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maybe sad maybe happy…

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June 30th, 2008 >> ❤ beautilicious~, baby's playground, bloggie stuffs, cosmetics, fun stuffs~, malaysian, work!, yummy yummy~


yesterday.. before we went to The Curve… we went to Ikar Restaurant for lunch.. the signature dishes are the Fish Head Bee Hoons(variety flavors)… so Chun ordered Cheese Fish Head Yee Mee.. weird rite?? yee mee… blek… 


but… i tell you… its nice~ i dunno why.. maybe the yee mee's taste plus cheese~ oh heaven~ the cheese fish head soup is already very nice… now plus the yee mee~ nicer than normal bee hoon… *licka lips*

you see.. he enjoyed it s0ooo much~


while i ate porridge only.. coz my tummy not comfy.. 

ya.. i ALWAYS have to cam-ho myself coz that person will be busy eating all the time.. 

and after the yummy lunch.. we headed to The Curve coz we just wanna go to Starbucks and ber-online with my new lappie.. hehe~ 


saw some Japanese Food Fair… i bought some junkies~ for my itchy mouth.. 


we ate the Almond stick first.. coz it looks nicer~ and guess what? i was shocked when i see the size.. ahaha~ 


its so cute~


the day ended with chun's family dinner…

and today… another sien day in my life…

but finally i received my BB cream.. this time i bought the Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream #21 as recommended by Kimoko

more samples given by KGC 

before this, i tried the sample edi coz i pm-ed KGC(korean_girlsclub), the Missha seller in LYN and asked whether they have some samples.. so she mailed me lots of samples~ 

samples i got from KGC few weeks ago and also my lashes~ 
BB cream samples~

i tried the Perfect Cover BB Cream in #23, its dark and chocolatey.. dun like the color.. but then it still look nice on me.. haha… dunno why, maybe i put too much loose powder to cover the darkness edi.. hehe~ but i like the texture better than my Bobbi Brown tinted moisturizer. 

the color swatch: Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream #21 + #23 and Bobbi Brown tinted moisturizer Light Tint. 


well.. the color is still more towards pink tone.. i hope that its ok to my skin… pray hard… 

yay~ yay~

i got selected to attend the Nuffnang Private Screening for the movie Hancock starring Will Smith on the 7th of July 2008 which is next Monday. thanks to Robb from Nuffnang and my Super Superman blog post


but.. then hor…

I'll be leaving for Singapore this coming Saturday.. T____T *so sad* i won but i cant go.. and i cant pass the ticket to my friends… *sad sad*

oh? should i be sad?? or should i happy because i'll be leaving? 

Yee Hou from Nuffnang called this mid afternoon, and asked me to go interview in Nuffnang today.. coz Tim the boss wont be around for the next 2 weeks.. but… its abit sudden.. and i don't have appointment with my driver a.k.a Chun (yeap~ i always address him as my driver). as i need to make an appointment with my driver so he can sort out some time for me..

yeap.. we need to pre-plan everything even for outing with the busy guy… so Chun's not around.. he's in somewhere meeting.. so i did not…

still i need to thank someone… a BIG THANKS to aggie(Agnes Lee) for recommending/introducing me to Yee Hou to get a job… Thanks dear…


and just now, i called The Westin Dining for reservation for the complimentary dinner set.. guess what happened??

i was shocked when i was calling… i saw the expiry date for the Complimentary Signature Set Dinner.. its on the 12th June, while i received the vouchers only on the 11th June, refer to this post. pengz… nearly heart attack.. but i called the person in charge and told her my situation, so she extended the date to 10th July. and i made a reservation on 2nd July. happy~

i hope i don't sound too desperate.. its my fault for not checking all the expiry date properly, coz all the other 5 vouchers expires on 12 July which is 2 months from the membership, and only the Complimentary Dinner voucher expires 1 month after that. who knows rite? haiz..

so please check properly when you receive the voucher.. 

20 months together

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June 29th, 2008 >> anniversaries, baby's playground, mooie, work!, yummy yummy~

Chun's accompanying me this few days as my date is really near edi..

now i'm in Ikano's starbucks berbloging… while he's reading his business plan.. my handphone battery is flat edi.. now i only can online here… wanted to blog about yesterday and the day before… but was too busy but dunno busy because of what.. hehehe..


about Friday.. i woke up kinda late coz wanna give myself more rest coz was tired because of lonely scared insomnia..

got myself ready and Chun came to pick me up, drove to Bangsar.. i want lunch, so Chun suggested we have mcD.. 3 times we pondered around Jalan Telawi, but no parking.. frust… in the end, we found an illegal parking slot and we ate in the shop just right in front our parking…

the place's kinda like different from those contemporary kopitiam style with kopitiam menu.. like… kluang or kemaman or oldtown or hometown or any of those style but without any kopitiam feeling.. haha… named Chawan… 


i ordered assam laksa coz i haven't eat my lunch.. and chun ordered a set of bread only and a Chawan Frappucino Kemaman special.. 


the assam laksa was not bad.. nice~ just like those Malay laksa i have in hometown… miss the taste.. yum~

while i was eating, Aileng called edi… asking where i am edi.. hehe.. so after eating, we straight away drove to TMC edi..

my working day~ for Wine & Spirit Testing Event in TMC Bangsar. thanks Aileng miao for the job.. at least now i got some pocket money for more cosmetics.. muahahaha~~  

the party tent~ nice chandelier

haha… this is my partner~ Sweet Yen~ sweetie and tiny girl..  

the uniform is so tightttt!! 

our job is to serve cocktails to the invited guests and also register them. hahaha~~ i tasted all the cocktails they made.. they have Green Eyes, Peach bla bla bla, Lemonade JD, JD Coke and Soda.. Lemonade JD is my fave coz it taste nice and sweet~ lol~ 

night… Chun came early to pick me up.. he took this pic for me.. the event~ very tiring.. my feet hurts coz walked on the bumpy road.. and also walk here and there.. slippery floor.. luckily i didn't fall down… tired.. 


back home tired… 

it was our 20 months anniversary that night… and yet Chun did not remember… T__T

the next day, which is yesterday…

he promised to take me out after his work to repay… haha~ so he asked me to buy movie tickets online while waiting for him to finish his stuffs..

we went to 1U for a movie.. while waiting for the time, we went and walked around.. finally Chun suggested we eat the ice-cream which we can serve upside down… haha.. 

oh~ its not upside down yet~
he's demonstrating~
i'm eating~ 

saw Jun Wai, Jing Wen and Simon there.. they were doing BBQ in Simon's house last night.. so they're preparing stuffs.. i didn't go coz Chun have appointment and i was expecting Vicky to come and pick me up but he didn't… so i went home and packed my stuffs getting ready to move soon.. 


oh ya.. we watched "Wanted' by Angelina Jolie. she's so dam cool.. and the movie was nice~ so exciting and cool. dunno how to describe, but some part abit very disturbing.. made me wanna puke.. bleh.. 

after movie, we had dinner before Chun sent me home.. and we had Sushi Groove.. 


i had omelette fried with mushroom and a potato salad.  

me and my yummy yummy~ 
while Chun ordered the chicken katsu curry rice again.. 

well.. its just like the normal sushis.. and the omelette with mushroom abit very oily.. but in my mind.. its still very pricey for those foods… maybe i dun eat those set meals, thats why i think ordering the side orders its expensive for me… although its not my money, but i felt the pain mentally..

thanks my lovely dear for the accompany… 

eee lappie~

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June 28th, 2008 >> gadgets

wey wey wey~

i tell you… i tell you… i tell you… i'm so happy~~

daddy got me this thing~ 



its the eee PC from Asus~

this is my new mini lappie~ i wanted pink or white color ones… coz i love pink and white can match with Chun's lappie.. but then jiejie helped me to pick up the black color one.. pengsan… she insisted it to be black coz it wont become dirty.. pengzz…

i'll pinkify it soon~ bleh~ i'll start with a pink mouse..

daddy bought something and got it for free.. so i got my hand on it coz i'll be leaving to Spore soon, so i need a lappie so that i can online~ 

its so mini.. i can only see a part of my own webbie.. 

wanna see how mini izzit??

its just as big as my face~ muahaha~~ 


i was so excited i took my new lappie out kaikai today~ hehe.. coz i wanna try the wireless.. it fits into my handbag duh~ but abit heavy la..

Eee PC 4G
Galaxy Black
Intel Mobile CPU & Chipset
WiFi 802.11b/g 10/100 Mbps Ethernet
0.3 M Camera

well… its a really compact mini lappie with internet and some other interactive stuffs… very nice and convenient to use, especially for me who will need travel soon.. but… its not windows.. its Linux and i cannot install my photoshop in it… *sad… haiz… and it only have 4G storage… so little… but its still better than nothing~

gonna buy a real pink or white lappie when i get a job soon… hump! 

*pray hard*