversaries, baby's playground, mooie, yummy yummy~


i'm back in KL~ but not for good, coz i need to go back Spore tomolo afternoon.. haiz.. coming back for my 2nd anniversary with Chun this 27th Oct. which is todayy!!

came back last Saturday after work.. tired.. work work work.. 

camho in the bus~ with sunny.. 

Kelvin's gf was in the same bus as me.. hehe.. luckily she's there. i almost missed my bus again coz my boss was late, he sent me to the complex late too.. but still not later than 1.30pm.. hehe.. coz i supposed to finish work at 1.30pm. but i bought 1.30pm bus coz the others bus ticket were sold out edi.. so i had to ask my boss to allow me to leave before 1.00pm.. and he came and picked me up 1.15pm.. pengz.. luckily i did not miss the bus..

we managed to catch a movie in Times Square before we headed home when i reach.. man.. i watched a disgusting-geli and hilarious movie.. pengz… this is so not my style even though i love comedies.. i couldnt laugh coz its disgusting (some part)… haha.. but at least i can tell that Tom Cruise is a very good actor, i couldnt recognize him in that suit dude.. purrfectt..

Tropic Thunder.. pengzz..  


hehe~ back homey… happy^^ 


with my love~


and also to collect my virtual shopping stuffs~ haha~ 

virtual stuffs become reality~
a cutie mng bikini, black of shoulder top, kose sekkisei emulsion, sekkisei herbal esthetic mask and (back behind) seikisho mask white, white vernis zippy wallet and a black tube top with cardigan.

and yesterday…

we went to 1U.. 

outfit of the day~
mini polkadot jumper babydoll and a skirt underneath^^

i asked meimei to come along coz i haven't see her for quite long le.. took her to mamam~ her fave Nandos.. in Spore don't have Nandos neh.. filled my tummy with Nandos yum~! 

me me me~ 
my hair look so messy..
uh.. he looks so funny in this pic.. haha..
me and my meimei~

didnt really buy anything for myself… dunno why… looks like i got nothing i want edi.. maybe.. bought some toothbrush holders for my yiyi.. T_T

but nvm.. waiting for my next shopping trip~

uh ya.. here's what I've got Chun for his Birthday last month.. i ordered this from LYN, and made the seller send it with a special message for Chun on his Birthday.. and i totally forgot to take a pic of it the last time i was with him.. 

 this Bluetooth headset:
cool yeh?
errr… funnyyyy!! 

had dinner with his parents and went back home rest..

late last night..

i was online-ing with Chun's lappie.. he had nothing to do and so he went outside (dunno do what). i wanted to refill my mug and went into the kitchen. then i saw him walking into the kitchen holding some incenses, and i thought that he was paipai-ing (praying).

den i asked him, "why so late edi still wanna paipai?"  

he said, "paipai bopi ma.."

den i was like, OKLOR… and walked back into the room… awhile after that, he came in and switched off the light and fan.. den i tot whats he doing, and i ignored him coz i was busy online-ing.. hehe… but too dark.. and i smell something burning, i turned back and saw this… so sweet nehhh… 

loving it~
ignore me, no makeups.. 
2 years anniversary~ 
 he made me the lucky stars.. although its alittle old fashioned.. but love it~ 


in the end, we almost burned the room down.. haha.. what a memorable night..

i got him a sunnie from MNG.. (the one i wore in the bus camho) 

cool rite??

we'll be going out for a romantic dinner tonight, will update soon~