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eyelash extension

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March 30th, 2008 >> accessories, ❤ beautilicious~, baby's playground, cosmetics

friday night…

when chun came and fetched me to his house.. i cleaned my makeup and washed my face… and then i saw a few dots on my right cheeks.. i was thinking "haiz.. pimples again" so i just ignored it and bathe… then i applied on some toners and moisturizers and went to sleep…

early in the morning, i woke up and makeup coz i need to go to Sg Wang with chun coz he's working there from 9.30am-10.00pm. haiz… i cannot stay in his house coz i dunno what to do there the whole day.. and i cannot go  back MC coz no water.. i cant survive.. i was so tired…

in the afternoon, xy called me and asked me about some assignments… and then she told me that qling and her friend's face got allergy and rashes due to the makeup we did in the MAC Fafi Collection.. and so i realized that the dots last night on my cheeks are not pimples.. i assume that its the rash due to the dirty makeup tools… coz i dun see them cleaning their tools..

kelian our face… qling's face was worse.. coz her skin are kinda thin as she's still on the skincare medical prescription. her friend was kinda bad too coz they went with their bare face, so the MUA applied lots of foundation on their faces.. mine was still ok coz i already applied base, foundation and loose powder over my face before i went there, so the MUA just touched up my face with powder only..

pengz.. better be careful when going to let ppl makeup our face.. this is my 1st time trial in MAC, and i think it would be the last.. i never attempt this situation in BB's and Anna Sui's counter before… haiz.. luckily now better edi..

ok.. back to me in Sg Wang.. 

i was in Biby's shop the whole day… it was tiring coz i cannot sleep there and also.. but then i got to lie down on her saloon chair coz she did eyelash extension for me.. yay~ 

we reached sg wang early.. and biby only will be opening her shop at 11am. so i went kaikai alone… saw Vincci Accessories shop on sale.. so went in and grab 2 pairs of earrings… 


walked around while helping meimei to find the pants that she wanted… in the end, i found this blue babydoll… i bought it coz i never have electric blue clothes in my closet. hehe~ 

i am blue~ da ba di~ da ba da~

there was not many shop opened.. so its limited shops… and i walked into Maggie T, this cute little couch attracts me.. it looks so cute~ and its an accessories case.. see..


i'd really wish that i can have my own room with own dressing table and also walk in closets~ so i can put all my stuffs in there… this current hostel i'm in… so dirty… i mean the air.. when i place anything on my table, it will be covered in dusts and dirts in 2 days time.. u can see all my plushies and cushions are dirty edi… even the 2 unicorns which given by Vicky. i kept them away edi le…

finally when biby reached her shop, she called me edi… coz she dun wan me to wait so long.. haha… we talked most of the time and hang around in her shop… and so in the afternoon, she helped me to fix the eyelash~

before, without eyeliner and mascara: 


the room… (she still gonna renovate the room coz its too small.. i mean too short..) if the customer is tall, she need to bend her legs edi.. haha… 


while in the process… 

preparing the stuffs~
falsies on me~
apply on the 1st eye…
finished my right eye..
you can see the difference rite? 

it tooks around 1 hour and 30 minutes to finish my both eyes.. tired… coz i was stressed lying on the bed…

after the session…

we went to have lunch/teatime with chun.. after that back again into the shop.. helped biby to watch her shop.. coz we cannot do anything… not many customers that day… and sales are bad… haiz… biby say maybe wanna hire my mammi to work edi.. since my mammi is soo good at talking.. haha…

winnie, biby's jiejie came in the evening.. luckly coz she can fetch biby home after that… around 9pm.. she closed her shop and we walked to find chun… luckily chun also wanna go back edi…

so we went for a little snack before headed home…

my look of the day… 

after the eyelash extension…
fuller~ longer~ love it~ 

i'd really wish that i have guts to do eyeline tattoo.. coz i'm so lazy to wake up every morning to draw my eyeline and also apply mascara.. this eyelash extension already helped me alot.. coz no need to apply mascara edi.. just left eyeliner.. my eyes sure looks bigger…

Eyelash Extension (first time) – RM80 (introductory offer) normal price is RM120
refill/repair/touch up (when some of the eyelash fall off) – RM20-RM50 (depending on amount fill in)

of course is Bibi's shop la…
Emmerique Boutique
F003, 1st Floor,
Sg Wang Plaza
Jalan Bukit Bintang
(its located on the same floor as the monorail and Esquire Kitchen)
from Esquire Kitchen, walk towards the electrical/cd/music shop/Levi's shop and then turn right into the alley. then turn left on your 1st turn. it is the 2nd shop on your right hand, right opposite the Tattoo Shop.

oh.. while on the way back home.. i asked a seller to pass an earrings stand to my jiejie who work in mv.. i bought an earrings stand for my stuffs~ happy… just like i said above in this post.. i really want to have my own room… so i can have a nice dressing table to put this earrings stand.. 


today back at home edi… got water~ yay~ but home alone.. all working.. sien…

thanks all for now~ 


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March 28th, 2008 >> ❤ beautilicious~, baby's playground, cosmetics

oh ya~

and today~

my happy day~ 

i had an early morning class today… in the middle of lecture class this morning, i saw chia hui and swing's card for M.A.C Fafi Collection event.. and yesterday i've seen it in ein's blog edi… i wanted to go soooo much~ coz i missed the Barbie Collection edi last year… and this year, i'm soo gonna buy from this collection. yay~

after class… today's class was supposed to end at 6.00pm.. but then the last class was canceled coz the lecturer was not well… so we decided to go to Mid Valley to have a look at the event…

me and qling went only coz xy's not into these girly stuffs ar… ahaha~ 

the stage
alot of ppl oh~
leng luiz MUAs~
the competitor was there too… but not many ppl in their booth..
i still prefer bb compare to mac.. hehe~ 

back to our story…

when we reached… the first thing we did was approaching the MAC girls.. they gave us to fill a form and gave us a free sample eye makeup remover. 


and then the girl asked us whether we wanna try their new makeup.. coz they will try the makeup on us.. and i asked whether do they sell their stuffs there, so the girl took me and qling to their store and let us makeup there…

nice~ the guy MUA(Stev) did my makeup nicely.. and also even applied all the blusher that i wanted to test..


the purpose i was there is to test out new blushers color… i actually wanna get a pink blusher.. coz the current ones i have are coral and orangy colors… thinking to get some cute colors for my face…

here's the collection~  

Fafi Collection 
 qling's turn

after the makeup trial… i bought the Sassed-Up beauty powder.. coz qling said it looks nice and natural coz its soft~ so i bought it lo.. 


after the makeup trial session…

we went for a walk coz qling was waiting for her friend… we went to a bench nearby and cam whored… hahaha~ we are full time camwhore~ 

the result~
i think i still look the same oh~ 

so when her friend came, we went back to the center court again… this time the makeup wasn't as good as in the shop ones… the MUA applied only monotone color on her eyes… a very bad experience.. no mascara… not even the eyebrow color… 

while waiting for qling's fren, i was there sitting with qling… and then i saw this cute mixed little boy… walking here and there… and finally sat down there… i think his mommi left him alone there while she's so busy testing all the makeups~ hahaha~ 

me waiting…
qling waiting.. 
the boy waiting

oh ya…

while i was waiting… i saw someone i know.. its Bonnie.. the girl i worked with in automobile carnival in mont kiara and Halloween party. she's one of the MUA there.. and she told me some of the mua there are freelancers… so i think that might be the answer for why qling's fren makeup doesnt look nice… so better get a real M.A.C mua.

and when i was talking to her.. she again asked me to let her makeup my face.. but i dun wan edi.. so chatted for awhile.. and she asked what i bought.. and i told her i actually i wanted a blusher.. so finally i bought it from her.. coz while i was walking with qling, i really wanted to buy the blusher edi.. coz it makes my cheeks looks cute in pictures.. i'm not sure whether it looks nice in real.. coz the lighting in the complex was different..

so i bought the Fafi Fashion Frenzy powder blusher~ 

my collection~

and after dinner… we went back home…


no water…

I'm still waiting for chun to come and fetch me… 

i need to bathe!! I'm so stickyy!! 

Entangled with foods~

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March 28th, 2008 >> ❤ beautilicious~, baby's playground, cosmetics lens, eastern, yummy yummy~

la la la~~

received my barbie lens last few days.. got them again from a girl in a forum… and those others are for Biby and her frens… i got myself another pair of Blue lens only.. happy~ gonna use it in another 3 months like that..


Wednesday night…

when i came back from chun's house… chun had meeting so he sent me back in the evening.. jiejie took me to UM for the Ester celebration. they had a musical play entitled "Entangled". not bad performance.. but still need alot of improvements. 

the auditorium was full..

my happy days…

yesterday after school.. me, qling and xy went to The Curve to have lunch.. coz qling was craving for Sakae Sushi since last week, when i ffked them coz late to class… 


this is the self service tea making and refill which i mentioned in my blog when the last time i went.. it's very convenient coz we dun need to wait for the waiter to come and serve us.. nice~ 


and we ordered each one of us this Kakiage.. its fried tempura veggies~ i love it very much.. but then its too much for me… i was so bloated after eating.. coz i had a Potato Inari and also another one Potato Salad. oh yeah.. and this Kakiage made us heaty… and now all of us had alittle sore throat edi… 

our foods~~~

then after eating.. we went kaikai around… look for something to buy.. but end up, all of us didnt buy anything… so i called chun to come and picked me up to go to his house to bath…

i bought some donuts for him… and of course i bite a little of them although i'm still very full… coz i'm so 'tan chi'.. hahaha~ 


back in my room after dinner in chun's house..

still no water in MC… sad… tired…