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a pocket of hole

Posted by: emily

May 31st, 2008 >> ❤ beautilicious~, baby's playground, cosmetics, skincare


yesterday was super tired… back home, cleaned myself and went to sleep le… before sleeping.. i applied this thingy on my face~ just got the parcel yesterday~ 


its the Miyome multi repair essence or aka the oioi cream (night cream). this small little thingy costs me RM110 you know.. its so expensive.. but i bought it because there's alot of testimonials about this product helps their face and skin to improve. and since Margaret, the pro skincare beautician in our class, recommended it to Qling, i bought it coz i have some acne problem when i'm in the moody season.. plus my skintone is alittle uneven so i hope this product helps..

this product helps to reduce redness, acne problem, whitening, removes blackhead, pigmentation problem, balancing oil on skin and etc etc etc~ read more about it [here]. but i did not purchase from the girl (LYN). i linked to a english forum so that you all can read. i bought from this girl, Verna in a Chinese forum [here].

so i bought a Evian mineral water spray, sprayed on my face after cleansing (recommended by Margaret). and put some of the Miyome cream onto my face and spread around. then went to oioi.. hope it does miracle~

yesterday was Bonuslink Members Day sale in Parkson.. so i went to 1Utama. chun was working for Logitech there so i went there quite late so that he can fetch me back home after work..

spent again in Parkson sale.. T_T. but then its worth it coz the price are cheaper than Spore.. if i'm moving there, i need to keep my stock to use there edi… if i'm gonna opt for 2nd hand cosmetics, Spore sure have the cheaper ones. 


i've almost finished my Anna Sui loose powder, so this time i got myself (T.LeClerc) TLC's loose powder as i've seen lots of good review about it but pricey.. yeap its more expensive.. Anna Sui loose powder is RM144, while TLC cost me RM159. i saw the review in CozyCot, Singaporean forum stated its S$80-82. current exchange rate is S$1 = RM2.36.

i bought TLC loose powder color Camélia coz i search for something like my Anna Sui loose powder color (#700). but the previous SA in Pavilion recommended me Translucide, but alittle too pink for me i guess… i'm afraid later my skin turn really red, especially under the sun.. Camélia is alittle lighter than #700 AS. cant find something really similar.. just hope that i dont turn out to be Geisha la.. haha~


but one thing its not so good about this loose powder is, it doesn't come with a box.. i mean a proper box with a puff so i can easily apply my makeup.. it comes only in the silver metal box and a sifter. so i have to buy a new loose powder puff so i can pour the loose powder into the old Anna Sui box. oh and the TLC loose powder is abit rough compare to AS de.. maybe because its made from pure rice starch..  

its the ice cream spatula~ haha~ 

luckily i did not cut the loose powder paper box according to the dotted line on it, i just cut a small hole but the powder doesn't stick on the puff when left alittle powder left, so i need to shake shake the box to get the powder on the puff or dig it using my face blender brush.. so now i only need to transfer using a clean spatula into the loose powder paper box (the purple color round box)..

while i was queuing to pay the TLC loose powder, was thinking and thinking… wanted to accumulate till RM240 so that i can get RM40 voucher. so i went back to Anna Sui's counter and i picked the Anna Sui face color in #400, recommended by PJ from A Touch of Blusher. so the SA gave me a free gift, the pink tube Anna Sui lotion. after paying for the blusher, i went and collect my RM40 voucher from total of RM250 purchase. so i used the RM20 pink voucher and bought the Anna Sui puff, and the another RM20 yellow voucher bought something for chun.

spent till i only left RM10 in my pocket and RM10 in my both bank account. pengzz… 


getting ready to Singapore le… might bring forward the date to 14th June…

i’m so bimboistic

Posted by: emily

May 29th, 2008 >> accessories, ❤ beautilicious~, cosmetics


I'm so happy~

received this 2 parcels today… guess what it is? 


its none better than my cosmetics stuffsfsfs~~~  


bought this cute brand new Anna Sui handbag/pouch for half of its price from a chinese forum which i dunno how to read anything, but spotted this bag.. muahaha~ although it supposed to be free with purchases in counter.. still… i'm happy coz thats the lowest price i've seen… i wanna put all my skincare inside to go Spore de..

why the Fafi beauty powder again?? 

yeah… hahaha~ received my purchased stuff from Singapore edi~ thanks to Chanti-sama who helped me to transfer funds to the seller~ muahahaha~

coz I'm really hiao(bimboistic).. i sold the M.A.C Fafi Collection beauty powder or so called IPP and then i bought it back… last month, i sold the IPP for RM120, when i bought it at only RM80. actually i was just posting it up on ebay coz i dun feel like using it yet… purposely put the price high high.. but then ter-sold… i wanted to sell off the blusher compare to the IPP. but who doesn't want to earn extra cash? and if i didn't sell it, i might get negative feedback for my reputation in ebay pulak… so sold it lo… i even discussed it with Aggie coz i felt like 'bu she de' wanna sell… 

finally i bought it back le.. from a Singapore forum, the girl sell at normal price S$37.00… but price after conversion and postage fees, its RM95.00 coz i paid Chanti-sama RM95 include service tax. =)

I'm always so hiao de… even the Barbie Collection beauty powder was sold in the forum i used to go always.. i dun wanna buy… wait till its sold off oni i wan.. den bought from Spore which is more expensive… even the peep-toe shoe Aileng bought also same, when no more only i want it.. haiz..

yeah, so i bought the M.A.C Barbie Collection beauty powder~ also from the same forum but different seller.. the seller doesn't deal with oversea buyer so i asked my cousin jiejie, Rainie to COD with her.. priced at S$35. gonna get it next week when i go back to Sitiawan coz Rainie passed it to her mom edi.. bring back to Sitiawan to pass it to me.. hehe~

yay~ my collections growing~

tomorrow its Parkson Bonuslink Members Day Sale.. I'm gonna shop for cosmetics yay~ but dun have so much money to spend le… T___T 

and for those who'd ask about what i'm doing?

FYI, I'm still measuring my land in my room, sometimes in Mid-valley, sometimes in 1U or other shopping complexes… refusing to get a job… and waiting for duriansyucks oh no, strawberries to fall down from the sky~ muahahaha~

new picture in my theme

Posted by: emily

May 27th, 2008 >> bloggie stuffs, fun stuffs~


wanna ask… which one is better ya?? or maybe anyone can make a better one? 

Picture A 



Picture B 


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Picture B
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help help me to decide~