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hu hu~ ^^

Posted by: emily

April 30th, 2008 >> baby's birthday~, baby's playground, yummy yummy~

last night…

i did my nail arts on my nails coz i wanna release stress~ see my cuteish toes and fingers~ ignore my fat toes and broken nail… i cant throw them away coz its stuck on me..  

bling bling~
pearl princess~ this one look so empty.. 

and today…

chun took me to Pavilion~ 

on the way there… i suddenly remembered that chun haven't gave me a birthday cake this year… yeah… i didn't get any birthday cake this year… i'll be celebrating my Birthday till i say "i had enough" hehehe… coz i didnt feel any birthday mood.. no pressie and no birthday cake… only 2 red packet from mammi and daddy..

and i told chun i wanted the Uh Hu! Hu!~ cheese cup-cakes as my birthday~~~ yay~ he said ok and we bump into the shop short while after that.. 


these are the flavours.. but then there were not much of them in the rack… no much choices to pick from… and somemore they got durians… yuckkkksss…  

pink cute boxx~~ 


those are not mine laa… chun wanted to buy 10pcs for me.. but i think its too much coz i cant finish it tonight.. coz in hostel dun hav fridge… so we just took 1 box which is 6 pcs..

this is ours~ 


me with my birthday cheese cupcakes~~~ 

we have…
clockwise: lychee, strawberry, rich chocolate, stylo milo, durian and fluffy 

the durian is chun's… yuckk.. we went to the food court coz i wanted to have the sizzling hot plate noodles yum~~ so i celebrated my belated birthday there… 

Birthday cupcakes~ yay~ 





ok ok… i was just kidding.. didn't celebrated.. just ate my cupcakes there… and i photoshopped the candle coz we didn't have any candles.. so just pretend that the candle's there..

thats potato~ eating yau char kwai…  


thanks for the cheese cupcakes~ hubb~ 

over all… the cupcakes was normal.. only the stylo milo was nice only..

Korean BBQ for birthday~

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April 26th, 2008 >> baby's birthday~, varsity, yummy yummy~

last night…

jiejie promised me Korean BBQ for my birthday.. yeap~ Korean BBQ for birthday, just like TatTat they all~

so after i went for groceries shopping in MV with chun, we went back to fetch jiejie out… we headed to SS2.. reached Korean House.  if not mistaken, they have a branch in Sri Hartamas also..

the lady boss 

we went in and ordered 3 sets of the BBQ. 2 chicken and 1 beef. the set was very worth it.. coz they have also soup, side dishes and porridge/rice and lastly desserts. i ate porridge~ it was nice and sweet.. it look like a baby food with carrots.. haha.. but its cute.. 

my set~
me & jiejie's kimchi soup, chun took wheat soup

and the waiter cooked for us the meats.. different from the last Korean BBQ i ate in Ampang.. even the stove also different o.. but than.. that one was quite expensive lo… this is economical lo.. only RM19.90 per set..

no need self service..
but then i wanted to play masak-masak.. 
beef and chicken~ 

for the BBQ, we can eat it with the rice and also the veggie wrap over it.. like this: 

wrap around~
and eat it~ 

all i did was eating the veggies, kimchi soup and alittle of porridge… and also the meats~ it was soooo filling… i was sooo full.. the portion is kinda small but alot stuffs to eat.. i had to agree with jiejie because the beef really taste nice compared to the chicken meat.. beef is sweet and tasty.. while chicken meat is only tasty and juicy.. you've gotta try both~ but the kimchi soup abit very salty.. hehe..

oh ya.. last 2 days..

tuesday, after my exam… i went to chun's place and helped him with his newsletter design.. pengz.. he need me to design 8 pages newsletter in 1 night time.. coz he need to submit the assmt the next day edi.. pengsann… i sat on the chair till my back pain till today…

he should be happy to have a gf who's so helpful and finished his homework in 1 night time. thats why that day i have to assume that i did posted my blog on that day coz i've already written it, but i have no time to edit the pictures.. 


thats all for now.. nothing special for this week.. i got exam next week arr…

Web Page Design on next Tuesday..

i dun understand why we need to study about the hardware/the population/scripting/3.5G/mobile content for this subject… pengzzz.. somemore this lecturer got alot of pattern de.. the last midterm, i got 9/50 because he gave us 7 selections for multiple choices question (MCQ). so the questions have i, ii, iii, and then A, B, C, D, E, F, G to select from. you say la… tembak also sure all wrong… haiz…

mc's connection so bad this few days… i cant log in for more than 1 hour in my msn.. and cant load proper webpage… updating and uploading pictured to blog seems like so hard.. haiz.. 

birthday v1.0 + exam

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April 22nd, 2008 >> baby's birthday~, baby's playground, mooie, varsity


my 1st horror exam paper… over edi~~ feeling like wanna celebrate it~ haha~ but then was abit sad coz i didnt really manage to finish up the questions… we need to answer 3 essay questions, but then i only managed to finish 2 and a half.. and the another 1-2, i explained it very simple coz dun hav time and rushing edi.. haiz…

whatever la.. at least i did edi.. its Thinking Technique paper, since its the thinking stuffs.. i think whatever i think its correct bah.. as long as i got answer lo.. haha…


my updates for yesterday…

oh ya.. wanna talk abt the day before my birthday… which is 20th, sunday..

no, i didn't countdown for my birthday… and no, i didn't party whole night till morning… all i did was… my FYP. i was so busy coz i must submit my FYP on monday(21/4) my birthday.. pengsan.. wat a birthday… 


and also.. chun was not back from Penang also… so i did my stuffs.. but the busiest person was the printer… he helped me to print 2 sets of my FYP and also include some other error pages.. i printed twice.. TWICE.. not because of too much papers or printer ink… but coz.. i didn't read the FYP guidelines.. see la.. lazy ppl… didn't read terms and conditions.. good lo… got myself this shit edi..

i print the 1st final submission… but then i see see and ask others whether where they place their evaluation form.. some said here some said there… so i went and checked the FYP guidelines.. pengz… wrong place edi.. i attached it at the end of the FYP.. it supposed to be after the Acknowledgments. oklo… i took out the stapler tape binding.. and ruined the cover.. print again.. ok fine.. den i read read somemore the FYP guidelines…

and guess what i saw? i saw that the header note should be in font 8 size.. deng!! i didnt edit the size 12 font since i typed the FYP till then… i got to edit all the documents and print again.. whole stack consisting of maybe 90-100 pages report… i printed them again.. and then i read the FYP guidelines again.. and i found out that in the FYP guidelines, the writer also cacat… he/she written there Reference and not References, (coz i just copy and paste the format ma.. who knows its wrong) i printed again… and then i saw the Discussion and Conclusions, or should be Discussion and Conclusion… sekejap got S, sekejap no S.. so i also dunno got S or no S.. pengsan..

so i printed all and kept away… and then went to sleep… coz it was very late edi when i finish printing… thats all the hardwork i've done for my FYP. chun just came back from Penang when i went to sleep..

the next day…

my birthday..

felt tired.. restless.. rolling on my bed.. lazy to get up… 

mammi went to her friends shop yumcha edi.. so i woke up coz jiejie's so noisy.. waited for mammi to come back and take us out mamam~ celebrate la..

and you know what… i celebrated my birthday in McD.. coz we cant find anywhere else to eat edi.. and mammi doesnt wanna go MV or 1U.. oh but i didnt celebrate like those kids celebrate la of course… just normal brunch celebration oni…

yesh!~ mcD for birthday~ 

i'm so chubby edi oh.. see my cheeks.. feel like wanna pinch it~
mammi and me~

came back home.. went to bind my FYP again.. this time i binded both of the report coz i dun wanna waste my printer's energy.. just keep the old one as my draft lo… hehe.. chun came and fetched me to school to pass up my FYP..

after that..

we went to 1U for a walk lo.. just a simple celebration lo… coz next day exam le.. tot wanna study de.. but chun purposely came back early to celebrate with me.. he supposed to come back on monday afternoon de.. since he's so nice.. came back and accompany me.. i decided to bring my notes along to study while i can..

chun bought me a PINK baby mouse~~~

pink?? not white? ever heard of it? no rite?? i think most if you only heard of white mouse rite??

baby came from Penang PC Fair oh… so far neh~ i tot chun's gonna buy something from Penang.. i mean Penang local stuffs.. but then he brought back pink baby mouse from Penang PC Fair.. okla… its better than nothing.. haha… 

pinky baby

we went for a movie there.. chun wanna watch the "Forbidden Kingdom", i just followed along.. coz i assumed that the movie will be sien coz of the movie poster… it turned out okok lo… just some part very funny coz of Jackie Chan's action and Jet Li's sudden character personality change.. he looks too cool to act funny edi le.. and the movie kinda special also coz suddenly the people in ancient China can speak English.. that is so geng~.. haha..  

the end of my birthday this year..

came back.. bathe and get myself to munch the notes the whole night without fail… ended up sleeping at 2am..

tired.. my mind was very congested with all the theories.. cognitive dissonance, persuasive, perception, ELM, FCB, brainstorming, low involvement, high involvement, low elaboration, high elaboration and etc etc and etc… and also not to forget the 6 hats color and shoe color from de bono… i wonder why he didn't invent heels~ or even clogs~ and the 6 hats sound like Feng Fei Fei the china/taiwan oldies singer which mammi like… she own a room full of hats~~ and everytime she's out, she'll wear different hats~ i think de bono should get some from her edi le.. hehehe~ i'm jk~

*i was supposed to post this post on tuesday.. but chun kept me busy doing his stuffs.. so let's just pretend that i posted this post on tuesday…