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movie memories~

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January 27th, 2008 >> baby's playground, fun stuffs~, yummy yummy~


so bz… bz doing my assmts~ tomolo gotta pass up my methodology and questionnaire for my fyp… but halfway doing the methodology i go blank jor. now only 1 page, my advisor wants 3 pages.. die le….

and also.. i've finally finished my flash e-card assmt le.. but still left the report only… since i'll be presenting it on thursday so leave it there first..

tomolo i've got Web Design tutorial.. the lecturer left a message saying that we should start tomolo's tutorial at home first coz he's afraid that we cant finish it in school tomolo… but then rite… they need us to use Macromedia Fireworks… we haven't learn anything about this software yet… so dunno how now.. maybe will do in class tomolo ler…

oh ya~


i had classes.. in the morning and in the afternoon. in the between we have 1 hour and 30 mins break.. so after me and xin ying has our breakfast.. we went to 1U kaikai~ and guess what, i saw its parkson's member sale~ but then i went to look for the Nike shoe i've wanted, sold out jor… haiz…

we walked around… wanna buy something but no luck.. i didnt see anything i like… so after 1U, we went back to class again.. the lecturer was fast… after 1 hour lecturing, she let us go early… 

as promised, i went to mid valley to visit chun coz he's working in the exhibition hall. i took bus from mc.. and i've waited around an hour for bus.. pengsan.. all my precious time i've wasted on waiting for the stupid transports. i tot wanna go to see chun, then i wanna go to subang parade from mv. but then mana tau i reached Mid Valley kinda late.. coz of the waiting for bus session and then it looks like it wanna rain edi… so i canceled my plan to parade… i wanna buy bobbi's corrector~~ its sale time~

so i kaikai-ed mv alone coz chun's working time, i'm not allowed to be there… and also i went to look for jiejie too.. she was working on that week also..

i bought a photo album~ to put my movie tickets~ as my old one was full edi.. coz i combined with my pics in the old one. so this time i purposely buy one album specially for my tickets~ its nice coz its black in color, and it wont turn to yellow yellow dots after long time… and the picture cover was nice too~ love it~ 


and guess what… i've transferred all my movie tickets to the new album~ and i've counted… i have 64 tickets, watched randomly with friends, jiejie and chun. in year 2006, i've watched 11 movies with chun, 29 movies in 2007 and 1 in 2008. see~ 

sweet memories~ 

oh ya.. back to my story in mid valley…

i bumped into Joanne while having dinner with jiejie and then Lester in the exhibition hall. while waiting for chun, i went to the land property exhibition to look for Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam coz i need some info for my Web Page Design assmt..

chun worked till 6pm only. and then i followed chun to the Golden Triangle. coz he need to go to lowyat and fix his brother's lappie.. i'm very sure he will be there for very long… like the last time we waited.. 

deco in Times Square~

so i went to sg wang kaikai.. hehe~ walked sg wang alone~ then went into parkson to see stuffs.. chatted with Anna Sui's promoter for quite long but end up didnt buy anything coz Kose's promoter told me there will be another member sale on 1st Feb.. so happy~ gonna ponteng class this Friday to go parade edi~ hehe

chun was in lowyat till…… i dunno when.. coz i finished walking sg wang, bought a heels from Vincci, false eyelashes from Sasa and nail polishes from Face shop.. he still haven't finish with the lappie… i even walked to Lot10 to find MAC..

and when i reached lowyat… i still gotta wait for chun… and dunno till what time…

after that we went back… chun took me to makan~ we ate iKar's fish head noodles in Kepong.. yummy~ really yum yum~ we ate Cheese Fish head Noodles~ oh its so yummy~ the taste of cheese in the condensed milk doesn't taste weird at all… they combined very well.. you got to taste the cheesy and milky condensed milk one at a time~

but the only thing is, the fish fillet is not fried geh lo.. i love it to be fried~

there are lots of other styles of flavour~ can go try others next time… they also have porridges too~ and their shop was promoted in ntv7 last year… 

yummy~ love fish cheesy head noodle~
the shop..

i'll upload the pics of foods later coz its in chun's hp again!! 

i gotta ciaoz do my fyp liao…

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on magzz

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January 24th, 2008 >> gadgets, life, memories~, work!

la la la~

that day… which i went to mv with chun… we went to a bookstall coz chun wanna see see some books and i went in to flip flip some pat kua magazines… then, i remembered that Caryn mentioned that she saw her pics in the magazine for LG PC Fair last December. so i went and searched for "Max It". and i opened the plastic and flipped the whole mag.. 

january 2008

walla~ i found my face inside there~ haha~  

its not easy to get my 10cent face on a magz oh.. 

and also.. this is a piece of "on the road". bought it last month i think… this was the USTC event in Mont Kiara early last month… Travis told me about this picture, if not, i wouldn't know about it also as i dun read magz actually.. hahaha~ 

december 2007 
its me!~ its me!~ its me!~

and oh yeah~

just got my loan today~ happy~ i'm gonna get a new handphone for myself edi~ yay~

now pending to get a Sony Ericsson k810i in Ivory Gold, which sold by Clareen. so i can skin it pink~ she's offering 18 months warranty from Asia Mobile, so i might get it lo… still looking around for better handphone, always wanted k850i, but dun wanna spend so much on a phone… coz need to keep some $$ for rental in MC and after uni… 


yeah, i know the black ones looks more classy… but the offer is only for Ivory Gold only.. maybe if "tak jadi" i might get it after CNY lo..

its a break day..

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January 23rd, 2008 >> baby's playground, yummy yummy~


no class day… (but alot of homework) 

chun took me go kaikai… coz i wanna buy some cny clothes… yay~ but then end up didnt buy any clothes but lots of groceries.. dengzz..

morning.. chun came and picked me up.. we went to taman mayang to eat my fave western food. and also fish head noodle.. after that, on the way heading to mid valley, i smsed jiejie asking her to buy for my movie ticket online, coz i'm sure there will lots of people in mv today, and i wanna watch Alvin and the Chipmunks.. so while she was to buy she deely dealy(slomo).. and finally.. this and that, den she said the nice seats all sold out edi.. pengz… only left the front seats.. really can pengsan ask her to do some stuff. and so, we end up didn't watch any movie.

so when we reached mv.. we walked walked coz i really wanna get some cny clothes as i have 2 cousins wedding lunch and dinner on the 3rd day of cny. so gotta get some pretty clothes for it~ yay~

tired walking.. so i suggested to sit down in Saint Cinnamon. this is my first time… eating Saint Cinnamon.. bought chocolate chip cinnamon bun only since we just ate our breakfast not long ago.. and yum~ its yummy~ or maybe its my first time, i think its yummy~ 

nice design~ i tot last time it was blue ribbon or banner
chocolate chip yum~

then.. we went in to "Why pay more" shop… coz i wanna look for a nike sport shoe which i wanted. but then… they dun hav as they only have old stocks.. so looking around… and played… chun tried on this cute pinkish bag… really cute~ how i wish i'm still small and mammi buy me this bag to school~ hahaha~ 

cute~ i mean my hubby~

finally there's one top attracted me.. dunno why.. i'm so into turtle neck and babydoll this time… this dark red turtle neck is superb for 1st day of cny~ haha~ but then.. i tried it on.. looks abit fat.. maybe the color is too bold.. then it comes with a belt attached like that… and also the price is not cheap lo.. its RM109 for 1 top like that… online, i can get it for RM40+ maybe but no red color lo of course… haiz..  

so sorry, the skirt doesn't match


still havent get any cny clothes yet… i wan more new clothes!!