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opto test..

Posted by: emily

February 28th, 2008 >> life


yesterday… we had an appointment with Joanne because she need patients for her opto test. me and chun will only be free on wednesday, so we took the wednesday slot… its an eye test cost RM75 if we're to do it outside.. but i did it for free coz its just a test.. and it's 2 hours long test…

chun drove me there… coz joanne need 1 patient every week.. this week its me, so next week its gonna be chun… this is me on the way there… 

i love my bag~

went to lunch together and then to her house… while waiting for her to get changed, saw her housemate's "hamsters" actually its name is not hamster.. its something robotic or anything doesnt sound like a pet…. its so cute~ but i still prefer the small small round round cute ones… 

2 'hamsters' sticking together while sleeping

we parked the car in Joanne's house and walked to Twintech coz its very very near, which sound like a laptop company.. haha… she wore her clinic blazer and we start the test when everyone's patients and the lecturers are there. there were cubical therefor everyone. we got the number 13 cubical. 

left: outside of the cubical, right: inside it

she started her test on me..

firstly… she interviewed me… asking me lots of questions… 



she start with other stuffs edi… which i dunno what.. but she put the lens thingy machine in front of my eyes for so long… makes me felt sleepy edi… and also tired… chun waited for me outside the cubical, but i think he waited till sleepy also so he went to the library there. 


then there was quite long, they switched off the lights… me and joanne haven't finish doing the test which needs light.. but we continued with the help of the side machine light. 


the test result~

i got to know that i really dun need a spec at all.. only alittle bit 'san kuang' i think its called  astigmatism, only -0.75 my left eye, others its -0.25 nia.. i have hidden cockeye too.. and its very high. but joanne did some mistake when she's examining me.. she got shocked when she found out that i have glaucoma coz my acute angle is very narrow..

so the lecturer asked her to confirm test again in the clinic using the eye puff machine. which it functions to puff air into our eyes to test the eye pressure… i think so la.. thats what i heard from them.. luckily i'm don't have the disease… this is the result.. a normal person's pressure will fall between 8 and 21.


hahaha.. this means… joanne's skill is not very good yet.. hahaha~ 

after that… we went to TTDI coz joanne gotta register for broadband… so we end up in Secret Recipe waiting for Simon… chun went back coz he got meeting that night… 

joanne, helping me with my survey questions.. 

i need to go back early coz i have assignments to do…. haiz.. but end up went back late coz that simon dun wanna fetch me back… sienz… i slept at 3am last night coz finishing my part of assmt… its all simon's fault.

oh ya… tomolo its 29 February edi…

once every 4 years.. 

but got a small test early in the morning.. sienz..

hunny hunny~

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February 26th, 2008 >> gadgets, mooie


happy~ happy~

last night… chun took me to movie… i bought the ticket online earlier, and then we watched the 11.40pm slot. yay~ we watched "Step Up 2 the Streets". i tot it was nice.. but it was lesser than expected… haiz.. i expected more of that… but this time they have really funny guys in there~ oh and yeah the Moose's ringtone was the same one like me and chun.. we was like ||sweat when his phone rang… haha…


and today is my happy day~

this afternoon… me and chun went to Digital Mall coz he wanna buy a white mouse.. for his lappie la.. and then while we was there… i'm so desperate for a new phone coz i've asked around in the forum and also fren's fren (thx Clive), they don't have stock for the color i've wanted and i have to wait for the stock… i can't wait anymore, so i went and ask for the price..  


i only went to ask 2 stalls and the 2nd one… the guy is really good in talking.. so i ended up buying from him… i was so excited when got it… but then when i entered into the car.. i tried to play with the phone.. the joystick got stucked.. it cannot move upwards and right.. shit… i was so shocked and scared, i dunno wat to do.. so i asked chun to turn around and we go back to that guy… and when i gave it to the guy.. i think he reformatted the phone and it was okey edi…

what a problem… new phone also got problem edi… so kao bad luck.. and i was not as excited as when i just bought the phone edi…  haiz… 

but still… its my new hunny… haha~ 

seafood potato!

Posted by: emily

February 25th, 2008 >> life


forgot to show u guys something…


potato in lala outfit~ for his function in Genting just now.. 


hahaha~ lala~