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my life 2.0

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July 24th, 2008 >> grumpy baby, work!

working life tuff tuff…


communicating and dealing with colleagues very hard.. especially those moody ones… 

i dun wan to be nasty.. coz i know i can be very very nasty when i get frustrated.. T_T

i enjoy working.. coz i'm occupied most of the times.. and when i go to work, the time passed by so fast… its just like 2 blinks of eyes, and its 7pm time to go home edi.. (starting from next month, the boss approved to reduce long working hours from 9.30am – 6.30pm, yay~) not much of time to think about my love ones, reducing my heartache.. but still i'm missing my hubby and mammi… and mammi's gonna come here next month, hoorayyy~

currently still working with the lenglui.. but she's gonna leave end of this month which is next week… haiz… i'm really gonna miss her coz she's much much nicer than the colleague i'm gonna work with.. haiz…

job was not bad, need to cope with a reminder… the only problem i have is the moody people… throwing tantrum most of the times and sometimes in front of the customers… headache when dealing with these people.. pray hard for sunshine everyday… pray hard that their attitude will change… 

mammi said, if really tuff better quit… haiz.. i was not born to deserve all those tantrums they threw around.. i deserve a better working environment…

tell me what i shoud do… am i too princessy? am i too big mouth to tell my boss?? whats the meaning of freedom of speech when i'm just telling the truth on what i felt? what do they think they mean by open one eye and close one eye? or just swallow the tantrum they threw at me? what on earth is going on?

ok.. i'm done emo-ing…


now for good news~ 

daddy is getting better and better edi.. thanks alot for the prayers.. love you all~ <33333 

*happening in life today:

i just got my virgin blood withdraw out from my body.. i mean this is the first time the needle sucked my blood out from my body for medical check-up.. pain pain.. right hand the doctor poke in, but cant find the blood vessel, den need to poke on left hand… oo-che edi…

updates on daddy…

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July 21st, 2008 >> family, grumpy baby

Thu, 17 Jul 2008 07:04:10

Dear family,
Just a short note that Ang is admitted in KLGH … he went to Genting for a break .. got sick there .. the ambulance send him to KL …. all this happen just now …. SM sms me say ….. Dr say its appendix …. so, op later …
Ma dream Ang was real sick about 2mths ago …. just pray that its just appendix ..
Keep SM in prayer … with only her around . she will need to go KL later …. and not too sure about who in KL can help them out …. SM cant drive in KL or to KL … she needs KC's help .. and she's just recovering from a bad flu …stress with projects in school ….
On a lighter note … ur mom … very terror … 2 days ago, she killed a baby snake in SM's she .. the snake about 1' was in her toilet …. thank God she's OK .. hahhaha ….. she say … thank God she no scare of snake …. but frog she scare


Thursday, July 17, 2008, 11:28 PM

Dear family,
The Dr say will not operate on Ang today cos need to xray and run few more test … lets pray that God will send the right team of doctors to dignose correctly so that right treament can be given accurately …. pray for God to work in his heart too and the heart of the wife.



Friday, July 18, 2008 9:51 PM

Let me update you people.
Dr say got stone. I don't know where. Then got infection in the heart; got pus. This sounds quite serious.
Dr say will do surgery but what he is doing now is wait. Today he is put on urine beg; want measure his urine it seems.
Very hard to know exactly because I didn't get to see dr and they also don't know how to ask.

Tomorrow I will make another trip there to bring the easy chair for ah sor. Pity her. Her leg swollen kos sleep on the chair. Will try to check with the nurse and see what exactly is the problem and what is happening. Won't be able to see dr kos the dr comes only morning or night. Have to return to seremban for LCEC meeting which KC is chairing.

I wish I can do more but I don't think I can handle it. M not mobile kos I can't drive in kl. My children's exam the next 2 weeks so I can't be running up and down kl. M working on completing my school work (m invloved in a powerpoint competition and it's kc who is doing all the work; I open my mouth and tell him what I need done). This is to be handed in next week and I'm very stressed by it because I'm not the type to just simply do work. My name at stake.

So please pray what to do so that they don't think I not willing help them. I really am tied hands and legs. I also very burdened by this.

Then mother also like very tired. Legs weak etc. I got no time to even ask how she is today. Then she pulak very busy want to worry about other people. Want do this and that; ask me…I had to tell her I can't help her because I so sibuk try to kautiam my own stuff now.

To you 3 girls, please, centralised la when you work next time. Take my advice. You don't know the frustration till you experience it. I like want to pull my hair already. Superworman everyday in every way for everybody.

This is just a pitstop before I continue my work. Today really work till my back pain.


Monday, July 21, 2008 8:13 PM

Dear people,
Some update here. Win, I don't see nee's address here. Pls forward to her.

Today, the dr sedut the pus from the liver but not clear. Don't know what the explanation was; not ripe or what. Later dr say if got pain must inform quick so can do a surgery. Scared burst or what. So both ang and wife panic when hear the word surgery.

The wife has phoned me 3 times already; say ang is very weak; yellow etc. One of the symptom is jaundice. Kept asking me what to do. She say if I ask her to stay and jaga she will stay and jaga.

I was just sharing with Ing; I really am so pressured by this. I really am in no position to make decision for them. He is under supervision of doctors and nurses. What other care is better than that? As a lay person I am totally lost in this area and I think the doctor is doing as the internet say the procedure should be.

It will run its course of at least a week if it's just abcess in liver. Like Ing say if no complication like hyperthitis (spelling also don''t know) or whatever, then he will heal soon. Needs time. But obviously this abcess in liver thingy is a very painful thing.

So each time he is in pain, the wife phone me. Think she wants me to go see them. I really  really can't because I don't know how to drive to KL. I wish they can understand that. I have to wait for KC to drive me and we have to work.

Can't drop everything and run to them every time they call. So please, pray for them to be at peace and to trust the doctors. They are so panicky and jittery and lack assurance from the family. I have problem communicating to ah sor because my chinese not so good.

You three girls, today I help all I can. Next time, when you ppl start working; please take full responsibily of your parents. I really can't be looking into everyone;s life and taking care of everybody. I have a life and family to run here also and a mother who can be pretty dramatic and pressurising at times.

People, please pray for me also. I don't take pressure too well. Can snap. And everybody I will not be hesitant to tell all of you we need to centralise as a family. I don't want to hold this to myself alone. You are all adults and should shoulder some responsibility also. Put your brain together and think wisely and see where and how you can help and support.

This will not be the last time such a case occur. It will happen again. We still have a father and mother. I have a mother in law. So please la ppl , be kind to me ok. Let's do this together and don't leave me do it alone. Everyone has a life to run and everyone is busy. Who is not? Don't anyone of you dare give me the crap that you are busy. What rubbish? If you are busy what does that make me? I must be a SUPERWOMAN. Which if you don't know, I am not.

Very angry and frustrated and pressured and stressed.


please pray for them… T_T i dunno what to do here… 

edited: 10.23pm 22 July 08

Tuesday, July 22, 2008 8:58 PM

Thanks everybody for the speedy reaction to my outburst. Next time when we have such a crisis again, let us do it together. Maybe we should have some planning.

He is better today, responding to the medication already. I talked to a friend whose husband is a doctor(gynae) and he advised Ang not to seek medication from private hospital yet. Let the antibiotic run its course. Think this is what I have been trying to drive home to their thick skull. The other thing is both husband and wife must remain calm esp the wife. So I phoned her and told her she must not express panic or fear to Ang because it will only cause anxiety in him and may slow the healing process. If any of you happen to communicate with them ; please tell Ang to focus on the healing process and to be assured that the doctors are doing the necessary.

If all goes well, I think he just need another week in the hospital to recover.

Lesson learnt : Don't underestimate a govt hosp esp an established one like KLGH. Don't confuse the sick by asking them why they are still not better and going around worried that they are still not better. They need at least a week to respond to medication. I believe some other party must have been putting ideas in them and making them worried. Don't give advice unless you know your facts real well. If we are sick ourselves and hospitalised; don't expect immediate result like mother. By fretting and worrying we only make the situation worse and others around us worry unnecessarily.

Brother, I don't mind them calling me and informing me but it's very stressful when they overeact. Then I am put in a spot where I am expected to make decision for them : eg ah sor kept saying; 'sanku you say i stay here, i stay here. i follow what you say.' I also blur bout the hosp his condition. I so scared I will be made responsible for decision wrongly made. That why I so stressed. Don't want to take that responsiblty.

Anyway. All is well. Nee just retrunded from hosp and very positive bout it.

I am able to breathe normally now.


thanks everybody for the encouragement and prayer.. i really appreciate it.. thanksss..

t i r e d . . .

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July 20th, 2008 >> baby's playground, life, work!

so tired neh…

yesterday.. i followed my boss to KL for a business discussion.. pengz.. we went out early in the morning but unluckily we was stuck in the massive heavy traffic in the custom.. it took us almost 2 hours to pass the custom…

reached in KL, rested in McD coz we met up with the client's worker there.. boss kept on complaining that all the way to KL, he ate mcD.. lol… after awhile, the staff came and they guided us to the so called factory with a super huge printer…  tested the printer and discussed with the Dato.. till i was so sleepy..

so Dato took us to Tropicana Club House for dinner.. again they chatted… for very long too.. i was so tired.. felt like i wanna sleep on the couch…

oh ya.. i went back to MC to pick up my stuffs.. hehe.. but too bad jiejie haven't come back from work… actually i planned to visit daddy in KLGH.. but don't have any time to spare also… we started our journey back home right after that.. restless… 

again when we reached custom that night… massive jam… around 12am i smsed my cousin and told her i'll be back and do not lock the door from inside.. and you know what, we reached amk around 2.30am.. faint* so we had some supper and he sent me home…

tired… slept around 3++am..

this morning woke up around 11something in the morning coz the sun shine so high edi.. so hot… cant sleep also…. so my cousin told me that we will be going out kaikai.. i got myself ready and cleaned the house before we left… 

wee~ kaikai in Bugis… but tired.. dunno why my feet hurts too… and i bought a flowery tube dress~~ haha~ kinda like it coz it looks so sweet.. hehe~

counting down, another 2 weeks to get my first salary~ yay~ 

*psstt.. i think my comprehension become weird edi.. maybe due to less blogging.. haizzzz…