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foods in Singapore~

Posted by: emily

August 31st, 2008 >> baby's playground, yummy yummy~

more updates about the food i ate in Spore…

i'm missing Msia food right now.. T_T.. 

there was one Sunday, me Rainie and Irene went kaikai in AMK Hub (link back to original post). we ate in Ah Mei Cafe coz i was craving for Msian food… they sell mamak food in shopping centre just like the normal cafe.. and there's alot of people queuing for their food.. i must agree, the food really taste not bad.. except for the price.. abit too high for mamak… 


me and Irene ordered Chicken Murtabak and Tuna Murtabak, while Rainie ate Nasi Briyani. priced at $5.00 or $5.50 each plate. and you see, my murtabak, its abit big piece.. but not many inti(fillings) in it coz its flat and thin.. but still, its tasty.. 


oh man.. the nasi briyani taste like heaven~ yum~ quite worth it for the nasi compare to murtabak… 


oh ya.. the bolero i've bought from Dotti, its also promoted by XiaXue. 


but i bought black color coz its easier to match my wardrobe as i'm always with black.. 


after AMK Hub, went to Jurong… the Jurong Claypot Chicken Rice which i've waited for 45mins with Saeku, HeaHea and gf. 


and.. they also serve nice Crispy Tofu.. yum yum~ 


i'm not sure this is what style, coz they drip some black soy sauce onto the claypot chicken rice… 


yummy yummy… i had to agree that some of Spore foods are nice… hehehe… only those in complexes food court doesn't really taste nice sometimes.. hehe…

so sorry i'm very picky with what i eat.. hehe..  


Happy Independence Day Malaysia~

tomolo's Monday again le… no holiday for Spore… haizz.. 

life in Singapore v0.3

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August 29th, 2008 >> life, work!, yummy yummy~


i'll just update some of my past events..

back to my working life in Singapore.

wanna see my working desk?? here it is: 


you see what's on my desk? it's mamam~~ (and huge stack of job tasks) 


what's that?

its McWings~ yyummmy~ one of my another favourite from McD other than nuggets.. 


i love the curry sauce by McD.. *licka lips* i wish msia McD also have…

oh ya.. talking about foods… my boss took me to MOM (Ministy of Manpower) in Tanjong Pagar Complex few weeks back, we ate Singapore Bak Kut Teh for lunch in the building after that.. in Outram Park Ya Hua Rou Gu Cha. 


just wanna tell you guys that… Spore bak kut teh not nice one.. i don't smell or taste any bak kut teh in my bak kut teh. its like i'm just eating/drinking some soup only… but not sure what soup its that…  

i'm always with veggie only.. 

other than that.. the meat doesn't look like bak kut teh style.. isk.. hehe.. but my cousin bro told me that, the bak kut teh in Spore its Chao Zhou style.. thats why its like that… haha… but whatever, i wouldn't wanna eat Spore bak kut teh anymore…

and on this particular day, August 2nd.. when i was back from Tanjong Pagar, i was busy with work… isk… everyday also busy…

i met my love (link back to original post)

here are the pictures about us…

we watched Batman that night in AMK Hub.. just the two of us..

the escalator again.. 

he came to my office the next day and accompanied me for lunch.. yum~ Kenny Rogers..

healthy meal~ 

its him… 


with me… 


he went back home after lunch… for dinner, he drop by with his friend Simon and gf, picked me up and went to Whompoa for dinner.. the fish steamboat~

love the fish pot~ its yummy yummy~ 
full of fishies~

delicious… is the only word i can describe..

done with this post… 


thanks to my lovely hubby for the surprise… he went to some business camp in Pangkor today… can't listen to his voice for few days till next Tuesday… missing him now… sigh… 

thanks for everyone for the wishes for my graduation.. thanks.. finally i'm a bachelor~ muahahaha~ not married.. haha.. jk jk..

started work so fast…

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August 27th, 2008 >> life


back in Spore on Sunday night.. Monday gotta work edi… sad sad.. working routine kept on going round and round… so lifeless…

oklar.. will update blog when i'm free..

ciaoz.. muakzz..