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september ended just like that..

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September 30th, 2008 >> baby's playground, life

few weeks back…

me and my couzzie and her friends went to Bugis for kaikai as usual on Sunday… cant remember wat exactly happened and when was it, but these are what i bought…

a swarovski crystal bracelet with additional 2 LOVES.. cute ritee?? we can custom make it with the beads available.. 

cute yet elegant…

anna sui inspired rose earrings~ 

oh ya.. there's another thing i bought for Chun's birthday, early this month… something very special and custom made too… just like the crystal.. but even more than the bracelet…



cute rite? cute rite?? nice rite??

i LOVE it~ 



tomolo's public holiday yay~ but not going out.. *sob* *looking sadly into my empty wallet* *sob*

anyway, Selamat Hari Raya to all my friends~ 

jean gray eyes

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September 28th, 2008 >> ❤ beautilicious~, cosmetics lens


showing off my barbie eyes~ since the old blue barbie eyes was lost in the middle of Singapore river, went back to KL and get my stock in Chun's house…

before the migration to Spore.. i bought this cosmetics lens from ~Rachel~, LYN. Model: G&G BT02 Gray. i wanted to buy NudyCeleb in Blue, but I'm afraid i look weird in it..

this is how the lens look like…  


face of the day…

nothing to while waiting in the car for Chun… he went to class.. dengz…


V shape face~
me of the day
watching live F1 Night Race in Spore now in my room~ syok~ 

shopping saves the day

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September 27th, 2008 >> accessories, attrezzare, ❤ beautilicious~, baby's playground, cosmetics, eastern, grumpy baby, nails, skincare, work!, yummy yummy~

so sad…

i got no time to play with my blog… haizz… everyday work work work.. nite time edi too tired to update… somemore my boss is unhappy if I'm doing my own stuffs at work… he's too crazy about the sales dropping…

currently doesn't like job anymore… my job scope become wider and wider… i need to do everything… even rushing the customer to clear their statement of account, copy writing, account executive and servicing, printer and printer machine tamer, operator, customer service, receptionist, cashier and etc..

man… I'm doing all sorts of job with only 1 post of pay, which is junior desktop artist. my salary is not even the salary for a graphic designer. I'm underpaid… what should i do?


emo emo emo…  


i miss eating with Chun… most of the times, i only eat junk-food in the office everyday.. coz i dun have an accompany to go out with.. sometimes i'll eat fruits in office.. haiz..

here's an occasion in Sushi King, Mid Valley last month… Chun accompanied me to MV coz i need to shop for black pants for convo. 

chubby me~
he's posing in front of the camera..
coz he knows that everytime i snapped his pic, he'll make stupid face 

here's what i bought, other than the black pants…

saw this exact casual clog from Nose in Mphorsis Sg, priced at SGD$47.90. i was so excited when i saw this clog in Nose.. coz its very very very cheappp… only RM39.90.. muahahaha~ 


buying economically cheap goody stuffs totally makes me excited.. coz i know i'm not that stupid to be cheated.. hahahaha~

and also.. watson's was on sale.. so i bought these masks~ 

showing everytype of one

loving it~ although its cheap.. but its very nice to use.. read more Devon's review.

during the whole trip back in KL for convo, i harvested alot… including these stuffs from the virtual world~ 

simple cute babydoll mini dress~

falsies~ from Cheeyt, LYN. she's a very nice lady with super fast serice and always give me discount with free lashes when i bought alot..

Anna Sui eye glitter in Gold~ exquisite look.. loving the golden color than the previous silver color i bought..

Missha BB cream for my yiyi.. she wanna have everything i'm using i guess… got it from korean_girlsclub in LYN. 

Lavshuca loose powder~ my wish list item.. finally i can touch it coz i pre-ordered it from Yamitenshi, LYN. very recommended seller, very good service indeed.. you can order it here [Aica]. 

loving the cute princess packaging. and also the ute fluffy soft puff with purple ribbon… definitely loving it.. better than Anna Sui as the screw top enables me to travel with it.  

love love loveshuca~ 

my haulllls.. loving every single pieces i bought..

at the end of the day, i'll be happy~ 


oh ya..

right after work today, went to Expo for Robinsons' Most Wanted sale and bought these… all 3 of them~


its sooo cute~ although i'm using only falsies.. but too cute to resist!~